We Tried the Internet's Most Popular LifeHacks... And they Actually Worked!
Today I am once again calling upon the lifehacks crew to help me test the world's greatest lifehacks to see which are worthy of being used.
Shoutout to the PartyShirt TikTOk page for a lot of inspiration for this video!
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  • Darragh O' Donoghue
    Darragh O' Donoghue

    Pls don’t tell me people still think that’s a ping pong ball

  • Andy Gamino
    Andy Gamino


  • Jack Racanelli
    Jack Racanelli

    Best series on IRbin

  • Alex Padilla
    Alex Padilla

    Lmaoo the everyone bop there heads when kris said he likes a little fluff on his side 😂😭 But Mitchell face when he said that 💀 you guys make me dieeee

  • xclusiv tay
    xclusiv tay

    I knew that expo trick in 4th grade

  • Erick Medina
    Erick Medina

    Am I the only one who has known that if you get permanent marker on a white board you can go over it with a expo and erase it I’ve been doing that since kindergarten

  • Jack Shannon
    Jack Shannon

    rip jdl minecraft hardcore :/

  • Brenden 10
    Brenden 10

    Look at kris

  • Double M On Tha Beat
    Double M On Tha Beat


  • myron callender
    myron callender

    kris dont make it weaird 2 seconds to late

  • Chris G. V.
    Chris G. V.

    He needs to figure out a life hack for that face of his

  • Kevingreco24 Plays ps4
    Kevingreco24 Plays ps4

    yo moochie is so fucking funny

  • BamBam

    Who else was happy when James shouted out the fact or cap guys

  • Sahib Bains
    Sahib Bains

    Bro jeidel you’re vert videos were good what is this 😐😐😐😐😐

  • Sky Line
    Sky Line

    Kris: The neck is here James: Oh he's an expert *Me thinking James said hes a neckspert*

  • Izaan Mujahid
    Izaan Mujahid

    2HYPE is dying. This is what they do when they have no more video ideas, LOL!!!

  • Mrkillyou123

    Cash and Mitchell cool tho

  • Graham Smith
    Graham Smith

    People with contacts don’t get smoke in their eyes!!?&@$?!

  • Rowiq Sjqoqqo
    Rowiq Sjqoqqo

    Jiedel the salty guy

  • Maddux Blunt
    Maddux Blunt

    Do another road to dunking

  • Travis Brooks
    Travis Brooks

    When i cut onions i just wet thw whole onion thw alot of water just a little amount

  • Uncaged Beastz
    Uncaged Beastz

    Love the vids

  • Most Hated Andy4
    Most Hated Andy4


  • Most Hated Andy4
    Most Hated Andy4


  • IS IDK
    IS IDK

    Lmao Kris oh what if we mess up an autograph lol

  • Tyvohn Carter
    Tyvohn Carter

    how did they not know ab the sharpie and expo thing did they not go to school😂😂

  • Just Highlights
    Just Highlights

    Anyone else already know the expo with sharpie hack?

  • Kyle Steven Dela Cruz
    Kyle Steven Dela Cruz

    Where's efron content please it's like hide and seek but only efron will hide and seekers has nerf guns to use to find efron

  • That’s Gieo
    That’s Gieo

    I use the vertical ice thing cause it’s fun 💀

  • Cormac Lawry
    Cormac Lawry

    dislike for pouring the Guinness out. Offended. Sorry James I expected more

  • Semaj Stone
    Semaj Stone

    0:29 and 0:58 Broooo 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • BARR

    Moochies humor is unmatched hahahahaha

  • EFR0N

    I am now traumatized cause of the intro

    • AverageHSP

      *Wheres Enron?!* *PEW PEW PEW*

  • Nicholas DelRio
    Nicholas DelRio

    askde from moochie yalls videos dont hit the same as they used to knowing yall frauds

  • Aaron Bates
    Aaron Bates

    kris is soooooooooooooo sus bruh

  • George Long III
    George Long III

    Zack said “you don’t get smoke in your eyes either” boi be lit 😂

  • Hulks0125

    I love these life hack videos

  • Kaveman Games
    Kaveman Games

    The fact that they didnt know about the sharpie on the board with the expo marker life hack makes me sad. I learned that life hack myself at least 5 years ago.

  • Hoodie homie
    Hoodie homie

    0:28 made me jump

  • Maxime Rentsch
    Maxime Rentsch

    Just not kris please

  • Josia Cliffor
    Josia Cliffor

    Onion life hack, put them in the fridge and u wont cry

  • XxismacksxX Goat
    XxismacksxX Goat

    I don’t like how kris said I don’t like to abuse people and kept looking at the camera

    • XxismacksxX Goat
      XxismacksxX Goat

      Not to be rude but it’s the truth

  • sahil kalia
    sahil kalia

    Why would you ever cut an onion with the peel still on? Like you're gonna get it into the onion you trying to eat...

  • Tracy McSwain
    Tracy McSwain

    That is a great video to do in life right know today okay.


    I asked my science teacher a few years back and he says the ice thing is a myth, it’s not that the water freezes faster when it’s hot, it’s that it evaporates more water during the temperature change, thus creating less of an ice cube to freeze which obviously takes less time

  • hhh 1214
    hhh 1214

    Where is RTD?

  • L2_Sheen X
    L2_Sheen X

    Yo I swear Mitchell never be wearin shoes

  • Lachy Sims
    Lachy Sims

    best life hack video so far

  • Ak 47
    Ak 47

    Yo jiedel have your jdl videos gone missing like ur bottom teeth

  • gribinvon

    omg that magnet is not a life hack any magnet will work

  • Dane Omel
    Dane Omel

    if you want fluffy pancakes then cook it in a pan with more oil

  • AtrociousApex

    Bro the intro never fails to damn near kill my eardrums

  • TheRealBokChoi

    Is james going to be like Jesse where he ain’t going to do road to dunking anymore?

  • Tyler Nguyen
    Tyler Nguyen

    Where’s the dunking progress at?

  • Matthew Bush
    Matthew Bush

    bro where’s the next road to dunking 🤔

  • ben

    LMAOOOO bro Mitchell’s jokes r the beeeest bro they’re talking about contacts and he’s like u guys know people who know people?

  • Bryson Reed
    Bryson Reed

    Jesus loves you!!!

  • Michael -
    Michael -

    0:48 no. He’s a nexpert

  • Max Ellis
    Max Ellis

    Yo how did you guys not know the expo over sharpie life hack 😂

  • Brian Bodman
    Brian Bodman

    Only real 2 hype fans watch these videos

  • Lucas Vollmer
    Lucas Vollmer

    Bro the first minute of this video made me laugh so much

  • Susan Padin
    Susan Padin

    Can you go can you go back to rebuilding pls

  • Bailey Goode
    Bailey Goode

    I want to see a chopped special. A 3 course meal battle between Zach and Jiedel. Give each person a $100 or $200 budget for fresh ingredients. That would be an epic video

    • Kade Titus
      Kade Titus

      @Lane Dallas Trying it out now. Looks good so far :)

    • Lane Dallas
      Lane Dallas

      dont know if anyone gives a damn but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my friends Instagram password by using Instaportal. You can find it by Googling for InstaPortal password hacker :)

    • Ezra Hall
      Ezra Hall

      Yo man that be sick

  • ASneakerAffair

    did somebody say neckspert? lol

  • BrickBabyRay

    Where it the road to dunking I’ve been waiting all month!🙁👎🏾

  • Kazmik

    What did he say at 5:09?

  • Ethan Billock
    Ethan Billock



    🔥🔥🔥 content

  • Eshaan B
    Eshaan B

    i want to see a welcome back to the minecraft series on jdl channel

  • LO L
    LO L

    What did he mean by do you guys know people who know people?

  • Anas_kicks

    6 times world champion Zack

  • Aaron Negash
    Aaron Negash

    For onion just use goggles

  • TheBoss Is Back 123
    TheBoss Is Back 123

    Where is the Minecraft series

  • Deranged Ego
    Deranged Ego

    Cold Water is much cleaner though! Life hack!

  • Micah Stewart
    Micah Stewart

    Kris: Ohhh that’s so helpful bc I make pancakes all the time 🤯 James: When’s the last time you made pancakes???🤔 Kris:..................Huh

    • Jay Bryant
      Jay Bryant


  • GreenzOnU

    “ welcome to fact or cap”

  • Mitch Rodman
    Mitch Rodman

    You just saved my ass with the expo one because I traced a drawing on my school computer with a sharpie because I didn’t have a pencil

  • Robby RTG
    Robby RTG

    First girl of 2hype here❤️

  • Bug kar
    Bug kar

    I love these vids they are my fav

  • xo- isell
    xo- isell

    Post a Minecraft hardcore video

  • Blake Berry
    Blake Berry

    Zach is a school threat for the knife one

  • Creed_Clipz

    Before this vid a kid got sharpie in my teachers board I did the expo trick

  • Kyron Andrews
    Kyron Andrews

    Do “reading mean tweets” again on the 2Hype channel

  • Jacksamuel Leak
    Jacksamuel Leak


  • Azayf Hossain
    Azayf Hossain

    Jeff should be in 2hype

  • Metro Manny
    Metro Manny

    2:19 Zach being a good guy

  • Walter Waverley
    Walter Waverley

    9:35 that’s not how chemistry works james

    • Walter Waverley
      Walter Waverley

      @Vinny Panzarella maybe but the explanation is that the molecules are farther spread apart and molecules are most condensed in solid so the more spread out theoretically the longer to freeze

    • Vinny Panzarella
      Vinny Panzarella

      Maybe not but warm water does freeze faster

  • Elias Johnson
    Elias Johnson

    The “ YOU BETTER LEAN FORWARD!!!” From zack is still the best moment in life hacks history

  • Nando G
    Nando G

    That McDonald’s Cactus Jack is the only shirt Zack wears lol

  • Jamil taha
    Jamil taha

    Yeah kris we know you like a little fluff look at bri🤨

  • Levi Poley
    Levi Poley

    I learned the expo thing is like 3rd grade lol

  • L3IM8

    James sucks

  • Aaron Alton
    Aaron Alton

    Drodal looking slim and trim. 👌

  • Alex Feed
    Alex Feed

    Where is Efron😂😂😂

  • Jiehuan_James

    Bro they acting like they seen a new world when they were able to erase the sharpie by drawing over it with an expo marker, I thought everybody knew that.

    • Sahir Muhammad*
      Sahir Muhammad*

      I didn’t

  • cquick 3
    cquick 3

    Jesus Saves Love God✝️

  • Ben Gowans
    Ben Gowans

    james pouring that Guinness down the drain physically hurt my soul

    • Jiedel

      C’mon man you know it’s only good out of the tap

  • Stephen Balhan
    Stephen Balhan

    what happened to being jesses personal chef for a day?👀

    • Jiedel


  • Deqz

    chef jiedel is back.

  • Samuel Israel
    Samuel Israel

    Actually if you chew gum, it helps with onion crying