ULTIMATE 2HYPE CHOPPED Part 1: Appetizer Round
Today I host and judge a Chopped style cooking competetion between IRbinrs Jesser, Mopi, Moochie, and Toddle! Kristopher London and Zack TTG help me judge the competetion. This is part 1 of a 3 part Chopped Series.
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  • Jiedel

    Hey guys! Be on the lookout for parts 2 and 3 over the next few days! Also big apologies about the camera on the judge cam, I'm not sure what happened with that one :(

    • Jermiah Robbins
      Jermiah Robbins

      does anyone how mush trash they talk on Mopi i know y'all are like brothers but that's to much

    • -syx-

      The video was amazing its just that yall didnt even feel bad for mopi😢

    • Joe Mejia
      Joe Mejia

      @Jiedel make this series again after corona tho please if you plan to please like keep up the good work

    • merge the cool kid
      merge the cool kid

      Rip mopi

    • Dom Bais
      Dom Bais

      You should do more chopped videos

  • Anthony Pasto
    Anthony Pasto

    Is it just me or is the quality on this video bad

  • Brandon Rodriguez
    Brandon Rodriguez

    can we set up a boxing match with James please

  • Sam Grandberry
    Sam Grandberry


  • CP Shadow
    CP Shadow

    Mitchell really used dried tomato shit for sauce what the F***

  • Aquafficial

    I’m sorry but complaining about non shareable appetizers

  • qonfopa hisutma
    qonfopa hisutma

    The fantastic chance legally scream because citizenship revealingly separate within a black learning. foolish, rampant oval

  • Sincere Grant
    Sincere Grant

    Bro I'm coming back to this and I remember watching these thru out the year it's crazy how a year as went by so fast bro🤣🤣💯💯💯💯💯

  • Celestine Jordan
    Celestine Jordan

    Kris stop. Chapped. Win.

  • Nicholas Romano
    Nicholas Romano

    Bring this back

  • RD1

    You got to bring this back

  • Nico Rice
    Nico Rice

    What was zack doing under the table with his hands or what ever he was doing

  • ram ram
    ram ram

    Anyone here after the drama to just enjoy normal and good ol 2hype😭

    • Nico Rice
      Nico Rice

      Yess bro

  • Jordin Pittman
    Jordin Pittman

    Jesus and God Love You and is alive

  • Jordin Pittman
    Jordin Pittman

    Jesus and God Love You and is alive

  • Jordin Pittman
    Jordin Pittman

    Jesus and God Loves You and is alive

  • Freddy Gomez
    Freddy Gomez

    this shit sucks lmaooo


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  • Patterson Jonsena
    Patterson Jonsena

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  • Yelich King
    Yelich King

    Where is LSK glasses

  • 1c0nic

    Thanksgiving chopped brought me here

  • Shane Lloyd
    Shane Lloyd

    when james ranked there food n said they got worse and worse. i couldnt stop laughing 😂

  • Jquan Mills
    Jquan Mills

    So we not gonna talk abt when he said did we pass may and it’s December😂😂

  • JB Hammer
    JB Hammer

    I think Jiedel made his camera by himself when he was 7

  • Tommy Hach
    Tommy Hach

    This may be one of the most funny videos you have ever posted

  • Xander Wahlberg
    Xander Wahlberg

    "You're meant to put sugar on edamame" - Mopi 2019

  • ALBERTO Person
    ALBERTO Person

    yall too mean mopi

  • mads

    still no chef o nasty :(

  • Mighty Manu
    Mighty Manu

    are we gonna ignore the fact that mopi didnt even peel the avacados properly

  • Ryan Walsh
    Ryan Walsh

    James has to understand that they’re not professional chefs. I’d like to see him as a chef.

  • JM family
    JM family


  • Jeremy Imbo
    Jeremy Imbo

    Y do y’all bully mop like chill y’all do that on purpose

  • Lance Franco P. GRUY
    Lance Franco P. GRUY

    If I where mopi I'll go to my room and never go out during they film

  • Lance Franco P. GRUY
    Lance Franco P. GRUY

    12:47 I was sad when mopi said stop making sounds

  • Jude Dallo
    Jude Dallo


  • iLikeDinoNuggets

    Agent jerk face popped out today

  • Lance Franco P. GRUY
    Lance Franco P. GRUY

    I can feel his shame to his self

  • Lance Franco P. GRUY
    Lance Franco P. GRUY

    Mopi is so sad

  • Matthew Fuentes
    Matthew Fuentes

    Why are they so mean to mopi

  • Jerred Chace
    Jerred Chace

    This was the worst foods on chopped history wow

  • qbj7 tim terry
    qbj7 tim terry

    Y is this recorded on a potato 😑

  • Ziad Elkordy
    Ziad Elkordy


  • Alex Epstein
    Alex Epstein

    U need to do more Chopped with Mopi in it. It makes good content. Very funny

  • Sawyer Cutler
    Sawyer Cutler

    U guys are so mean to mopi everybody is u guys are stupid

    • Fran Jo
      Fran Jo

      Stfu you idiot

  • kix expert23
    kix expert23

    Where zack kris and James are contestants along with cash and have mopi be the judge because it is pretty clear that cash would get his vote even if his dish was worse

  • kix expert23
    kix expert23

    I wanna see them do a reverse where zack kris and james along with cash because all us fans know kris zack and James are losing and despite what they said about mopis theirs is probably going to be worst and cash will win

  • Bewhhy

    zack, Mopi's dish was ABSOLUTELY edible. your taste pallets is just dog shit tbh like how have you not ate avocado and lime together before? its in guacamole idiot. dont do Chopped videos with zack being judge he just ruins the video and makes the competition rigged because he eats frozen food and fast food, how tf are you judging a GOURMET food competition when you dont even know what gourmet taste like. you just eat food thats overly salty or sweet, gourmet food is nothing like that at all. and by the look of your stomach oozing out of your extra large shirt confirms you eat like dog shit and your taste buds is dog shit lol.

    • Fran Jo
      Fran Jo

      Your just simpin for mopi so stfu

  • Bewhhy

    how are yall goinna have judges that dont understand culinary at all nor have the taste pallet to understand culinary. they eat frozen food everyday at theyre judging a food competition?

    • Fran Jo
      Fran Jo


  • Danielfoxo99


  • William

    damn they rly be roasting hard on the young bois tht went to the same school :((

  • Stunt Bros
    Stunt Bros

    14:13 you can see mitchell running with his ears covered 😂😂😂

  • Rowena Banawa
    Rowena Banawa


  • tyler jackson
    tyler jackson

    it’s depressing how moronic every 2hype member is in the kitchen. genuinely the most basic skills just aren’t even there. how are you guys adults.

  • Tessa Bunch
    Tessa Bunch

    “We still love mopi” ok boomer

  • A P14
    A P14

    Bro they bullied tf outta mopi😂😂😂😂😂

  • Braelon Moses
    Braelon Moses

    Jiedel can you plz upgrade to a better camera bruh plz like asap

  • Quinn Hamilton
    Quinn Hamilton

    irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/ktpkj2W6tKukzKE.html Chopped quarantine edition 😂😂😂😂😂


    Jiedel takes these way too serious

  • Red Riot
    Red Riot

    Mitchel put marinara sauce in guacamole

  • Michelle Miranda
    Michelle Miranda


  • Derek Anderson
    Derek Anderson

    Love this 🤣

  • ICE

    Genuinely felt bad for mopi this time

  • Rasin Gild
    Rasin Gild

    Mopi lives matter

  • Nxt flash
    Nxt flash

    Screw all of u. Modi is the best

  • Traeway 37
    Traeway 37

    #dae next up

  • Traeway 37
    Traeway 37


  • Owen Lohret
    Owen Lohret

    This is the real reason moochie isn’t in 2hype

  • Heidi Friedman
    Heidi Friedman

    Tods tAlll Like 64

  • Said Esen
    Said Esen

    I’m from July 2020 and the 720p video looks like 360p

  • Said Esen
    Said Esen

    July 2020

  • Logan Goins
    Logan Goins

    Lmao it's just avocados

  • Logan Goins
    Logan Goins

    Why Zack sit like that like a hedghog sticking its head out of a hole looking around smiling

  • Apple 9089
    Apple 9089

    Jesse genuinely sounded awkward as hell when he was explaining his food and once they started to try it.. lol

  • Clydes Garden
    Clydes Garden

    Mopi is literally the clown of this group. Boy u needa move this aint right

  • Timothy Hollister
    Timothy Hollister

    I hope they gave mopi a hug after 😂 he seemed sad 😢😂

  • a_krew 11
    a_krew 11

    Stop mopi abuse

  • Aquafficial

    You guys are all stupid it’s pronounced poke(a) not poke(e)

  • Noizy

    Bro Mitchell looks like t jass

  • Jake 808
    Jake 808

    The way everyone says "poke bowl" makes me cringe🤣

  • Fare Febus
    Fare Febus

    Kenny’s burping is actually disturbing me.

  • TheVeezyTV

    i was dying at the end lmaoooo

  • Tony Johnson
    Tony Johnson

    How is mopi in 2hype not know a lick about sports but Mitchell not in this is beyond me lol

  • Zach Carabo
    Zach Carabo

    Mopi is a chicken nugget boi

  • Kay '
    Kay '

    Holy shit mopi is punching the air rn

  • Andy Ho
    Andy Ho

    Them roasting mopi made laugh so hard 😂😂😂 But #stopmopiabuse

  • Nalani Rood My Story My Journey
    Nalani Rood My Story My Journey

    How tall is tod

  • Tmoney T
    Tmoney T

    Why is it always mopi

  • Tmoney T
    Tmoney T

    Stop mopi abuse

  • Get boomed
    Get boomed

    Todd low key looks like faze jev

  • Savage jay Games
    Savage jay Games

    Stop Mopi abuse

  • Zeke

    They should taste the food without knowing who made it because I feel like they did that to mopi on purpose like always 😂😭

  • Will Edwards
    Will Edwards

    Who else Just saw Jesse grabbing his food to eat

  • Memuna Mansaray
    Memuna Mansaray

    when james was bashing todd i was like it’s ok todd you’re going to the next round, we haven’t seen mopi’s yet

  • Casel John
    Casel John


  • Yusuf Mohmmud
    Yusuf Mohmmud

    Edited: this comment was edited u have no idea what it said

  • Anth Francis
    Anth Francis

    Micheal - “Avacado” Me - “Thanksss”

  • Cuffee Squad
    Cuffee Squad


  • chris

    Y’all fr made mopi depressed

  • Jordyn Brandyburg
    Jordyn Brandyburg

    when kris made that noise after eating mopi's i was cryinggg😭💀😭😂😂😭

  • BMA The Goat
    BMA The Goat

    Why was jiedel roasting mopi, mopi is just going to cross him again😂🤣