Testing Viral Life Hacks to See If They Work!
Today I am joined by Jesser, Moochie, Cash to help test some of the greatest lifehacks on the internet.
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  • Jacob Topliffe
    Jacob Topliffe

    ... did cash just explain the science behind a microwave?

  • Joshoo Cel
    Joshoo Cel

    Once Mitchell took his hat off cash smiled the whole video and tryed his best not to laugh the whole video

  • Kobie Donovan-Steacy
    Kobie Donovan-Steacy

    cash is sooo funny

  • David Mitchell
    David Mitchell

    Spending this time rebooting you fucking robot

  • Julio Suarez
    Julio Suarez


  • Jeff Dunn
    Jeff Dunn

    POV you keep disliking all of his vids

  • Sam Sherwin
    Sam Sherwin


  • CDubsTV

    Congrats on being a horrible person who wants nothing but money.

  • yur stepdad chad :-
    yur stepdad chad :-

    dude my brother just walked in the house high as HELL and my mom asked him if their was a lighter in his hand and he said no i mean yes and then she said why do you have it.. and this mf... this mf... said... i dont know, ik it doesnt sound funny but if u were their u most likely would hav laughed

  • Skytech Sippin
    Skytech Sippin

    Liedel loool

  • Courtney Hall
    Courtney Hall

    Keep the good work up james

  • bennyboy lit
    bennyboy lit

    when do you charge your batteries robot???

  • Young Savage
    Young Savage

    🤖 🤖🤖

  • Lim_410Des -YT
    Lim_410Des -YT


  • illliterate


  • Jaxon Beaver
    Jaxon Beaver

    I heard that if you have soda in a glass, and it goes flat that you can put a metal spoon in the glass and put it in the fridge and it will go back to basically being fresh

    • Jaxon Beaver
      Jaxon Beaver

      My family has been doing it for a long long time

  • Joey Hartigan
    Joey Hartigan

    6:45 made me remember the time during the 2hype house tour mitchell had a moldy baguette in his room

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith


  • Mahmoud Farg
    Mahmoud Farg

    The coca cola one works since it's all based on science. When u shake it, the bubbles from the acid are at the can. So when u flick it, the bubbles go back to the liquid. Boom 😃

  • Jose Palomo
    Jose Palomo

    why you take off the comments 😂😂

  • Dr Phil
    Dr Phil

    Robot 🤖😂😂

  • Mason Jones
    Mason Jones

    Am I the only person that has always used the can opener like thar

  • TS Forever
    TS Forever

    Lets go

  • Michael Cooke
    Michael Cooke

    Your Tesla would look even better if you tint the windows and add some matte black wheels.

  • Sky X
    Sky X

    5:46 is it just me or am I the only one who has been opening cans like this my whole life

  • Uday Sandhu
    Uday Sandhu

    Flicking don’t work u took to long to open the can

  • Chief Beef
    Chief Beef

    Imagine turning off your comments on a new video just cuz you know you did something wrong

  • Xenic

    Why are comments disabled on the latest?

    • Xenic

      @yahboi zain why would he get hate comments though? It wasn’t a in particular bad video

    • yahboi zain
      yahboi zain

      he is a bum and does not want to receive hate comments

  • zeke myers
    zeke myers

    Lmao why you turn your comments off in your latest video??😂😂

  • gahndrsn

    Who is here after Jiedel turned off comments on new vid

    • Sports City
      Sports City

      Yeah, has lots of dislikes too

  • Kuhdeen

    Bro literally flexes on us and turns comments off.

  • Yeet Young c
    Yeet Young c

    Liedel 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

  • cj davis
    cj davis

    He turned his comments off I’m actually sad

  • ERR


  • MattyIceyyy

    bumahh turned his comments off

  • SkellNado

    Broo why are they turning off comments

  • Sports cards fan
    Sports cards fan

    Smh you're losing all respect. Clearly trying to hide from something if you're turning your comments off. Ridiculous. 📉📉📉📉📉📉📉📉

  • Hulktiger

    Make a big plate jiedel’s with that bottle 8:36

  • adri8n _
    adri8n _

    Nice click bait on the Tesla wrap video lol

  • ian reckl
    ian reckl

    “we in the land of the snakes”

  • Mason Lingle
    Mason Lingle


    • Your Ugly
      Your Ugly

      Why are yall hating on james its pretty clear that zack, jesse and khris have most of the power in the group

  • mattchu_chow

    Who here after he turned off comments in the recent video

  • Rod to Smoove
    Rod to Smoove

    Damn he turned the comments of too

  • Poison Bros
    Poison Bros

    Why take comments off? U a baby or somethin?

    • Geo Padilla
      Geo Padilla

      @Estuardo Orozco ?

    • Estuardo Orozco
      Estuardo Orozco

      @Geo Padilla cap

    • Geo Padilla
      Geo Padilla

      It's the mature thing to do

  • emmyhanic

    Damn even turned off comments cause you know they are hiding stuff

    • SteezyHighlights

      @emmyhanic fax

    • emmyhanic

      @Your Ugly nah mate, so many members left because something sketchy is going on. I dare to come at me at why you think 2HYPE are not snakes and how they don’t care about money. You’re one of these kids that have been manipulated by 2HYPE

    • Your Ugly
      Your Ugly

      I think he turned the comments off so there would be no hate comments

  • SammyA

    Bruh he turned off his comments too 😐

  • MrIm AirBorne
    MrIm AirBorne

    tell the fans what happened. the entire group together.

  • TC boyz
    TC boyz

    Who is here because his last video has comments turned off

    • Kaliba King
      Kaliba King


    • Mike TTG
      Mike TTG


  • Ivan 13
    Ivan 13

    comments are turned off LOL

  • Gage Ostwalt
    Gage Ostwalt

    Everyone’s starting to turn off the comments what’s is going on?

    • Cam Terry
      Cam Terry

      @SammyA kris didn’t. I think the problem is Jesser, Zack, and maybe Kris

    • Nicholas Alkis
      Nicholas Alkis

      Zack didn’t turn off the comments also

    • SammyA

      only legend who doesn’t do it is cash cuz he’s the 🐐

    • SammyA

      the drama

  • Calder Playz
    Calder Playz

    Guys turning comments off is responsible thing to do 2hype will address the problem and u can make assumptions about them after their news. Keeping them on would simply make them look bad in general too.

  • TyGuapo

    Where is your girlfriend?

  • TDforbesDT

    Dude, I love everyone in 2hype, this just aint the way to go tho. Tryna avoid all this conflict aint right

  • Yair Jimenez
    Yair Jimenez

    he really turned off the comments on his recent video

  • Joshua Samuelsen
    Joshua Samuelsen

    Anyone here after he turned off comments

    • David Leon
      David Leon


  • ttv jazzyoh
    ttv jazzyoh

    Bro 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱 y'all are 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱😸😸😸😸😸

  • Kyle M
    Kyle M

    who here after he turned comments off on his recent video

  • Basketball Card Collector
    Basketball Card Collector

    Who’s here after seeing the comments turned off on Jiedel’s newest video?

  • Eric salem
    Eric salem

    Oh no, comments turned off the new video that’s no good

  • Drizzi

    Noce job turning off your comments

  • Just_Nodh

    Thought you got caught in the crossfire but nvm because you are a brother of a 🐍 which mean you are a big 🐍.

  • Sweaty philip
    Sweaty philip

    2hype be turning off there comments on new videos lol

  • Alexander Palmer
    Alexander Palmer

    Wow jiedel really turned his comments off also


    my respect for james📉📉📉

    • Sweaty philip
      Sweaty philip

      Same but more kris

  • Greg Kareem
    Greg Kareem

    Why did he turn off the comments for his new video?😂😂

    • Tyler Twiss
      Tyler Twiss

      You guys are joking right

    • Sports City
      Sports City

      lol thinking the same thing

  • Adi B.
    Adi B.

    Who's here when Jiedel turned off comments on his newest video

    • Applez

      Me 🤦🏾‍♂️

    • Greg Kareem
      Greg Kareem


  • Kyle Pitts
    Kyle Pitts

    The comments on the new vid is off folks, this is very very bad

    • Applez

      @Kyle Pitts true. I’m here to observe I don’t watch them much at all anymore

    • Kyle Pitts
      Kyle Pitts

      @Applez yup before we make assumptions tho we need to hear Mopi's side but judging by the actions of the 2Hype guys I'm guessing it's on them.

    • Applez

      Worse than I thought

  • TareekN _Yt
    TareekN _Yt

    Clear the air up and stop turning comments off to me that only makes it works but love the Tesla vid

  • Applez

    You know it’s bad when comments are off 😬

    • Amaurie-_-

      ​@WolfKing 018 Opinion -a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. Hate Speech - a speech expressing hatred of a particular group of people YEAH I DONT THINK THERE WERE GOING TO BE MANY OPINIONS IN THE COMMENTS

    • WolfKing 018
      WolfKing 018

      @Triple-touchdown- Master!!!! that’s when they know they’re in the wrong is when you turn off people opinions

    • Applez

      @WolfKing 018 same 🤦🏾‍♂️

    • Triple-touchdown- Master!!!!
      Triple-touchdown- Master!!!!

      @WolfKing 018 man, these brothers sure love turning opinions off

    • WolfKing 018
      WolfKing 018

      Literally all I came here for was because the comments turned off on the new post

  • noah lacrosse
    noah lacrosse


  • Constantine Johnson
    Constantine Johnson

    He turned his comments off on his recent vid

    • Owen Skinner
      Owen Skinner


    • Applez

      Fr 😭

  • Bobby Pezzuti
    Bobby Pezzuti

    James turned his comments off


    nah you have to have the brown corn for the hack

  • Feven Joshua Carpe
    Feven Joshua Carpe

    You’re my fave youtuber i hope it aint you brodie

  • EpBox

    I won’t be satisfied until I hear 2hypes side of the story and mopis

    • Skytech Sippin
      Skytech Sippin

      @Uno dose cap

    • Uno dose
      Uno dose

      I doubt James even did anything to be a part of it

    • Mario Marku
      Mario Marku

      @Sebastian Hunter cause the only comments will be hate! Of course you’ll turn them off

    • Sebastian Hunter
      Sebastian Hunter

      I called it myself I know he was going turn comments off like his brother

    • Timothy Zepeda
      Timothy Zepeda

      He turned off the comments to his new video 😂

  • Rafay Zeeshan
    Rafay Zeeshan

    Bro u should customize cactus jacks for cash

  • Super toad Charlie
    Super toad Charlie

    Good video

  • Super toad Charlie
    Super toad Charlie


  • Super toad Charlie
    Super toad Charlie


  • Elijah Muhich
    Elijah Muhich

    The corn one has to be dried corn on the cob then the life hack works for making popcorn.

  • Jta 2606
    Jta 2606

    "Mitchell and cash cool tho"

    • Richard Nimoh
      Richard Nimoh


    • Bosskid300

      Your right James ain’t cool

    • Itspeter on yt
      Itspeter on yt

      If you know you know 😔

  • OneTakeIsaac

    That corn life hack would have worked if it was the seed

  • Don Deveau
    Don Deveau

    Besides cash them boys be high af no cap

  • Riq G
    Riq G

    2:16 how he know what piss taste like?😂



  • corey magby
    corey magby

    I am a fan but y'all did not know about the can. I knew that for years and I am 14.

  • Kobe Pane
    Kobe Pane

    I hope it ain’t u James...

    • Mike Carranza
      Mike Carranza

      LEON NAGY I could see that


      @Mike Carranza bro zack is the most toxic one

    • Mike Carranza
      Mike Carranza

      Jesser Kris and Jiedel most likely

  • Samuel Costa
    Samuel Costa


  • Weemam_28

    What happens to jiedels teeth

  • Jax

    I been doing the can opener one for 7 years bruh

  • issac Olmedo
    issac Olmedo

    Am I the only one or is the can opening “life hack” something I was taught as a kid on how to open a can and use a can opener lmao I think y’all were mislead as kids

  • lil Maz
    lil Maz

    am i the only one opening a can right the “life hack” way the whole time?

  • kaylin leanu
    kaylin leanu

    We open jam like that on the side in South Africa

  • el1jqh


  • TNT Blowout bot
    TNT Blowout bot

    The ketchup works on quarters

  • Bryson


  • Bryson


  • TM_Gaming

    Life hack that might work too well: If you have very hard cookies put bread in the container for a few hours and it will be soft

  • Paster Terry
    Paster Terry

    I always use the side can opener one

  • Kurt

    New Jesser vid 21 gifts comments are turned off idk but he got that idea off of Faze Rug no disrespect but c'mon