Testing TikTok Lifehacks to see if they work!
Today, we test some viral lifehacks going around TikTok to see if they work!
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  • Garrett Lauer
    Garrett Lauer

    what a piece of shit - jesser 2021

  • Benjamin Velasco
    Benjamin Velasco

    the 10th works make the person in the seat relax

  • Soy Saucing
    Soy Saucing

    Ayee zack i got the same raptors shorts

  • Thaddeus Basketball News
    Thaddeus Basketball News

    The Life Hack Sucess in This Video is 5.5/11

  • Chris G. V.
    Chris G. V.

    If Voldemort and Miss Piggy had a baby it would be Jiedel

  • timthe goat
    timthe goat


  • Jester replays
    Jester replays


  • darrion brooks
    darrion brooks

    The finger one does work.

  • Gabby On Fire
    Gabby On Fire

    "excuse me as a black man I can confirm this doesn't work" zack2030

  • Waveyy_Jai

    Do a chopped with only life hacks

  • vvicev

    Zack: you gotta slide the tip in Can I get a *pause* in the chat ✋🏾🤨

  • Dj Dunn
    Dj Dunn

    Nobody: Zack: “One time I hacked into the government internet” Moochie 5 seconds later: “One time my government internet got hacked”

  • ballin everyday
    ballin everyday

    Bruh, y'all should try to pick up a chair from the wall, if y'all know what I'm talking about

  • Owen B
    Owen B

    I don’t know if New York cucumbers r weird but we have different lookin cucumbers

  • the wolf
    the wolf

    Ok the microwave life hack not every microwave has a sound button you rich bastards lol 😂

  • Christian Zitle
    Christian Zitle

    u see that Zack took too much paper towels and suggest better take one paper towel bruh waste paper from make trees smh

  • God is Good Girl
    God is Good Girl

    Who else thought Jesser actually through the mason Jar 🏺

  • Andrew Barney
    Andrew Barney

    Mitchell not catching the red and black vibe

  • AndrewThuggin_

    Nobody: Zack:next life hack😄👆🏾

  • mr. jHart
    mr. jHart

    Just slowly broke Jessers house lmao

  • Jawuan Hayes
    Jawuan Hayes

    zack look like he pearling a jay at 4:50😂

  • Adam Kennedy
    Adam Kennedy

    Hack 10 does work y’all just didn’t do it well😂

  • nyis simmons
    nyis simmons

    So we’re just gonna look past 2:58

  • Navibroncos18

    10:31 nazi James (Don’t hate me it’s just a joke)

  • Big Smoothie
    Big Smoothie

    Zach: “ I watch a lot of TikTok “ Me: “and this is proof of old people taking over TikTok”

  • John Paul Mina
    John Paul Mina

    They did the 2 finger lifting trick wrong, your supposed to use 2 hands, using both pointing fingers

  • Ryan Ruiz
    Ryan Ruiz

    My friends and I have done hack #10 and it worked. We were laying down tho

  • Nigel Russell
    Nigel Russell

    Slide the tip in there u go 😅🤣😂

  • Ethan Yount
    Ethan Yount

    I use to eat salt and watermelon

  • Beastmode Dwag
    Beastmode Dwag

    Jeff sent me insta: dwags_cards

  • Gavin

    that spam call hack actually helped me

  • wetpu 357
    wetpu 357

    Is this the try hard in jessers video that stole jeff's puzzle piece?

  • Luey Knight
    Luey Knight

    Where episode 2 on road to dunking ?

  • Bryce Seddon
    Bryce Seddon

    Yooo Jeff sent me !! @king_seddon00

  • slayer_yt 2003
    slayer_yt 2003

    The pick up one with 2 fingers does work

  • BullseyeArcher1

    Jesse looks lowkey pissed about his garbage disposal after they did that

  • Unknown Nba
    Unknown Nba

    Nice James you gained 0.02 million subs in 7 months. (Underrated channel)

  • Angel Meredith
    Angel Meredith

    Nooo you guys did the chair one wrong, it works !

  • Camdizzle

    With the first one u can make it a trading card holder. Big Brain 🧐

  • sister shook
    sister shook

    ayo why'd u take jeff's piece😐

  • Andrej Loltiv
    Andrej Loltiv

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  • Killerjj 353
    Killerjj 353

    The last one works Fact or cap did it Lmaoo

  • amadou sarr
    amadou sarr

    finally succesful lifehacks

  • XxvincentxX XxasaelixX
    XxvincentxX XxasaelixX

    Your supposed to use both hand for the finger lifting hack

  • Luis Carranza
    Luis Carranza

    This shit was boring

  • Jericho Hipolito
    Jericho Hipolito

    “Welcome to fact or cap where we test tiktok trends to see if they are bs”

  • Evan Fitzhugh
    Evan Fitzhugh

    yo these are cool

  • Clayton Peltier
    Clayton Peltier

    cheating ass in jessers video


    🔥🔥🔥 content

  • Liam Benine
    Liam Benine

    “I’m a watermelon connoisseur” fuck no you’re not 😂😂

  • OpTic Curse
    OpTic Curse

    I'm gonna use the first life hack to sell weed more efficiently. Cool! Thanks James!

  • Jackson Burgee
    Jackson Burgee

    Road to dunking?

  • Jordan Tryon
    Jordan Tryon

    Do TikTok gadgets

  • Andrew Fung
    Andrew Fung

    Mitchell has the most underrated jokes and is such a clown 😂

  • Connor Clark
    Connor Clark

    Hah Zack is an watermelon dinosaur

  • qngry

    james is a g

  • DaiJon Brooks
    DaiJon Brooks

    You have to do it with your fingers like a gun

  • DaiJon Brooks
    DaiJon Brooks

    Number 10 does work y’all did it wrong

  • Nando G
    Nando G


  • Zander Harrison
    Zander Harrison

    dude needs to follow party shirt

  • Wave Amv
    Wave Amv

    Cash and Mitchell cool tho

  • Jake Friedel
    Jake Friedel

    welcome to fact or cap

  • Ralph Chan
    Ralph Chan

    James thinks his nice. Just copying faze rug’s video

  • Tracy McSwain
    Tracy McSwain

    That is a good video to do in life that day right know today okay.

  • blakies45

    The two finger hack does work , they jus did it wrong

  • Logan Allen
    Logan Allen

    Yall makin dime bags lmao

  • Jiren

    “Welcome to fact or cap”

  • Jiren

    His dude literally went into partyshirt’s tiktok then made this video

  • Bernardo Garcia
    Bernardo Garcia

    Lifehack 10 works its just youre supposed to lift w 2 fingers on both hands i used to do it in HS.

  • dean ponik
    dean ponik

    “I feel like there’s always a lil bit of shell” had me dying for no rzn

  • killa_cole_44

    Idk what eggs they buying but that shit works perfect for me

  • stephcurrygod30

    Yooo what's good jiedel

  • Exodus

    Damn its kinda sad how his view rate dropped

  • Shreyas Swaroop
    Shreyas Swaroop

    For the tenth hack u have to lift him under the armpit

  • Ferzli4Sports

    James: apparently everyone knew about it except me and mitchell Me: so in other words 2 of you knew about it and 2 of you didn't

  • JayCGaming


  • Isaac Burton
    Isaac Burton

    Bruh there’s snack size ziploc

  • Tyzilla 111520
    Tyzilla 111520

    I did the 662 thing and it sent me to America’s hottest hotlines

  • Zachary Todd
    Zachary Todd

    The last life hack isn’t a joke me and my friends did it to my dad and other people at a party

    • Zachary Todd
      Zachary Todd

      To be clear it was the one to pick yourself up with two fingers

  • Patrick Berger
    Patrick Berger

    Of course Zach tryna fix the microwave sound, 100 million year olds don’t have the best hearing

  • Matt B
    Matt B

    Notice how you don’t get nearly the love as anyone else in 2 hype it’s because the person you are man your the most selfish person I’ve ever seen just watching jesses last video like glad you got that 10k from your little brother when you had to chest for it when you already got bank , actually pathetic

  • inda 209
    inda 209

    Plz more personal chefs

  • Thomas The Baller
    Thomas The Baller

    Jeff sent me here

  • LegendNick

    post road to dunking

  • Technic_Speedy

    the pick up one works we spent a whole day in class doing it

  • Paths of Pain
    Paths of Pain

    Bruh tell me why we seen the SAME EXACT life hacks( Literally watched 7 of these life hacks yesterday)

  • Delilah Bhagwat
    Delilah Bhagwat

    for the egg one u have to add a little water

  • Joetheking-gaming

    2hype with big brains using steel wool and a battery it’s not a life hack

  • Jack Hartwell
    Jack Hartwell

    I just watched one of your videos and found out you and me have same birthday

  • Kaloyan Mirtchev
    Kaloyan Mirtchev

    Mitchell's face looks a bit fat

  • McCulikTheBoy

    James, I'm 100% sure the second life hack you need to put water in the mason jars. I thought that was pretty obvious but I guess not.

  • Jaycobe Andrei Sabijon
    Jaycobe Andrei Sabijon

    no bro the carrying mitchell thing works you just doing it wrong

  • Matthew Trachtman
    Matthew Trachtman

    3:00 AYO

  • Ryan 23
    Ryan 23

    James what happened to the Minecraft series

  • Josh Kung
    Josh Kung

    “These will all be useful” Rest of video: all useless hacks

  • Matt Richardson
    Matt Richardson

    Yo Zach I have some advice one drop of dawn =3 bottles of other dish soap

  • Nelson Abbott
    Nelson Abbott


  • Andreina Gamez
    Andreina Gamez

    The two finger one actually does work, since jesse ended up touching someones hand it messed it all up therefore, you had to start allllll over again , i did this years back and we were shook, pls try again lol

  • cquick 3
    cquick 3

    Jesus Saves Love God✝️

  • Tai

    Plot twist: Jiedel Is The Apparently Kid