Road to Dunking #2 Weight Loss and Technique
My fitness journey continues witha focus on losing weight and building jumping technique in order to hit our ultimate goal of dunking a men's basketball on a regulation height hoop!
Special thanks to Isiah Rivera for his Videos on technique! Channel linked below!
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  • Eli Contreras
    Eli Contreras

    the easiest way to jumping higher is calf raisers because im 5 foot 3 and can grab 8 and a half rim.

  • qpDahe

    he is so dramatic, it pisses me off

  • Grayson Skeeter
    Grayson Skeeter

    Bro all u gotta do is leg raises

  • J is Walker | Clash and Steam
    J is Walker | Clash and Steam

    Yo James when I was doing my dunk journey one thing that instantly increased my vert was starting with my arms back on the penultimate step (not swinging them, that is very important to NOT do.) and then timing it so that on the way up I swung my arms up and the transfer of energy would go vertical from horizontal. Hope it helps!

  • Big Tymin
    Big Tymin

    where can I get that squat wedge?

  • blake trilli
    blake trilli

    where’s the minecraft videos bro

  • Brayden Croteau
    Brayden Croteau

    when u try and dunk be fluid on the run and get the choppy steps out it helps


    Nooooo please upload episode 3

  • Cohen _
    Cohen _


  • Angel Torres
    Angel Torres

    James you need to work on your running start and really exploding off ur one leg

  • Andy Su'a Vevesi
    Andy Su'a Vevesi

    Dang it took me 3 days to learn to dunk.. im 16 btw..

  • Cringe

    tip when you go to dunk you don’t use all of your muscle try to get lower so your more explosive

  • YHN Frank
    YHN Frank

    He look just like Larry Bird

  • DaBaby’s Dad
    DaBaby’s Dad

    Where’s the 3rd one?

  • Luke F
    Luke F

    jrodel looks odd working out but he wants it and he’s working his ass off for it so he deserves it. kudos to him

  • Canon Johnson
    Canon Johnson

    Change your penultimate step as your last step and plant hard into the grand with your left foot at about a 45 degree angle to the rim. If you are driving from the right side face your feet that way before you jump. Make sure to have a big last step with lots of momentum. Keep up the work and have even lower rim sessions to practice finishing.

  • Laux

    You should use more arm swing to gain more momentum

  • ALB

    sorry but you ain’t 16%

  • problem solved
    problem solved

    Ayo keep up the good work

  • Matthew Drew
    Matthew Drew

    Don’t euro when running

  • Matthew Drew
    Matthew Drew

    Don’t stutter step on run up and explode up off ur jumping foot and use your other leg to go higher

  • Charlie Whittaker
    Charlie Whittaker

    Need to work on the form sorry but it not the best

  • Axell 2k God
    Axell 2k God

    Knees over toes work?

  • Ty Nelson
    Ty Nelson

    Hey James, I know you probably like coming up with your own workouts and diet. But “Fat don’t fly” by PJF Performance is the best program out there for you

  • Goe Sucket
    Goe Sucket

    How tall is he?


    Its pure jump technique that hes missing

  • Wyatt Miller
    Wyatt Miller

    Hate to say it but I think he just needs to accept he’s unathletic...

  • Broccoli

    Where’s part 3?

  • shoe_gooru

    On your 1 foot it almost seems like you're too focused on the speed aspect. You should look into just jumping high and touching the board for a bit to help losen you up and work on elasticity

  • Sahib Bains
    Sahib Bains

    When’s your vert vid coming

  • Dani.

    Hey James i just wanted to tell you that you have inspired me to workout and lift everyday and lose weight.

  • Freddy Jajati
    Freddy Jajati

    Jiedel buy shoes called apl the shoes add 4 inches to your vertical

  • Gavin Haggett (STUDENT)
    Gavin Haggett (STUDENT)

    Here is a tip: when you run up don’t studder step

  • Aye2x

    Check out greg doucette or remington james for diet tips

  • Kaz Kaan
    Kaz Kaan

    James I salute the effort, but your form on everything is super fucked up. I recommend you search the right way to do it before it’s too late.

  • Certified_29 _
    Certified_29 _

    :❤WAIT STOP✝️YOU’RE NOT PROMISED TOMORROW REPENT AND PRAY🛐JESUS LOVES YOU ALWAYS 🙏( Please listen I really wanna see y’all in heaven)

  • Nate Wrubel
    Nate Wrubel

    1143 to 1200 has to be the cringiest thing ever if you close your eyes

  • Aye2x

    Chicken broccoli and rice😂😂😂😂😂😂 if yhu kno yhu kno

  • agonmustafaa1

    Squat and deadlift bro

  • Jorge.

    5-8 episode you are going to be dunking for sure.

  • Rokas Žilinskas
    Rokas Žilinskas

    You should watch nick briz he is jumping off one foot like maddness his jumping form helped me alot

  • TrealToNice

    a tip core workouts


    Mad respect ✊🏽 BALLIN CUZ YT🙏🏽much love

  • aidenator9

    Does anybody know that app he is using to look at his weight and body fat?

  • Landen O'Meal
    Landen O'Meal

    as soon as i watched this i want to dunk on 9 feet so bad i am 5,4 and 12 years old and i weigh 105lbs i do vertical jump workouts every day!

    • Twisty Wristy
      Twisty Wristy

      Just don’t hurt yourself you’ll be getting ten foot when your in ninth or tenth grade I got it last summer when I was 14 and 6’1 keep working

  • SkiMASK Moni
    SkiMASK Moni

    I feel like you should add some more core workouts

  • Jack Raybourn
    Jack Raybourn

    You need too practice doing sprints of the blocks!!

  • Botond Lovas
    Botond Lovas

    You are so awkward and untalented , you'll never dunk a basketball on 10 feet🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Botond Lovas
      Botond Lovas

      @Jack Raybourn do you really think that , or are u just said because you have never ever played basketball in your life?🤣🤣

    • Jack Raybourn
      Jack Raybourn

      U just Mad u can’t dunk!! Plus you r way les athletic then him u!! Those r some true daddy issues!!!

  • Botond Lovas
    Botond Lovas


  • VRL Antz
    VRL Antz

    Don’t stutter before you dunk

  • Smore O
    Smore O

    Yo need to be doing cardio because lifting you will just be gaining muscle and muscle weighs more than fat and it will be harder to get higher vert

  • Peter Mannion
    Peter Mannion

    I acc love these vids omg keep up the dunking journey

  • Cohen _
    Cohen _

    ok james has really good offense. just needs to work on that defence to be a complete player.

  • Hunter Swartz
    Hunter Swartz

    Jesser looks like that tall athletic kid in that group of 3

  • desmond

    jiedel is a weirdo

  • Alex Camarena
    Alex Camarena

    James one foot form got so much better ngl

  • gibbles4

    5”8 13 and dunking 😜

  • Oblitual

    james working out might be one of the funniest things

  • Austin Bailey
    Austin Bailey

    I'm almost a teen and can palm a basketball

  • R R
    R R

    I would recommend you to watch how Chris staples dunks look at the speed he has for takeoff.

  • R R
    R R

    You both should try to jump with more speed , both of you are slowing down before the jump it’s much easier to dunk with speed.If you slow down your legs don’t have as much spring effect as you would have with more speed .I can dunk and i recommend you to try jumping with more speed and without a ball.The takeoff part is really important just when you’re about to jump try to do the jump as quickly as possible!

  • Connor

    Man keep it up I can tell you look very well now!

  • Richy

    Dunk tip: Instead of bringing the ball on the same side of the foot you jump off of, bring the ball to the opposite side of your hip, and swing up your arms as high as you can. You see this great technique used by Zion Williamson and LeBron

  • DeePlays 9
    DeePlays 9

    Cash and Mitchell cool tho

  • Haider Farooq
    Haider Farooq

    AYOOO IS IT JUST ME OR DOES JAMES LOOK LIKE HE LOST TONS OF POUNDS DURING THE 1v1 he looks wayyy more fit I guess and he’s moving properly. Keep the good work up James 💪🏼

  • Edittz

    How tall is Jiedel does anyone know

  • Aaron Blood
    Aaron Blood

    Jiedel's Vertical: From 9.5 to 7, so inspirational 😂

  • Huntness

    Jiedel looks better athletically now, hes still a little stiff but not as bad.

  • Mindaugas Taunys
    Mindaugas Taunys

    How tall are you?

  • Mark Pires
    Mark Pires

    Yeah yeah

  • JJ Blackner
    JJ Blackner

    James, on your one foot jumping your last two steps are both longer than the rest of your strides, your last two steps are the most important Your second to last step should be the only one that is longer than the rest of your strides.

  • JujuTV

    You should get ultra boost they will help you jump better than Jordan 1 lows

  • Chase Bennett
    Chase Bennett

    @Jesser yeah for sure

  • Taron Leblanc
    Taron Leblanc

    You Run Like You Got Cinder Blocks On Your Feet, You Gotta Stop Studder Stepping And Progress Into The Jump And Your Last Two Steps Will Be Your Most Powerful Ones

  • Prabhroop Kaler
    Prabhroop Kaler

    “Look at James man so inspirational “

  • Travis Harris
    Travis Harris

    If he was serious about losing weight he should risk not filming that who can gain weight like what they gonna do kick him out for being productive 😐

  • Bryce Hill
    Bryce Hill

    On your approach stop stutter stepping maintain the speed all the way through

  • ACE_ JP
    ACE_ JP

    Inspirational stuff, I’m currently training to dunk but I’m only 5’5, the other day I touched the rim on a 9 foot hoop, also anyone else notice that he pretty much did a jersey collection video in his workout montages 😂

  • marco teles
    marco teles

    You should probably work on your jumping form, but keep it up man, great content!

  • Evan Crum
    Evan Crum


  • cquick 3
    cquick 3

    Jesus Saves Love God✝️

  • AKBlind

    I think if he work on his jumping form it would add maybe 1 to 2 inches to his jump no Kap.

  • RK Presents
    RK Presents

    JIEDEL you need to lose weight to dunk eat less

  • Ihkem Davis
    Ihkem Davis

    Try jumping off 2 u jump a lot higher

  • Dripz MUCCI
    Dripz MUCCI

    Honestly you suck you will never be able to dunk and you just are sorry as a person 😭😭💀🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Jamal Beale
    Jamal Beale

    Try to where light shoes you being whering bricks on your feet wich doesn’t help

  • Shady TG
    Shady TG

    Stop doing stutter steps

  • Jim UV
    Jim UV

    Jessers shadow

  • Tizzankyume Onfroy
    Tizzankyume Onfroy

    That Steph Curry basketball training really helped James become a good basketball player. In his 1v1s he's doing almost everything right when it comes to driving and shooting. He sagged off once or twice in the first 1v1 but that was probably because of being tired from workouts. James is legit the big fundamental of the 2hype house

  • Tierre Edwards
    Tierre Edwards

    James You are Jumping Forward U Have To Jump Upward

  • Kerzon Mendoza
    Kerzon Mendoza

    james straighten ur back during nordics, its okay to fail at that exercise because that is really hard. When you go down, you're not involving the hips anymore, you just leave it out and you only let your upper body go down

  • kha khonte
    kha khonte

    my whole life changed because of, *f a t b u r n e d dot ex way zed*

  • MarcGlo

    idunno who said to eat your body weight in protein but your body can only process so much protein per hour. so any excess amount over that is just wasted protein that you literally poop out.

  • Tyler Selinger
    Tyler Selinger

    RIP Renpho

  • Bubba Harvey
    Bubba Harvey

    Hey jiedel try not to shuffle your feet on entry

  • Lisa Chronister
    Lisa Chronister

    This could also be titled “Road to showcasing all my NBA jerseys”

  • DLC

    Ur not 16% body fat sorry bro

  • Dino S
    Dino S

    When u run up to jump don’t studder step, not studder stepping give your jump more fluidity

  • Justin Crews
    Justin Crews

    Work on them legs

  • Justin Crews
    Justin Crews

    You jump like dude in white men can’t jump when he lost his check to Wesley