Road to Dunking #1 Jump Test and Workout Routine
Today we embark on my personal journey to trying to be able to dunk a basketball on a regulation hoop! This will be a monthly series until I am able to finally do it!
Knees Over Toes - This is where I get a lot of my exercises
Randle Twins
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  • DropDeadLuka

    that 15% bf is cap you prolly at around 20-25 range

  • Shadow Nitemare
    Shadow Nitemare

    James only 5’10 and we’ve seen him to be the same height as zack, who claims he is 6’1? Something ain’t right

  • mDizzle The 2nd
    mDizzle The 2nd

    By jiedel BB

  • David Rosa
    David Rosa

    Some tips from somebody that can dunk are 1. Put basketball shoes 2. Work on plyometrics (they increase vert, agility, speed and are great to become a better athlete. 3. Work on dominating you’re body weight and jumping technique (work on 1 foot and 2 feet) 4. Listen to your body take decent rest days and keep working. 5. If you want you should consider buying a vert plan like vert shock, pro jump manual there are a lot more but yeah. I bought one and it helped me a lot i am 17 years old and ive been dunking since i was 15 but mainly 16 and 17. Send me a message on ig david.rosa13 and ill send it to you for free and anyone that wants it ill send it for free trust.

    • David Rosa
      David Rosa

      Also dont stutter step when you’re going to dunk. Take long and strong steps

  • Cato Cash
    Cato Cash

    Damn Ben Patrick is inspirational ( all jokes aside ) 💪🏾💪🏾

  • TaqzyR6

    Quote of the year “Fat don’t fly” - Jesser

  • Sports Bros
    Sports Bros

    Do it James don’t listen to them you can do it

  • nickscap


  • Alex VanGundy
    Alex VanGundy

    We want 6 pack Jiedel!!!

  • Samuel Drez
    Samuel Drez

    For real tho Jesser’s court has springs😬

  • Z A C H J A N K O V I C H
    Z A C H J A N K O V I C H

    Where’s Part 2

  • Carter Lang
    Carter Lang

    Very unathletic

  • ItsZay

    Practice technique on jumping and that can really give you 2 inches or maybe more.

  • F8Ze Becca
    F8Ze Becca

    I’m still waiting for part 2 man

  • Cliff Fransen
    Cliff Fransen

    I don’t like Jiedel but I like his content type

  • Cole Hovan
    Cole Hovan

    Can we get part 2 soon?

  • Vintage

    He needs to work on lateral quickness

  • Nicholas Healy
    Nicholas Healy

    When is this part 2 coming out

  • Vanity Chowser
    Vanity Chowser

    Hey if your doing this you might want to do a ice bath for your legs even tho it hurts

  • Rita A
    Rita A

    Part 2?

  • josh gladstone
    josh gladstone

    James if you wear flat bottom shoes in the gym it will help more with squats and other stuff

  • Kane Walby
    Kane Walby

    You need to stretch your legs more often. It would also help if you are very flexible.

  • The King Family
    The King Family

    He runs like he still learning to walk 😂😂

  • Ckz Kiezk
    Ckz Kiezk

    Bro forces

  • Samir Ennani
    Samir Ennani

    James your dunking it its just not clean

  • Emmanuel Lopez
    Emmanuel Lopez

    U definitely watched kneesovertoesguy

  • nouredine sangare
    nouredine sangare

    Bro i'm 5.6 an i can touch the rim so just an advice when you'll get the two feet jump you will have much more power in your jump and don't slow down while you're getting to the rim .

  • Gamer Xd
    Gamer Xd

    Work on your run form

  • JujuTV

    You gotta sprint into your jump or sprint than jump stop into it

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    Six pack by December?

  • ItsKryps

    you should work on your jumping form as well as working out

  • Braxton Detillion
    Braxton Detillion

    Looks like James pulled a jesser dunked once and quit 😂😂😂

  • Moshe tzvi Rooz
    Moshe tzvi Rooz

    aint no way this dude under 20 percent body fat

  • Lochinvar Merf Amor
    Lochinvar Merf Amor

    I suggest to train your speed and agility to become explosive and also you need to strengthen your core muscles.

  • Emanuel Ace Quezon
    Emanuel Ace Quezon

    You dunking? You don't even know how to play basketball properly lol 12 year old has a better dribbling than you

  • Matteo Rieppi
    Matteo Rieppi

    7:08 what is the app's name? (i like to see my body fat)

  • AlexGaming


  • Jalen Macon
    Jalen Macon

    1. try working out in some better shoes 2. your 2 steps before you take off should be your most explosive steps and quickest steps. But I 1000000000% support your grind almost working on your mechanics more so than working out on your body could help too. Seen dudes that bigger than you and about the same height dunk

  • Sportsguy80

    you can just tell james is working so hard to get in better shape. keep it up

  • Tyson Shillito
    Tyson Shillito

    Where’s part two at?

  • Logan Mckinney
    Logan Mckinney

    I’d say your starting body fat was more like 20 %

  • Pedro Echevarria
    Pedro Echevarria

    When is part 2

  • Casey Fritz
    Casey Fritz

    James ur like 25 percent body fat

  • - Broccoli
    - Broccoli

    Fix your jumping form and your vert will increase a lot


    Do plyometric workouts it helps

  • Abubeckr Elcharfa
    Abubeckr Elcharfa

    Yea your definitely shot buddy by the end of February wow

  • Jeremiah McDonald
    Jeremiah McDonald

    Fixing your form will add some inches on your vert right away

  • Doug Balin
    Doug Balin

    Maybe if you didn’t move so fuckin awkward

  • Dinich25 Potato
    Dinich25 Potato

    Don’t stutter step when ur abt to dunk it doesn’t help

  • Nate Murray
    Nate Murray

    Work on exploding when jumping

    • DuffySZN

      This has to be the most stupid comment I've seen.

  • Benjamin Velasco
    Benjamin Velasco

    I am 5’7 not an expert and I can reach 9’8 can dunk on 9’6 on a good day. I guess a good tip would be the approch or the speed and how to avoid jumping forward

  • Thanos Gang
    Thanos Gang

    A tip to get higher is to not stutter step

  • Bj Henry
    Bj Henry

    U need to work on more explosion and burst, also keep doing core to and u will hit 9’9

  • Kaleb Perez
    Kaleb Perez

    Stop stutter stepping I’m 5’9 and Dunking. And when you stop stuttering it helps a lot

  • Jeremiah kking
    Jeremiah kking

    James go to a track and run if you wanna drop down body fat not lift weights you trying to lose weight not become a body builder

  • JuggManGotti

    Plant both feet when you take off knees bowed lyft up

  • Ben Henshall
    Ben Henshall

    If u get ur technique better it will help u a lot, it improved my verticals drastically

  • JayBaller2430

    Jeidel putting in that work💪

  • Tomas Burgos
    Tomas Burgos

    Oh so you smile now but not for your “friend”

  • KDOT

    Use vert code

  • IHaxk

    gotta wear real basketball shoes mane, jordan 1 lows ainn it for dunking bro, lightweight shoe like kyries

  • Backyard Boys
    Backyard Boys

    Jeff your voice

  • Marco Gizzo
    Marco Gizzo

    When you do the hamstring extensions don’t fully lock your hips at the bottom and use your butt and hamstrings to pull you back up

  • Jake Kunz
    Jake Kunz

    Idk about that controversy jiedel got the best content in 2hype

  • Constantin Panda
    Constantin Panda

    Great vid man

  • Alex Brace
    Alex Brace

    A tip for you Jiedel you should try to keep your shin vertical when doing lunges it gives it more of a workout and the injury to your foot might have been because of that, good luck to you

  • Mr.Monkeyfox

    Why does Jiedel look so much like Larry Bird? LOL

  • Simon Nyemann
    Simon Nyemann

    If he will actually dunk it will be insane like 5:10 dunking is pretty solid

  • Rita A
    Rita A

    Plz more your inspired me to do the same

  • MG

    Im 5 6 and van touch the bakboard is that good


    You should practice your dunking form on a lower rim

  • Bravo Luv
    Bravo Luv

    Watching the Jordan’s crease was so hard to watch

  • Glockz

    Ik James isn't the most athletic but one thing i like abt him is that he stays on his grind and never gives up! keep it up

    • Tyson Shillito
      Tyson Shillito

      @Glockz lol

    • Glockz

      @Tyson Shillito LMAO

    • Tyson Shillito
      Tyson Shillito

      And now he hasn’t done a part 2 in 2 weeks bc he probably gave up

  • ElitePlayer Gg
    ElitePlayer Gg

    Nobody: James: barely even jumping high Also James: that felt pretty high

  • Julian Barr
    Julian Barr

    The guy I play basket ball with is 5 8 in 7 grade and can touch rim on 10

    • Julian Barr
      Julian Barr

      Not saying your bad

  • Little Bill
    Little Bill

    Try dunking with 2 hands

  • Fishing With scoobz
    Fishing With scoobz

    Ik what’s wrong with your foot bc I have had that same pain for 5 years and it’s planters facites

  • LH Dunks
    LH Dunks

    the disrespect is real from jesser

  • Trent Casto
    Trent Casto

    James 6 pack in April? idk it’s possible

  • Alexander Maldonado
    Alexander Maldonado

    He needs to generate more power when he’s goin up to try and dunk, the way he’s doing it right now he’s not generating any power.

  • TRYST _
    TRYST _

    You can’t just jump you have to take off, so when you are trying to dunk visualize flying and hit that second gear while sort of in mid air. It’s tough to explain but when it clicks you’ll understand what I mean

  • sacred


  • Taymour Sidkey
    Taymour Sidkey

    Bro I still can't find part 2

  • Cinque Robinson
    Cinque Robinson

    Use actual basketball shoes lmao

  • Only1Bari Yt
    Only1Bari Yt

    I feel like James is one of the most nice humble people you can meet

  • Bcashballer3

    dude this is awesome i love this i’m proud of you. you got this. all props 💪

  • bby cxltures
    bby cxltures

    I had the same foot problem but on both feet

  • Notimabucket

    I feel like he is jumping to early

  • JaMarcus Jones
    JaMarcus Jones

    And when your running to the goal dunk studder step it slows your momentum down

  • JaMarcus Jones
    JaMarcus Jones

    Jiedel you need lighter shoes cause lighter make u jump high

  • Iso Zo
    Iso Zo

    when i saw the title, i laughed for 30 mins lol. 3 inch thunder isnt going to dunk lmao

  • Ozzy XD
    Ozzy XD

    U should learn how to jump instead of working out like stop jogging start running and try to jump fast not harder


    Rip to jiedels Jordan 1s

  • Joshua Galloway
    Joshua Galloway

    13:48. Those r pistol squats

  • S F
    S F

    I don’t believe his body fat is 15

  • brady dunckel
    brady dunckel

    This mans leg workouts are like actual gonna make him fly😂😂😂

  • 808

    imagine James dunking if he just fixes his handle a bit hes gonna be an absolute UNIT

  • Sam Muldoon
    Sam Muldoon

    That boi on that KOT and ATG

  • Zane Ferguson
    Zane Ferguson

    don’t wear jordan’s or fancy shoes while working out, get a good comfortable and light pair of shoes for working out and running. jumping in jordan’s and working out in them can hurt your feet, probably why your foot was hurting too

  • Tristan Lunt
    Tristan Lunt

    Jiedel got no hops he’s so bad