Reacting to the Worst and Best 2HYPE Haircuts!
Today we are reacting to all of our wonderful and not so wonderful haircuts from the last 4 years of doing IRbin...
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  • BeeDavies TV
    BeeDavies TV

    James that hairline zooted 🤣 gotta get you some product you gone rock that bun fr

  • Blind Mango
    Blind Mango

    Go to 30sec and someone pops there head iut

  • Joel Vanhook
    Joel Vanhook

    They forgot so many good haircuts

  • Valerie Zanoletti
    Valerie Zanoletti

    Bring him back

  • omar akbar
    omar akbar

    '1:23' 🤣 I would stick to *(𝑰𝑵𝑱𝑨𝑷𝑷.𝑪𝑶𝑴)* ; ✏️ that's where we get ours 💛

  • Eliz Myles
    Eliz Myles

    '1:04' I prefer to use *INJAPP.COM* + ✏️

  • naimol ropla
    naimol ropla

    '1:32' I would stick to *𝙸𝙽𝙹𝙰𝙿𝙿.𝙲𝙾𝙼* () 📁 that's where we get ours 💙

  • 3than 2
    3than 2

    Did no one see Jason then just backoit

  • Weemam_28

    Do not give this guy support ugly no teeth

  • AzrielCaelebSanchez

    “Classic Kris” CLASSIC?!?!

  • Garrett Ramsay
    Garrett Ramsay

    Zach got that ramen noddles hair

  • Landon Sumrall
    Landon Sumrall

    N means you don’t care - troydan


    What's new 2hype copying the sidemen

  • Prab

    I don’t like Zack

  • faygo

    mitchell and jesse scared to say L on black cuts

  • Jack Werner
    Jack Werner

    Jiedel is the worst best person

  • Lanz Paqueo
    Lanz Paqueo

    I thought mitchel is 6ft? Coz zack said he's 5'10 only heheh

  • Lanz Paqueo
    Lanz Paqueo

    OG Jiedel

  • Dylan Molter
    Dylan Molter

    That one Mitchell cut I stg he looks like the neighborhood Karen😂😂

  • Jizzle

    0:29 who is that in the background

  • Savage

    U guys think Mitchell likes eating glue out of James’s hair?

  • Sincere Grant
    Sincere Grant

    Love the video bro nooooooo cappppp man bangers after bangers

  • Marquette Goodwin
    Marquette Goodwin

    James yo hair cut now is trash

  • Jayden Rosado
    Jayden Rosado

    "I'd punch this kid in the throat" -Zach

  • space bar
    space bar

    w l or n u took that from troydan

  • Jed Murphs
    Jed Murphs

    N means neutral n means u don’t care

  • Senjamin Bimmons
    Senjamin Bimmons

    Kris do be looking like a Hospital worker doe

  • Tanner Swagg2
    Tanner Swagg2

    James his haircut should literally be in those pictures because it’s so bad

  • aleksa raymond
    aleksa raymond

    I know u said u taking 2 months off but please bring back road to dunking, your workouts helped me to start dunking 8.5

  • Trey Webb
    Trey Webb

    Also I’m not feeling moochies mullet 😂

  • Trey Webb
    Trey Webb

    I’m not feeling Chris mustache 😂

  • E12zzz

    You should do this again but this time with shoes or clothes that 2hype has worn over the years. (Doesn’t have to be the merch but in general)

  • Jackelyn Gonzalez
    Jackelyn Gonzalez

    should've added pink hair moochie

  • Joshua Garvin
    Joshua Garvin

    Off note flight should join 2hype

  • Trystan Layton
    Trystan Layton

    kris looks like a doctor

  • E12zzz

    Why does james do so much hard blinks every 10 seconds lately

  • Kyler Layne
    Kyler Layne

    kris looks like a nurse

  • ethan touchstone
    ethan touchstone

    Where’s road to dunking 3

  • Jakob Gravelin
    Jakob Gravelin

    N = Neutral. No just me ??

  • Alex Camarena
    Alex Camarena

    Where is the road to dunking I’ve been waiting!

  • Omega

    0:28 did anyone else see Jason peeking out of the hallway in the background there

  • Colins Wrld 999
    Colins Wrld 999

    Who else heard the N and thought of troydan

  • Ayden Allsbrook
    Ayden Allsbrook

    The mowhok is sick

  • Coby O'Neal
    Coby O'Neal

    Why kris dressed up as a doctor

  • Mason Madrid
    Mason Madrid

    Mitchell’s ducking heard

  • Mando Velez
    Mando Velez

    You should of showed the curly mullet zack when he had curls in the back

  • Jimmy Neutron
    Jimmy Neutron

    Wait dak Prescott is in 2hype Only ogs will know what I’m talking about😂

  • Collin Remenowsky
    Collin Remenowsky

    No one gonna say how douchey James looks all video

  • rebecca doster
    rebecca doster

    Kris be looking like a doctor!!

  • Vinay Kannan
    Vinay Kannan

    James has no Bottom Teeth JK LMFAO

  • Samuel Cabrera
    Samuel Cabrera

    Mitchell is looking like Logan Paul with the mullet

  • Carson Clark
    Carson Clark

    What about blue haired jiedel

  • Landon Is Greg
    Landon Is Greg

    Yo James hair is low key the best out of the squad

  • GU1


  • iTrxlyGreenz

    Do this but outfit versions

  • NBA_not_official


  • Dzamel Samardzic
    Dzamel Samardzic

    I think they should do a beard grew contest. Don't cut it for like 3 months and then review or cut it

  • Kevin Durant
    Kevin Durant

    Do y’all know why James’ hair looks like that. Looks like he balding bruh, the styling used to be like jessers

  • Reese Wallace
    Reese Wallace

    Wait chris said boredman wait was he born there or lived there I was born there and grown up there untill I was like 6 dang that's crazy and cool asf if that's true

  • Michael Majd
    Michael Majd

    James your haircut was terrible today

  • Calebre Muchocho
    Calebre Muchocho

    Did you copy troydan with the N

  • Liquid Captain
    Liquid Captain

    Nba players hair!

  • Kole Sheffel
    Kole Sheffel

    0:28 peep jason in the back

  • Christian Serrano
    Christian Serrano

    10:50 that’s just a horrible stereotype

  • ttv slasher
    ttv slasher

    Sidemen vs 2hype - basketball / soccer

  • Eddie Mclevige
    Eddie Mclevige

    Every video is from the sidemen

  • Reverse24k- -
    Reverse24k- -

    Kris should try the AI braid I think he can look cool

  • Lloyd Jones
    Lloyd Jones


  • Dominic King
    Dominic King

    At 5:50 it look like he just go home from military school

  • D Dog
    D Dog

    R.I.P Reddit

  • JJ McMelon
    JJ McMelon

    You guys forgot Mitchels pink hair

  • Big Jodes
    Big Jodes

    N means neutral.... N means u don’t really care - Troydan

  • Saahib Ahmad
    Saahib Ahmad

    Side note, zack with braids was beautiful

  • CrossWolf05

    kris lookin like he just came home from the hospital

  • P R
    P R

    Jiedel basically got a trump comb over at this point. His haircut right now is straight trash 🗑 🗑🗑🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Idrees Sulieman
    Idrees Sulieman

    For the first time James has a intro were he yells🤣🤣

  • Toby Holmes
    Toby Holmes

    Zack is brutal😂

  • almighty omm
    almighty omm

    more vids like these

  • Nathan Cox
    Nathan Cox

    Ever since James got his COVID vaccine he been tweaking when he blinks he like closes his eyes really hard looks painful

    • Nathan Cox
      Nathan Cox


    • Nathan Cox
      Nathan Cox


    • Nathan Cox
      Nathan Cox


    • Nathan Cox
      Nathan Cox


    • Nathan Cox
      Nathan Cox


  • -_--_-

    Ik James isn’t talking abt being salty. He gets salty against his friends lmao. Bust

  • Benjamin Franklin
    Benjamin Franklin

    Just came to dislike

  • Sir._ Soda
    Sir._ Soda

    An N means neutral an N means you don’t care

  • Fraz Ahmed
    Fraz Ahmed

    Mooch looking clean like always

  • Najib Robinson
    Najib Robinson

    This video was a roast session

  • Jmaggs Productions
    Jmaggs Productions

    Road to dunking update we need one!

  • Karson Berg
    Karson Berg

    James put up the wrong Jesser All-Star photo. We talking the 2019 one

  • Richard Stewart
    Richard Stewart

    Mitchell looks like a baseball hommie

  • T3nchan

    Did no one see Kris’s W is was side down

  • Baked potatoe Gaming
    Baked potatoe Gaming

    Sorry Jeidel but this haircut isn’t hitting either

  • Kidd Gray
    Kidd Gray

    Yo when you going start back on the JDL channel

  • chewee55

    James always looks like he’s transitioning

  • Bradley Russell
    Bradley Russell

    W L or N an N means neutral an N means you don’t care - Troy

  • Fs Aidan
    Fs Aidan

    Respect for finally mentioning the sidemen tho

  • Victor Guerrero
    Victor Guerrero

    kris looks like devin booker at 6: 35

  • Kamanchuisdabomb

    James' head is the size of a car LMAOAOAOAOAOAO

  • WidditC4


  • Max

    I think they were talking about 2019 all star jesser, with the curly super light hair

  • Stone Ferguson
    Stone Ferguson

    Kris looks like a doctor

  • Jennifer Saunders
    Jennifer Saunders

    Why does Kris look like he is about to go into an operations theatre?

  • Matthew Eisenberg
    Matthew Eisenberg

    10:25 that’s the wrong haircut, they are talking about it hw year before a haircut with the blond tips