NBA Signature Move Charades!
Today we reenact different iconic moves and moments from the NBA and try to guess who is being reenacted
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  • Matthew Merilatt
    Matthew Merilatt

    I swear Jesse don’t watch basketball

  • Sky Aidan Santos
    Sky Aidan Santos

    Oh jeidel! Oh i know! Its yo mom (im so cringe)

  • Brendan Murphy
    Brendan Murphy

    i love moochie, but that dame was trash

  • Anthony Lucibello
    Anthony Lucibello

    In the next you tuber charades use djmeechymeech pls

  • Jayden Carr
    Jayden Carr

    Who thinks he should bring back the custom shoes videos

  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan

    i hate jeidel so much

  • Alex Da Goat
    Alex Da Goat

    4:12 "they were teammates last year" hell noooo

  • Gab Javier
    Gab Javier


  • NAYR

    ive watched every knicks game this year. i knew the randle one right away. still makes me sad

  • undefined Najaf
    undefined Najaf

    where is the road to dunking

  • Kellar Foster
    Kellar Foster

    2:35 Michael Cole saying what the hell was that LOL

  • Matthew Siemens
    Matthew Siemens

    As Jiedels old roommate once said... "Stay Awesome" - Ty

  • Sus Sussy boi
    Sus Sussy boi

    I miss the old Court 😔

  • Elite_ Chase
    Elite_ Chase

    Where is big shirt jiedel at it would make my quarantine a lot better

  • Avery Woodall
    Avery Woodall

    Please do more “ one our custom”. There my fav

  • The Gamers
    The Gamers

    Ask your editor to put the the clip of the player doing it

  • Sam Swank
    Sam Swank

    james in the road to dunking im a 13 year old who is 6 foot i can pretty much dunk i think what u need to do more is not start so quickly get going before u start running up to dunk

  • Jevon Robinson
    Jevon Robinson

    1:29 he passed it backwards

  • RiseN

    i loved that outro i aint even gonna cap LOL

  • LiLwolfz32

    Please do more charades

  • Sus Joshy
    Sus Joshy

    They should keep score

  • handles s
    handles s

    nice new content

  • Cooper the hooper
    Cooper the hooper

    That Luca one wAs like moochie in the ice bath 1v1

  • Robby RTG
    Robby RTG

    First girl of 2hype here lol❤️

  • Robby RTG
    Robby RTG

    Why did I think lamelo was Zach at first😬

  • Joshua Farrington
    Joshua Farrington

    Bro he said Dennis Schroeder and Rondo were teammates smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Tim Fangrad
    Tim Fangrad

    I LOVE the NBA charades! Nice to see them back!

  • Cullen Winters
    Cullen Winters

    My favorite videos rewatched all 10 times

  • Poi Aja
    Poi Aja

    We want big shirt

  • Waldy Almonte
    Waldy Almonte

    Hola. Jiedel

  • T Dellenback
    T Dellenback

    It would help the guessing if they could make a shot

  • SwissBlade

    Yes I misss this series

  • Zeri P
    Zeri P


  • william lien
    william lien

    3:26 I was gonna guess young Jesser

  • Lukas Niggemann
    Lukas Niggemann

    We need More road to dunk

  • Kesh Ke
    Kesh Ke

    So if you liked the video you might of seen the "not for me" beside it 😂

  • Ronnit Chawla
    Ronnit Chawla

    3:30 real Jesser fans would know that from his street ball league that he did where the dad took his soon when Jesse did that

  • Ben Rusch
    Ben Rusch

    Last two were hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂

  • xopxe

    This channel is dead

  • Juan Garcia-Velasco
    Juan Garcia-Velasco

    So why did Jidel delete his apology video

  • Nathan Oakes
    Nathan Oakes

    Got another ad for Ball Stars 🙄

  • Graham Roberts
    Graham Roberts

    Jesse bro those Air Force ones are fire man those are heat🔥

  • The PlayStation Gamer
    The PlayStation Gamer

    What type of Embiid was that jiedel

  • Phoenix Forloney
    Phoenix Forloney

    dennis was not a laker last year😂 i thought y’all were laker fans🤔

  • ragu booo
    ragu booo


  • Oreo Olusol
    Oreo Olusol

    Give life to Christ Jesus

  • Bishop


  • Peyton Scott
    Peyton Scott


  • Cannon Hogan
    Cannon Hogan

    When is the next road to dunking

  • TacoTuesday


  • Not_Tyler yt
    Not_Tyler yt

    Know we know who uses the eagle sound from jesses mini hoop highlights video😂

  • Mike Oxlong
    Mike Oxlong


    • Mike Oxlong
      Mike Oxlong


    • Mike Oxlong
      Mike Oxlong


    • Mike Oxlong
      Mike Oxlong

      Herro finals

    • Mike Oxlong
      Mike Oxlong

      Bron bron

    • Mike Oxlong
      Mike Oxlong


  • Lashonda Jones
    Lashonda Jones


  • Grayson Dalia
    Grayson Dalia

    Yo jiedel time you do NBA charades show the play

  • john smith
    john smith

    Lidel is trash

    • Hoop Shots
      Hoop Shots

      lopi garbage

  • rahhh

    i thought the first ones was kenny

  • Connor Allison
    Connor Allison

    Do a 2k rebuild you haven’t done one in a long time

  • Michaela Krouse
    Michaela Krouse

    og love this

  • ChrisBreaksAnkles


  • Romir Swar
    Romir Swar

    How do you find the surface area of a triangular prism?

  • 1Chris D
    1Chris D

    Fav series

  • Your Girl Danya
    Your Girl Danya

    Kris sus moments “ I like that you put your foot up that was cute” just wait....


    Rondo and Schröder weren’t teammates last year 😭☠️

  • MikeyxsWrld

    I knew it was Julius randle before they said it because I’m from New York and I watch a lot of knicks

  • LarryDaYoungan 23
    LarryDaYoungan 23

    Schroeder & Rondo WERE NOT teammates last year 😂😂😂 Schroeder was on the Thunder and Rondo was on the Lakers

  • Dylan Logan
    Dylan Logan

    Could we get some more JDL hardcore

  • Ho hon Luo
    Ho hon Luo

    Charades series finally is back baby!

  • Matthew Pranata
    Matthew Pranata


  • Layton Weaver
    Layton Weaver

    They were not on the same team

  • Loggy Bean
    Loggy Bean

    Don’t disrespect Nikola like that

  • Loggy Bean
    Loggy Bean

    Jokic is a top 5 big man

  • Zack Ross
    Zack Ross

    Tbh I used to not really like James nor enjoy his vids but you have been awesome James, congrats for a mill btw! Always remember that God love you

  • Sauce.

    Why this man zack run to the corner like a titan 😂😂

  • Dei Mam
    Dei Mam


  • Johnie

    The fit......

  • Edwin Soto
    Edwin Soto


  • Amy Thomson
    Amy Thomson

    This was so funny

  • Tracy McSwain
    Tracy McSwain

    That is a great video to do in life right know today okay

  • Cooper doran
    Cooper doran

    Nice halo shirt james

  • jacob lam
    jacob lam

    Can I just say that the Miami heat finally won a game after 5 straight losses

  • Cedric Cai
    Cedric Cai

    Oh why u didnt ban this vid in china like the last vid?

  • AlexGaming

    Yeees its finnaly back

  • Instirium

    More please, these are awesome!

  • Im_about -damemes
    Im_about -damemes

    8:18 moochie is the funniest one bruh🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Eduardo Santana
      Eduardo Santana

      I rewatched that one like 5 times lmao

  • Vincent Jr.
    Vincent Jr.

    7:41 That one was pretty good especially considering Jesse is Herro’s long lost brother Tyson Hello

  • Grizify-

    w vid

  • Karim Fayoumi
    Karim Fayoumi


  • Walter White
    Walter White

    8:18 hero I'm dead😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • david longoria
    david longoria

    you been doing squats or what 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • noah_youngin 3
    noah_youngin 3

    ima need yall to make a hooping vid outside at the 2Hype house real talk

  • Twan JR
    Twan JR

    Jame wearing that dam shoe to much 😂

  • Gabriel Serey
    Gabriel Serey

    Bro James you gotta get rid of the hitch on your jumper 😭

  • Ice

    Why is LSK always injured?

  • Chris Barclay
    Chris Barclay


  • Ben Henderson68
    Ben Henderson68

    Jesus is king

  • Y'all it's joseph
    Y'all it's joseph

    4:36 is 100% Cash

  • D

    You’re looking slimmer.


    should of did the no look pass westbrook did to adams

  • Francisco Aguilar
    Francisco Aguilar

    Wish they can do a Devin Booker :/

  • moet223