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  • John Flanagan
    John Flanagan

    look at moches shoes

  • Money Caldwell
    Money Caldwell

    R dhey good time after the Super Bowl yea their totally not good

  • OfficialJ Reactsto
    OfficialJ Reactsto

    Zack: “is the jersey washed like him”

  • Ryan Goughenour
    Ryan Goughenour

    Zack said the goat was washed now he’s in the Super Bowl WOW Zack WOW

  • King-_-Henry

    When he asked if JJ Watt I shit myself because of how hard I was laughing

  • Jordin Pittman
    Jordin Pittman

    Jesus and God Love you

  • Jordin Pittman
    Jordin Pittman

    Jesus and God Love you

  • Jordin Pittman
    Jordin Pittman

    Jesus and God loves you

  • Christian West
    Christian West

    Lob it little

  • Jill Suhr
    Jill Suhr

    Bro DL stands for defensive lineman!!

  • Nathan Conley
    Nathan Conley

    they don’t got that mean toe drag swag they need, PLANT and then DRAG, they jus jumping

  • The baseball Bros
    The baseball Bros

    Is DL defensive line

  • Cooper Salenbien
    Cooper Salenbien

    78,805 is how many passing yards Tom Brady.

  • Rose Philpott
    Rose Philpott

    Who seen moochies shoes

  • Caleb Cicero
    Caleb Cicero

    Who tf wants a juju jersey!

  • Brody Hogle
    Brody Hogle

    Please do this again!

  • Swerve

    Jesse and Mitchell put higher numbers than the NFL record for catches in a season

  • Swerve

    “A top tier receiver will average about a 100 yards a game” that’s false considering Julio is the current leader since coming into the league averaging 95.5 and leading all time. Second is Megatron with 86.1 then Michael Thomas at 85.

  • Shane Price
    Shane Price

    So JJ watt died?

  • Dylanpatel30

    @AceBoogie that’s funny 😂

  • Dylanpatel30

    TOe taP

  • Dylanpatel30

    Like if jiedel is a goat

  • Lxving Jake
    Lxving Jake


  • Ronald Bobo
    Ronald Bobo

    Zack: so JJ watt died JJ watt in heaven: He stolen my jersey grandma 😭

  • Astro Fcat
    Astro Fcat

    Bruh James said a good amount of passing yards in a career is 4 thousand Patrick mahomes has over that THIS SEASON James don’t know football

  • Amanda Lett
    Amanda Lett

    40,000is a good carrer

  • Daron Benson
    Daron Benson

    Krist: didn't he make that dance juju on that beat Zack: idk I just twerk

  • alina denberg
    alina denberg


  • YouTube Subscriber Battles
    YouTube Subscriber Battles

    Pov: Jiedels first video with not having Mopi's yt channel link in description.

  • Shabd Rai
    Shabd Rai

    Oh the tuck rule was against raiders in 2002

  • Shabd Rai
    Shabd Rai

    Orange cheetos

  • Biker Boiz
    Biker Boiz

    I love when moochie points at the bag and hurdles it in his shoes 😂😂

  • Norf_WTG

    No offense but I would body y’all in football

  • Miles Delarosa
    Miles Delarosa

    a good carrer is 50,000 yards

  • Miles Delarosa
    Miles Delarosa

    people pass for 4,000 yards in a single season

  • Miles Delarosa
    Miles Delarosa

    to 4,000 is a horrible carrer

  • Austin 12 vlogs
    Austin 12 vlogs

    Jiedel is more accurate than Dwayne Haskins lol

  • Sidney Hillblom
    Sidney Hillblom

    wait, Tom Brady is one of the only six QBs to throw 60,000+ yards, and 600 TDs

  • Austin Lundy
    Austin Lundy

    The medical mascara speculatively battle because root simulteneously park along a eager clarinet. instinctive, zonked lotion

  • Jonathan Hunter
    Jonathan Hunter

    Are we just going to ignore Mitchell’s shoes😂

  • Beamlak Tesfaye
    Beamlak Tesfaye

    Me being the biggest football fan 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Certified.B

    I said 543 I was one off😭

  • Blair Jarrard
    Blair Jarrard


  • Jack Lignelli
    Jack Lignelli

    Mitch got the heat on cuhhhhhh 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Mike Stennes
    Mike Stennes

    Does anybody else get annoyed about Zack?

  • Jake Dudzik
    Jake Dudzik

    Stfu Arron Donald is the best lineman what about all the godly legends he ain’t never gonna match them

  • Ky Ky3x gaming
    Ky Ky3x gaming

    I throw better and I’m 🔟 no hate though

    • Scrambled Eggs
      Scrambled Eggs

      No you don’t shut up

  • Zgetlow 999
    Zgetlow 999

    I like how Jiedel said Aaron Donald is a defense of tackle when he’s an End

  • Zgetlow 999
    Zgetlow 999

    You have to do DK next and I would kill this

  • Logan Altland
    Logan Altland

    We need more of theses

  • Ykg For life
    Ykg For life

    7:54 when Zach says that that had me dead for somereason

  • Edouard Gauthier
    Edouard Gauthier

    So we are gonna ignore the fact that Zach literally said “no I just twerk”

  • Jordan Oliver
    Jordan Oliver

    Nobody. Zack when he got an answer right for Tom Brady.So if you calculate the multi fraction you get 12

  • yrn _donovan
    yrn _donovan

    Yall dont know anything bout football

  • Edge knight
    Edge knight

    You guys never played football

  • Luke Smith
    Luke Smith

    Me sees Mitchell’s shoes: what are doooeeeeeeees

  • Ridge Chappell
    Ridge Chappell

    Who just wants Mitchell to win

  • Tyson Bryant
    Tyson Bryant

    The bucs have been good unless they go against the saints or chiefs

  • JXXT 8
    JXXT 8

    Rip headphone users on Kris’s Alvin Kamara challenge

  • Daniel Tijerina
    Daniel Tijerina

    4:36 I’m freaking crying💀😭

  • gmoney Droegemeier
    gmoney Droegemeier

    Personally I am a quarter back that is embarrassing.

  • gmoney Droegemeier
    gmoney Droegemeier

    Jameis Winston didn't play that weekend Taysom Hill did.

  • Micah Brown
    Micah Brown

    Drew breese has the best statistics

  • Liam Benine
    Liam Benine

    The best DT ever?? 🧐

  • Edward Whitney
    Edward Whitney

    “Wait so....jj watt died or?” Killed me

  • Kinleigh Ross
    Kinleigh Ross

    I literally said 18 for Arron Donald for forced fumbles

  • Giovanni Beato
    Giovanni Beato

    Next time you do one of these have a Russell Wilson jersey

  • Timmy Guler
    Timmy Guler

    Michel what are those shoes

  • Money Maker
    Money Maker

    Kris: “Zack could probably do the dance” Zack:”All I do is twerk” 😂🤣😆

  • Yoboy Chance
    Yoboy Chance

    Lol me cringi g being a huge football fan 😂🤣🤢😳 Then they watch my basketball highlights them also cringing 😂🤣🤢😳

  • TraceMoney

    Aye Zack knows how to take a handoff thats pretty surprising to me

  • Jigme Wangdi
    Jigme Wangdi

    Zack try hard

  • Gavin Lawe
    Gavin Lawe

    This was the hardest thing to watch for me in my life

  • Ayub Hersi
    Ayub Hersi

    when did they to do football bruh?

  • Ben White
    Ben White

    I mean, yeah he kinda did, several times

  • Noobmaster69

    Aaron Donald is not the greatest DT of all time. There is just no way

  • Timothy Limehouse
    Timothy Limehouse

    My man jiedel really picked jameis winston

  • Ayden Zerkle
    Ayden Zerkle

    You know that they probably don’t watch football

  • Gangsta Monkey
    Gangsta Monkey

    Zack calling Tom Brady washed up and the goat in the same video


    Bro I can’t stop laughing 😂 this is one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen

  • Mike Vandyke
    Mike Vandyke

    I would have won every jersey 😂

  • Big Biscuit32
    Big Biscuit32

    Not the Juju. He’s my favorite player

  • Nash Dobbs
    Nash Dobbs

    Juju is my favorite player and Jessie did not seem excited

  • Micah Utz
    Micah Utz

    i wouldve won all the jerseys

  • Kohlmn _
    Kohlmn _

    So james is going to disrespect the goat trace mcsorley and not even put him in the video

  • Marshall Veliz
    Marshall Veliz

    its hard for me to watch them throw the ball

  • Untoxify

    Zack really said his least favorite player was Dan Marino, I have a signed picture of him in my room and was he even alive then? 😂

  • Joshua Rosa
    Joshua Rosa

    Zach’s commentary is great

  • nick

    They are so high 😂😂

  • Grant Hrabnicky
    Grant Hrabnicky

    Little does Jeidel blow Myles Garrett the best

  • Dawesome LM
    Dawesome LM

    I have Tyreek hill and Derrick Henry in fantasy football no trades better come in

  • Evan Fargnoli
    Evan Fargnoli

    You sooo dumb mean joe green is the best

    • Evan Fargnoli
      Evan Fargnoli

      Defensive tackle

  • calder mackenzo
    calder mackenzo

    like this

  • Meagan Mckinstery
    Meagan Mckinstery

    Kris everytime Carrie!!!!,!

  • Ryan Walsh
    Ryan Walsh

    The front 7 question for michell😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Blue Baller
    Blue Baller

    On Jesser first attempt for tackling the thing, Jesser got a Rinnegan

  • Jax Poole
    Jax Poole

    Buccaneers suck this year what do you mean

  • The Fillayyy
    The Fillayyy

    When Jesse screamed at 4:39 I died

  • Brittany Siolka
    Brittany Siolka

    My son got nine points I’ll give him a real Smith Schuster jersey

  • David Menjivar
    David Menjivar

    Tell the group when they making a normal video with 2 hype they don’t need to add “ 100 theives” in every title. Y’all are 2 hype. Remember what you started as and branding.