Jiedel House Tour! Week in the Life
Today I'm dropping a full week in my life and also giving you guys a tour of my house!
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  • 1k Willy
    1k Willy

    JG “These are cool” James yeah there the best”

  • Energy

    That’s sick

  • Cole Gibbons
    Cole Gibbons

    What’s up with this apple shit I hear about

  • shana man
    shana man

    Those shoes suck lol

  • A_Kid_Name_Baby

    This dude is so boring; that I'm not even a bit envious of his riches.

  • Cameron Capone
    Cameron Capone

    Guy doesn’t even know how to spell Wednesday

  • Memes And basketball
    Memes And basketball


  • Shawn Perry
    Shawn Perry

    So ugly

  • Misael M
    Misael M


  • Mr Sinner S
    Mr Sinner S

    Doesn’t deserve the house

    • Mr Sinner S
      Mr Sinner S

      @Jay For Real no u

    • Jay For Real
      Jay For Real


  • Skip Payless
    Skip Payless

    Jeidel really wants people to think he’s smart

  • Gustavo Vega
    Gustavo Vega

    Jiedel sucks like crap

  • Headrush450

    He needs to shave that nasty shit off his lip. Dude really is a clown

  • Headrush450

    The nike check is already coming off lol. They actually look trash

  • Nathaniel Mink
    Nathaniel Mink

    you dont deserve that 1 mil bruh

    • Cam Roig
      Cam Roig

      Yeah and I believe that even more now after watching Mopis video

  • Jamison Miller
    Jamison Miller

    Bro you should get a hoop for the pool

  • Joey Hartigan
    Joey Hartigan

    LMFAO 13:11 the clip james put when jesser said what video is straight up disrespectful

  • Jeremiah King
    Jeremiah King

    Being a Giants fan is tough lol try to being a Jets fan smh

  • Brydon Lawson
    Brydon Lawson

    Weird comment but jiedel is elite at talking with his hands

  • Thatboygio

    My man is doing Duolingo

  • Monica Morgan
    Monica Morgan

    The spiky bottle thankfully wink because cymbal orally radiate from a unknown kitty. jaded, apathetic pedestrian

  • shane shorette
    shane shorette

    james on that duolingo have to work on that for spanish

  • Try Art
    Try Art

    Lmfaooo ‘Pool, little bit, grass’

  • NRG Sxpreme Ψ
    NRG Sxpreme Ψ


  • Bigg Cheese
    Bigg Cheese

    Yo your sound quality /mixing is amazing. Good work to you and your whole team. Your ahead of “the game”

  • Sneaker Proxzy
    Sneaker Proxzy

    Im from Austria 🇦🇹 and watching jiedel speaking German was the funniest thing!!

  • Michaela

    Never knew James was cuffed😂

  • TFB Jack1ng
    TFB Jack1ng

    Hire Jason It WILL BE FIRE

  • Noah Smith
    Noah Smith

    I don't want to be in a room with a pee pad, so ill just buy an entirely new house.... Bruh

  • David Tedford
    David Tedford

    Jiedel over here using duolingo

  • Hale MacDonald
    Hale MacDonald

    There all moving out 😔

  • XChronicHash

    why does Jiedel look like he pushing 40

  • Absent Splash
    Absent Splash

    3:16 😂😂

  • Soul 2 Sole Creations
    Soul 2 Sole Creations

    Happy to have contributed to the vid! More sneaker heat 🔥 coming your way my man! Enjoy.

  • Ciaran Conley
    Ciaran Conley

    Bro said this is Amy's office------- it will probably be a storage room

  • Bode Pressley
    Bode Pressley

    So is everybody moving out of the 2HYPE house

    • Active


  • Talan Mcdonald
    Talan Mcdonald

    All y’all are getting new houses love to see it bro it’s so crazy

  • Matthias Völke
    Matthias Völke

    Shotout from germany. Keep your bilingual skills on Track Big Jrodel

  • Gabe Alvaran
    Gabe Alvaran

    When are those cards coming out I’m for sure gonna buy them they look 🔥🔥🔥

  • Ovante H
    Ovante H

    should get the concrete in your back yard power washed

  • Querencia.tv

    Wow pretty. Thank you for sharing 😊

  • Huncho Kieno
    Huncho Kieno

    Fly a brotha out I’ll get that interior done in no time, no charge 👀 other than the flight 😂

  • Not Ethan Wolf
    Not Ethan Wolf

    Where has mopi been

  • Krish Patel
    Krish Patel

    Jiedel watching the giants game how did Daniel Jones slip

  • For L
    For L


  • Shawn Tan
    Shawn Tan

    This is jessers house

  • Isaiah Waddington
    Isaiah Waddington

    fly eagles fly

  • Blu-llI

    no hate been a sub for awhile but why do you chose such a big house just for 2 people no hate love you

  • Peter Dress
    Peter Dress

    It’s that one guy from lls vlogs

  • linkxz

    I love the week in the life’s it’s always a long entertaining video

  • Jett Steig
    Jett Steig

    Those shoes are absolute Fire

  • Thabana Ngin
    Thabana Ngin

    Bro you wrote wedensday

  • Chief Beef
    Chief Beef

    Jeff should live in your closet

  • basketballis life
    basketballis life

    I swear in the beginning at 30 secs into the video he i thought he said "im cleaning the house to get ready to twerk for u guys" when he tour

  • Zander Harrison
    Zander Harrison

    Everyone is leaving to bigger and better things 😭

  • amoswoods313

    Love your house tour

  • Lucky Lew
    Lucky Lew


  • xd_ frxsty
    xd_ frxsty

    no one: jiedel: week in the life😳

  • The Schmidt Anderson
    The Schmidt Anderson

    calling it now, within two years either someone is gonna leave 2hype or the group will just disband as a whole

  • Astro

    Why everyone moving out of the 2hype house

  • Oliver Schieber
    Oliver Schieber

    Turn the first room into a shoe closet room

  • Caden Tamares
    Caden Tamares

    Congratulations 🎉

  • Mohamed Saleh
    Mohamed Saleh

    coulda go rid of the dog lmao

  • Elijah Blue Callos
    Elijah Blue Callos

    im proud of you jiedel

  • Tiktok Premium
    Tiktok Premium

    house tour 14:00

  • Julius Pagels
    Julius Pagels

    Greetings from germany 🇩🇪😀

  • KLD Paladin
    KLD Paladin

    get that interior designer james. fye house tho 🔥

  • GGB Chris
    GGB Chris

    James making that big money 😳

  • Noah Crane
    Noah Crane

    14:20 thank me later

  • George Current
    George Current

    My man is on duolingo

  • LorRellio

    Yeah let someone change that room 😂😂 love the house 💯

  • Porter Roach
    Porter Roach

    you dont got to go so deep into everything

  • Hasib YouTube
    Hasib YouTube

    Idk why people hate this man, he is just grinding . Respect the grind ✌🏽

  • sneed

    “being a giants fan is literally pain” where my falcons fans at cuz our pain is worse🤣

  • Tricia LaValley
    Tricia LaValley

    He has his own house?

  • cryfly

    i love his house bc it’s not a giant rich mansion i love how he keeps it simple

  • Andrew Dorsey
    Andrew Dorsey

    Good morning y’all😂😂

  • Peyton Cox
    Peyton Cox

    Lowkey interested in the apple diet! Been trying to lose weight for a while now

  • GDS Derek
    GDS Derek

    Interior design definitely

  • ThatBoi JuJu
    ThatBoi JuJu

    that man gotta mini 2hype house lol

  • Eddie Higgins
    Eddie Higgins

    Waste of money

  • 2k Bully
    2k Bully


  • Spencer Shipley
    Spencer Shipley

    When did he move

  • Jase Brock
    Jase Brock


  • Mystic The Goat
    Mystic The Goat

    can tell he doesnt mow the grass... doesnt like a lot in between the pool and grass???? Beautiful home dope to see the man shine have come a long way to get grass in the pool.

  • Mystic The Goat
    Mystic The Goat

    amy the only one who was real with you lol they was nice but ehhhh....

  • Andy Smith
    Andy Smith

    Get the interior designer

  • jayvonツ

    i think we all forget how old 2Hype members are😭soon all of them are going to have to move out into their own houses

  • Ben Ryan
    Ben Ryan

    Surely you post some madden content

  • Speed_with_an_E

    Ur house is crazy

  • Hassan Barakat
    Hassan Barakat


  • Dylan Eastman
    Dylan Eastman

    Bro I had to try elevate its lit

  • 1700

    Why you do everything jesser and kris do 😂? Jesser got another house and you do it kris got 2 dogs and you wanna get a dog

  • AmazingGamer

    They really moved out THATS crazy

  • malick ndiaye
    malick ndiaye

    You moved out

  • Miles Leach
    Miles Leach

    Nice Man U really deserve this u have been working really hard keep up the grind👍

  • Oliver Lorenz
    Oliver Lorenz

    I’m not big on lows but those look like something different

  • Jake Crumley
    Jake Crumley

    please please please release some madden videos

  • ćhïïł bøī
    ćhïïł bøī

    James: this is my favorite gift a giants meme blanket James: balls it up and throws it on the couch

  • Benjamin Morales
    Benjamin Morales

    Play amoung us with flight it would bang