INTENSE Amazing Race Challenge!
Today Jeff, Garth, and I strap on our racing shoes and embark on an epic 7 step journey to see who is the most amazing... amazing-racer!
Jeff -
Garth -
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  • Cloudz_art

    Nah garth cheated

  • Kara Reek
    Kara Reek

    In not cheating

  • Kenzo Karter
    Kenzo Karter

    can't finesse a finessa i love garth i want him in more vids

  • Haden Sanglisbuch
    Haden Sanglisbuch

    Jeff, doesn’t count as the door

  • Biggmilio

    2:00 bruh I thought u crashed

  • Austin Baker
    Austin Baker

    is it just me or has James absolutely botched his mustache

  • Gee Yow
    Gee Yow

    petition to make a channel squad with jeff, garth, trav, jason, and efron

  • Antwan Foston
    Antwan Foston

    It will be cool if they showed the time whenever they finished a task.

  • vFlxzy

    Garth is a legend

  • Jackson Dilts
    Jackson Dilts

    Fuck jiedel he got pissed that Garth won

  • Lisa Herron-McKinney
    Lisa Herron-McKinney

    bro jeff is flying in his car

  • Mickey_islit 4life
    Mickey_islit 4life

    That is cheating

  • Qt Alpha
    Qt Alpha

    Did you get this from jesses sub redit

  • Chris Robbins
    Chris Robbins

    Personal opinion, Jeff’s penalty for going to Mitchell’s car door is the extra time it took him going from the 2Hype house where he was to Jessie’s.

  • the golf kid vlogs and more
    the golf kid vlogs and more

    darth cheated

  • Ian _hi
    Ian _hi


  • Johnny Maucieri
    Johnny Maucieri


  • Emiliano Espinoza
    Emiliano Espinoza

    James crying cuz he lost 🤣🤣😂😂

  • Betty White
    Betty White

    Thanks for the love Garth!

  • Z Sherz
    Z Sherz

    Yoooo did anybody else notice Jeff is married!?!? He’s got a wedding band on his left hand ring finger


    Garth did not cheat because as they say work smarter not harder.

  • Need Watch
    Need Watch

    kinda panicked when jeff wasnt holding the wheel

  • Abhishek Acharya
    Abhishek Acharya

    Garth forgot to double finness by drinking the lemonade himself, because technically he is at Jesse's house.

  • Gabriel Kovadlo
    Gabriel Kovadlo

    Why did James sound so much like Jessie at 1:56 ??? Lol Ik they are brothers but it sounded just like it

  • Donna Cataldo
    Donna Cataldo

    He got ir

  • Kyle M301
    Kyle M301

    Nah Jeff won no cap

  • JoeMama

    There's no need to wear masks outside

  • heyitkason

    1:58 you kinda sound like @jsr

  • Misa Arellano
    Misa Arellano

    That counted what garth did

  • DylanCampbell 187
    DylanCampbell 187


  • iScore

    garth is big brain

  • Luis Too lit
    Luis Too lit

    Lemonade was cheating

  • HT

    1:57 James sounds like Jesser

  • Dawson Poe
    Dawson Poe

    Not a finesse it said buy ingredients to make lemonade , key word being ingredients lemonade it self is not an ingredient to make lemonade you need sugar water and lemon juice or syrup or just lemons so no, he cheated 😂

    • Dawson Poe
      Dawson Poe

      And you can’t make a rebuttal, look up the ingredients for lemonade and I bet it doesn’t say simply made lemonade 😂😂😂

  • G- MAN 247
    G- MAN 247


  • mekhi houston
    mekhi houston

    Am I the only one who thought graf was zack

  • XxfootballXx 41
    XxfootballXx 41


  • Gunnar Gregg
    Gunnar Gregg

    Garth cheated

  • Gunnar Gregg
    Gunnar Gregg

    No time

  • 2risky._lives

    That was literally cheating with lemonade

  • Eric Chen
    Eric Chen

    Garth - finesse Jeff - it counts because it's technically a door Jiedel - disappointment

  • Eric Chen
    Eric Chen

    For a moment, I thought Jiedel and Garth messed up


    Much respect 🙏🏽BALLIN CUZ YT

  • De'Edrick Mossop
    De'Edrick Mossop

    Plz do more of this

  • King Max
    King Max

    Either Garth is a big cheater or he’s just a try hard

  • Tanner Brandt
    Tanner Brandt

    I think Garth cheated

  • Lance Butler
    Lance Butler

    Honestly thought James crashed when his go pro fell lmao

  • Peyton Lindley
    Peyton Lindley

    Garth cheated because the instructions said BUY the INGREDIENTS not buy lemonades and mix them together

  • stfu bruh
    stfu bruh

    people in 2hype think they need a mask the second they step out the house😂

  • Carson Phelps
    Carson Phelps

    EVERYONE go to 1:55 then close ur eyes and tell me who jiedel sounds like ( reply to me)

  • Gio Matarazzo
    Gio Matarazzo

    F In the chat for Jeff

  • Julian Jimenez
    Julian Jimenez

    Why did moochie get food sent to his room if he wasn’t even there

    • HOSS DOG
      HOSS DOG

      Maybe it wasnt moochie

  • Keagan Schaal
    Keagan Schaal

    Garth cheated

  • Kayla Steinlage
    Kayla Steinlage

    Garth cheated

  • Eric Patterson
    Eric Patterson

    1:55 I thought it was Jesse talking not James

  • Ross Schuerman
    Ross Schuerman

    a door is a door

  • Plozur

    1:59 i thought he crashed

  • -samCapalot


  • -samCapalot



    Nah I think it counted cause y’all weren’t being specific😂🤷🏾‍♂️so it count to be an door

  • Qbeast21 FN
    Qbeast21 FN

    Why is Jeff not focused on driving like what

    • Qbeast21 FN
      Qbeast21 FN


    • Z Sherz
      Z Sherz

      He’s got a Tesla. It’s on auto pilot

  • The xSphinxZz
    The xSphinxZz

    Garth got second... Technically Jeff won

  • No Love Treyy
    No Love Treyy

    garth with the epic finesse

  • 2020is_a_bruh_moment

    Garth cheated so bad wtf

  • Cash Nasty Cuh
    Cash Nasty Cuh

    James won, Garth's lemonade didnt count because he used lemonade and didnt make it. Jeff also didnt put the sticky note on moochies door so James is the winner

  • Cam DaDude
    Cam DaDude

    garth cheated

  • Rayan Ali
    Rayan Ali

    garth cheated

  • Mma Center ren
    Mma Center ren


  • Alex Rios
    Alex Rios

    1:55 james sounding like jesser lowkey 😂

  • B ScHmuve
    B ScHmuve

    garth should be fine cause the gate let james catch up and garth went with jeff back to the top

  • Dr. P
    Dr. P

    the note said get stuff to make lemonade Didn't say you can't buy lemonade

  • Tanish Dugar
    Tanish Dugar

    Did jeff just think that the funny message was to be put up on moochie's car🤣🤣🤣 lol jeff. You sold it dude

  • Eathan Quinn
    Eathan Quinn

    How Is James at 1.02 mil when he got 1mil over half a year ago

  • Mykhale Johnson
    Mykhale Johnson

    It was a finess and jidel should have hid cookie

  • Gamingdevil123

    4 days late dayumm

  • Cheye Johnson
    Cheye Johnson

    Garth cheated

  • Dimez fresh
    Dimez fresh

    Eh yo I haven’t seen 2hype in a min but whose this bootleg Zack

  • Drake Osterhaus
    Drake Osterhaus

    That is cheating

  • Griffin Klein
    Griffin Klein

    Garth had faness

  • ricky_fresh777

    James is a try hard

  • Dennen Bowen
    Dennen Bowen


  • Joshua Acevedo
    Joshua Acevedo

    Nobody: Garth and cash: finnest

  • Luca Murray
    Luca Murray

    Garth cheated with the lemonade

  • Fred Woodfork
    Fred Woodfork

    He cheated

  • Luke

    PART 3!!!!

  • Luke

    jeff deserved the win

  • Delecia Dallas
    Delecia Dallas

    Garth you cheated

  • Blue Virtue
    Blue Virtue


  • Adam Jablon
    Adam Jablon

    Garth cheated because the task said to buy ingredients to make lemonade and he bought lemonade which is obviously not an ingredient of lemonade.

  • Nxvy _
    Nxvy _

    jus took in jeff did the sticky note one wrong LMAO

  • Matthew Roman
    Matthew Roman

    Jeff’s car done drivin itself doe

  • VIP Gaming
    VIP Gaming

    Jeff is chilling no way he should be disqualified

  • SGL Brick
    SGL Brick

    Garth used a finesse I'm chill with it

  • Terrell Fletcher
    Terrell Fletcher

    I bet Garth is that kind of person who makes a bowl of cereal and considers that being able to cook lol

  • Terrell Fletcher
    Terrell Fletcher

    I believe Garth cheated because the task said and I quote "Buy the ingredients needed to make lemonade." Garth just bought lemonade that was already made and that's not ingredients to MAKE lemonade. HOW DO YOU MAKE LEMONADE WITH LEMONADE THAT'S ALREADY MADE???? I DON'T GET IT. I digress. The ingredients to make lemonade are lemons, sugar and water and Garth didn't buy any singular ingredient to make lemonade. Regardless, I loved the video, very entertaining.

  • Ali Ibrahim
    Ali Ibrahim

    It counts

  • Ali Ibrahim
    Ali Ibrahim


  • Jackson D'Angelo
    Jackson D'Angelo

    Jeff is such a perfect person for the group let him in 2 Hype

  • HONDA Siwik
    HONDA Siwik

    does anyone else just hate jiedel

  • Noah Mathieson
    Noah Mathieson