INSANE Opening Family Time Capsules and I Found THIS!
Today I am going to be going through my family's storage from the last DECADE and found some crazy sports cards, things Jesser and I made as kids and much more...
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  • D_Ice_

    When they yelled AYEEEE!!

  • Conner Latta
    Conner Latta

    looking at that old march hits diffrent

  • meliodis xban
    meliodis xban

    That . Me right by you in that year book

  • Michael Kashi
    Michael Kashi

    BRUHHHHH the “bruh bruh” was so OG. i remember that

  • Gabriel Leopard
    Gabriel Leopard

    Do madden 07

  • Roman Mosher
    Roman Mosher

    Jiedel u should do one last rebuild of nba 2k19 before the servers shut down to remember the best rebuilding nba 2K game ever

  • Jaunty

    I remember the bruh merch lmao

  • Jaunty

    I’m half way through the vid hoping to hear the JEZZA mixtape lol🔥

  • Jack LaMonda
    Jack LaMonda

    I was born and raised in the mountauk area and u said something about one of the hats being from there

  • Travon Miles
    Travon Miles

    Jeff is high as shit

  • Somrock


  • anonymous

    Only og know where that triple B's snapback cap came from, it came from a jesse fan unboxing video

  • Croke835

    “I was supposed to return this to my fraternity” *is wearing thieves shirt*

  • DJ

    i wanna do a time capsule

  • Vincent Jr.
    Vincent Jr.

    James u should get some old consoles and play those games all over again like flight did that could be cool

  • Brody is cracked
    Brody is cracked

    I just want to say with that mustache you look like the legend Larry bird

  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy


  • Richard Hess
    Richard Hess

    I just found out you and jesser are brothers that's crazy

  • Stela Arseniou
    Stela Arseniou

    What is the name Jiedel

  • kk

    I remember those shirts?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Brady Plays
    Brady Plays

    New video idea? 2hype plays rocket league?

  • Kevin Hwang
    Kevin Hwang

    James waiting 20 years for this moment to take Jesse's ultimate pokemon card

  • XSGchasser -
    XSGchasser -

    Krystal maygowang

  • XSGchasser -
    XSGchasser -

    My aunt went to school with you James in college

  • HyperGang FRUGI
    HyperGang FRUGI

    I am really wondering what weird shit jiedel might be doing if he didn’t have youtube 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Don’t take offence pls it’s just a joke

  • Nando G
    Nando G

    I sewed this for my Halloween costume..... yeah that explains it all now

  • Javier Guzman
    Javier Guzman

    James I remember those nba cards being for a pack n play with Jesse

  • SuperSaiyanDrizzy

    been here since 70k subs!💪

  • Prod. RT Beats
    Prod. RT Beats

    i think this will be a much more dope video if jesse is there

  • Carter Malone
    Carter Malone

    Imagine if Jiedel put a heart on this

  • Tracy McSwain
    Tracy McSwain

    That is a good thing to do in life only at the time of the day okay.

  • Hawaiiboi

    James: 'finds some fire NBA cards' Kris (in the distance) : "SLEEVE IT!!"

    • Hawaiiboi

      @Cooper Russett oops typo 🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Cooper Russett
      Cooper Russett

      It’s Kris not Chris

  • Emmanuel Gatewood
    Emmanuel Gatewood

    Can do a rebuild madden 07 and 08 video to see how far it have came

  • jjhigginsboi

    The Kobe and curry was an og vid wit jesser... pack and play

  • Rip juicewrld And chad
    Rip juicewrld And chad

    It’s always a good day when James uploads

  • seangames11

    I remember the BRUH BRUH Merch drops at the apartment with Ty

  • KMillyVsTheWorld

    can i have the laptop?

  • Mike Mignogna
    Mike Mignogna

    Who else remembers all the Wilt, Kobe, and Curry cards from the old pack/draft and plays.

  • Cash Esquivel
    Cash Esquivel

    James is not fat

  • Shreyas Swaroop
    Shreyas Swaroop

    All the cards were from the pack and plays and draft and plays with jesse

  • Gabriel Vela
    Gabriel Vela

    James if u see this for a cook off video u should do old head vs new heads but keep up the great work

  • Zane Vaughn
    Zane Vaughn

    Facts bruh bruh was fire with the hand motion

  • Zane Zugehoer
    Zane Zugehoer

    I’m a giants fan two

  • Sush1 YT
    Sush1 YT

    You need to listen to jesser mixtape

  • ak1 R1ots
    ak1 R1ots

    why do y’all think we’ve never seen a dvd player or don’t have one y’all old peole think y’all are so old like bro i have 1 million things with the color things not the hdmi

    • ak1 R1ots
      ak1 R1ots

      an i yoused to play a gameboy and ds when i was younger

  • Vin Chiofalo
    Vin Chiofalo

    Go Yankees

  • LifeWithCee

    I ain’t an OG but I loved this video I feel like I learned so much more about you!!! Made me love you even more man. You’re so talented in so many different ways

  • ISO Dyson
    ISO Dyson

    Ur rookie devin booker card is 1000

  • sether fnm
    sether fnm

    Was really hoping he put the jesser mixtape

  • Carl Derrick
    Carl Derrick


  • Fourth PUBGM
    Fourth PUBGM


  • Opset FN
    Opset FN

    when he pulled the phones out i’m like “damn i had a blackberry” 😂

  • Hellblazar yt
    Hellblazar yt

    I remember the bruh bruh merch

  • BOWsports-IQ


  • Slayzer

    Phi sig brotha!

  • Tristan Williamson
    Tristan Williamson

    Rode to 2 mil you can do it

    • Tristan Williamson
      Tristan Williamson

      Road not rode

  • Jack Money Records
    Jack Money Records

    we need to see some game play on those madden games

  • Kw Beastmode
    Kw Beastmode

    3:40 well that’s something I didn’t know about jrodel

  • DrippyxSF

    I love how he calls the phones old and then after calls them geezers

  • Christian Tabor
    Christian Tabor

    He said all of 2016 when there is only one

  • Itztripp

    Bro that old mercy was crazy I was gonna buy that years ago bro crazy

  • Shin3yMagikarp

    when we gonna see father Reidel

  • Talan gaming 97
    Talan gaming 97

    Do you keep your basketball cards

  • Stinger428

    My god not the bruh bruh merch 😂

  • Connor Evans
    Connor Evans

    Can u do a dad reveal?

  • Syem Bangash
    Syem Bangash


  • Dame Dolla
    Dame Dolla

    Bet he won’t like this comment

  • Kaleb Dixon
    Kaleb Dixon

    6:55 the big baller brand

  • Cole Jager
    Cole Jager


  • Glizzy Juice
    Glizzy Juice

    Keep those phones

  • J BOB Beals
    J BOB Beals


  • Emilio F
    Emilio F

    Why is your dad never on the vids anyone know?

  • Dempsey Neal
    Dempsey Neal

    I have that Kobe card

  • Derrick Rose
    Derrick Rose


  • Tabitha Edwards
    Tabitha Edwards

    That moment when your cleaning your room and you get distracted by all the old stuff you've found

  • Yeeetking ¡
    Yeeetking ¡

    Bruh bruh was the best merch

  • Tankz11

    Only real ogs remember those curry and Kobe cards were in an old pack n play

  • Steven Loeffler
    Steven Loeffler

    Real ones remember when the car caught on fire back in the day

  • Sam.v

    THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN WAYYYYY BETTER WITH JESSE not saying the vid was not good it was great

  • micheal burney
    micheal burney

    if u don't need the xbox 360 games u can give it to me because I have a xbox 360

  • Steven Young
    Steven Young

    Where’s the Minecraft?

  • Aharon Khabieh
    Aharon Khabieh

    We want Minecraft back

  • Dom Dom
    Dom Dom

    you should do a video on the phone you pulled out from box 1.

  • Mad Goose
    Mad Goose

    I was addicted to snap back hats too lmao. Just in like 3rd and 4th grade

  • F Trimboli
    F Trimboli

    do more pack and plays with real cards

  • Xaxa428

    The Giants are goats

  • William Pictou
    William Pictou

    jiedel is in the kkk

  • AndrewDinho22

    1:22 scott the woz has entered the chat

  • ShmoneyCuhh

    james can i buy ur kd 3s, ive always wanted a pair

  • Ryan Najork
    Ryan Najork

    I want the Pokémon plz

  • Ed Morneau Marshall
    Ed Morneau Marshall

    rip the subway petit epinard box

  • Teddy Frastai
    Teddy Frastai

    Let’s go giants coming off a huge dub yesterday against the bengals

  • Jaden Jones
    Jaden Jones

    Should've opened this with jesse

  • Owen Stirling
    Owen Stirling

    Dude this reminded me sooo much of the old vids

  • JakeNYR

    The bruh bruh merch and videos with ty in 2k17 hit different

  • Drue Anzai
    Drue Anzai

    Yo are those the yellow jerseys that Jesse wore for pickup games when he was in 7th grade 1:46

  • JC Rodriguez
    JC Rodriguez

    The Ezio costume is the best thing I’ve seen in awhile😂💯

  • _ jayrilla
    _ jayrilla

    If ykyk about those yellow jerseys in the first box

  • JYLN

    Yo Jiedel tryna send those 360 games to me???

  • ZNO Abrams
    ZNO Abrams

    2:10, that's what she said