INSANE One Hour Custom Nike Blazer Challenge!
Today Mitchell, Kris, Jesse, and I have one hour to customize a Nike Blazer!
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★Edited by: Serpentine★

  • Gavin Nozaki
    Gavin Nozaki

    You guys should custom a shoe, have some special guest or send a fan the shoes and have them judge it. Ik were in the midst of quarantine but maybe you could do a meetup of somesort

  • jayfrmdaburg 09
    jayfrmdaburg 09

    Kris won 1st for me🤟🏽I like the theme

  • Bubs Miller
    Bubs Miller

    Nooooo the shoe show can not end!!!!!!

  • Peter Lucido
    Peter Lucido

    Jiedel K WOPI4L

  • Tom Holloway
    Tom Holloway

    bring the series back i love watching these sooooo fire

  • EAZY_08 Q
    EAZY_08 Q

    The next vid should be customize a pair for f crocs!!!

  • Hunter Jenkins
    Hunter Jenkins

    Nobody: Mitchell: Nikey😉

  • JARDELL Desir
    JARDELL Desir

    Yooo this man low key violating😂😂

  • Nazito Is awesome
    Nazito Is awesome


  • Isaac Fraijo
    Isaac Fraijo

    When jesser said “well talk about this shit later ok”

  • Terrell Jones
    Terrell Jones

    Keep the it going

  • Froz3n Shoop
    Froz3n Shoop

    2HYPE secret Santa? When

  • Iffy the God
    Iffy the God

    Did kris take mopis spot😆

  • Tyler Johnson
    Tyler Johnson

    5:22 dang Jesse really is only about the money..

  • Tyler Johnson
    Tyler Johnson

    Do air Jordan 1s

  • Mycoal Key
    Mycoal Key

    Why are the comments off

  • Baseboul is Foun
    Baseboul is Foun

    James’s idea sounds sac religious

  • Talan Lister
    Talan Lister

    Kris should have won! # drip

  • Elijah Berg
    Elijah Berg

    Jessie’s were hard🥶

  • Rage Goat716
    Rage Goat716

    How much money for Jesse cause his are just fire

  • darkresnator

    Jessie is most definitely sus god

  • clayton Jones
    clayton Jones

    James yo shoes was fye try dif color with that grey

  • ScrapzX

    Do it again

  • Nolan Johnston
    Nolan Johnston

    Jesse's shoe strings looks like toothpaste.

  • Douglas Gibson
    Douglas Gibson

    Keep doing it

  • finlay derry
    finlay derry

    anybody see the young Jesse at 3:55

  • Presto Bin Laden
    Presto Bin Laden

    Jesse usually makes bummy shoes but them shoes was fire asf!!!!! One of the best tbh


    Bring it back

  • Lucas Hutten
    Lucas Hutten

    Jesse was robbed

  • miyah mia world
    miyah mia world

    Do they paint the other shoe?? Or jus one?

  • Deborah Petersen
    Deborah Petersen

    Pls bring it back

  • Dante crushers
    Dante crushers

    how did not jesser win

  • Carlos T
    Carlos T


  • Jesse Vowell
    Jesse Vowell

    Bro jesses shoe won the judge needs mental help

  • Andres Gonzalez
    Andres Gonzalez

    More episodes

  • Nathan Olson
    Nathan Olson

    Jesser got cheated

  • PGE Bryson
    PGE Bryson

    Jesse got robbed

  • Hayden Harrison
    Hayden Harrison

    jesse got ripped of the w

  • Micai George
    Micai George

    Mitchell’s shoes were fye asf

  • Micai George
    Micai George

    Bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nate Faupel
    Nate Faupel

    Bring it back

  • Mason Agan
    Mason Agan

    Are y’all doing secret Santa this year for the 2hype channel

  • The xSphinxZz
    The xSphinxZz

    how old is this video fam

  • ITSLIME_278 YT
    ITSLIME_278 YT

    I wish they wouldn't make the wining show in the thumbnail

    • ITSLIME_278 YT
      ITSLIME_278 YT


  • Quassay Stevens
    Quassay Stevens

    bruh bring it back

  • VPG

    Imagine.... 2hype and 100 Thieves made a 100 Mystery Christmas present video...

  • Braxton Tindle
    Braxton Tindle


  • TD Gian
    TD Gian

    Keep this series goin pleeeassseee🥺🔥🔥🔥

  • Amazingballa7


  • Jeau Vinatieri
    Jeau Vinatieri

    Bring this shit back boy

  • Trey Borchers
    Trey Borchers

    The 2hype secret santa this year

  • Trask Smith
    Trask Smith

    Do another one with people from 100 Thieves

  • Dylan Serrano
    Dylan Serrano

    Bring it back

  • Frank delsaut
    Frank delsaut

    we need more shoe painting

  • Therealmaliik 214
    Therealmaliik 214

    Missed this series

  • Declan Scott
    Declan Scott

    That was my exact rankings

  • werdio j
    werdio j

    Are y'all doing secret Santa again?


    Bring it backkkk

  • Chris Donahey
    Chris Donahey

    Can you please customize crocs

  • Brett Carlson
    Brett Carlson

    Where is mop

  • Micah Harris
    Micah Harris

    You guys should do a live stream for a hour and customize shoes while talking about fight story’s or childhood injury’s or something like that!

  • Yoyoyoyoyo Gaba
    Yoyoyoyoyo Gaba

    Bring it back!!!!!

  • Teddy Mendoza
    Teddy Mendoza

    Bring it bAck

  • Connor Burger
    Connor Burger

    When James was applying the grey I was like ok that kinda fire🤭 5 seconds later applies neon green: 🤮🤢

  • dom.

    beuh idont mean to be rude but that grey/green combination makes me throw up xd

  • Miki : /
    Miki : /

    Sometimes I just get mad because it’s hot where you live I think like you are wearing t shirts and in Belgium it’s freezing

  • Harperlovesbball Roblox God
    Harperlovesbball Roblox God

    Jessers the best


    Jiedel u should do a vid like this but u all put ur names in a hat an pull a name an whoever u get u have to make the shoe that u think they would wear‼️‼️

  • AssaultineCrakka Boiii
    AssaultineCrakka Boiii

    James: I do a lot of these videos! Also James: *paints the worst/most boring shoe*

  • MikeyNBNS

    I wanna do one of these

  • Roman Van Liempt
    Roman Van Liempt

    Do more of these videos, no cap kinda fire 🔥

  • Santiago De La Riva
    Santiago De La Riva

    Rip for kris

  • ski mask
    ski mask

    is it me or i have seen mitchell with a hat or 20 different hairstyles

  • poof


  • Galaxy WRLD
    Galaxy WRLD

    You have to bring back this series

  • Basketball god 10
    Basketball god 10

    Kris should’ve said cancer

  • Hunter Danberry
    Hunter Danberry

    We’ve missed the customs

  • Jits World
    Jits World

    efron is my favorite judge

  • Lou Maniacci
    Lou Maniacci

    Get a different judge out here. Jesser’s shoes were better

  • Avery Gooding News
    Avery Gooding News

    I just bought these too

  • Prabsharan Kaknia
    Prabsharan Kaknia

    Am I the only one who puts up Christmas decorations a month before Christmas? I feel like u get to appreciate the beauty of Christmas longer that way

  • Harry Hubbard
    Harry Hubbard


  • Carson Holmes
    Carson Holmes

    jesser got robbed he should've won

  • I got sauce
    I got sauce

    I wonder is kris a ou or osu fan

  • jcmiisbeast

    It’s sus to not be sus

  • Ryan Witham
    Ryan Witham

    Bring it back

  • It’s Xavier Kash Myers
    It’s Xavier Kash Myers

    I got horses in the back... Finish the lyrics

  • Boady Ross
    Boady Ross

    James: I have a genius business idea Jesse: don’t tell the camera bruh, we can talk about that shit later

  • Josiah Johnson
    Josiah Johnson

    Bring it back!

  • Michael Navarro
    Michael Navarro


  • NillA BeanE
    NillA BeanE


  • Kristijan Car
    Kristijan Car

    Someone should have made the Nike Trail Blazers, customize the shoe to match the NBA team.

  • Ted LeGloahec
    Ted LeGloahec

    I love the shoe painting vids

  • Sinck_fn

    what painting are they using

  • gamingology

    You sound like hog one's

  • marko kepcija
    marko kepcija

    Blazers easily one of my favorite casual shoes

  • Jonathan Zelaya
    Jonathan Zelaya

    Do an all white Jordan 4 !!


  • Gavin Gareau
    Gavin Gareau


  • Miles Melvin
    Miles Melvin

    Jesse got sold