I Took Gordon Ramsay's Master Class!
Today I am showing you guys a Culinary Journey I embarked on in the beginning of November! Gordon's Class was a lot of fun and I have vastly improved as a chef!
Master Class - www.masterclass.com/classes/gordon-ramsay-teaches-cooking
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  • Philip D’Alessandrp
    Philip D’Alessandrp

    I love this if you just think steph Curry master class Curry is called chef Curry and now he’s taking Gordon master class and he’s a chef

  • kayso

    43:16 me after finishing one assignment

  • Samuel Daneshvar
    Samuel Daneshvar

    There's no point in spending money on a Masterclass. Just come over to Jiedel's channel. LOL

  • Nick Briggs
    Nick Briggs

    I saw a Gordon Ramsey add during the video

  • Jon Beebe
    Jon Beebe

    Is he getting a class by Gordon Ramsay

  • Lasse Løv
    Lasse Løv

    I got an ad with Gordon ramsey’s masterclass

  • Obi o 123
    Obi o 123


  • spacebot 1000
    spacebot 1000

    Me who made a goated beef Wellington

  • Zzdub Baseball
    Zzdub Baseball

    Is it just me or did anybody else get a Gordon Ramsey master class ad. LOL

  • Amber Tars
    Amber Tars

    Drawing masterclass

  • Braylon Epps
    Braylon Epps

    Your supposed to poor the brandy on the stove and scoop it into your pan. It sounds weird but trust me. Just don't burn your hand 🤕🤚

  • Benjamin Hisle
    Benjamin Hisle

    What are I doing u donut😡😡😡

  • Chiccen

    Lmao I get a gordon ramsey masterclass ad

  • Mattbg

    19:46 poor chicken

  • EhHex

    Am I the only one that has always used paper towels to drain oil and fat off of meats?


    you have to blister the tamatos

  • Matt M
    Matt M

    ERROR 404

  • Orginal Mana
    Orginal Mana


  • Just Adrian
    Just Adrian

    Who did this get recommended to in 2021

  • RG3the1st

    if aint unssubed yet youre doing something wrong imagine giving this bot a milli subs

  • Walter Waverley
    Walter Waverley

    James every time he eats something “why is this the best thing I’ve had in my life”

  • Jxson

    before i watch this video: Gordon Ramsay master class ad...

  • Frostednhl

    Hey, just wanted to say thanks, you guys have helped me a lot, I deal with depression, just watching a video helps me get my mind off of things, again thanks - Darcy

  • Tron

    Jiedel got some balls...

  • Nathan Boy
    Nathan Boy

    Chef Frondell

  • Vintage

    Now working on the chef curry masterclass

  • Sean Agaronin
    Sean Agaronin

    No one wants to watch your videos about cooking you weirdo

    • Levi Beam
      Levi Beam

      Obviously you did because you clicked on the video :)

  • King Savage
    King Savage

    that dont look like pasta

  • King Savage
    King Savage


  • Will Borden
    Will Borden

    Jesser: 6-pack by December Jiedel: 5-star restaurant by 2021

  • Casper679

    Uni is not sea urchin tongue. Its the reproductive organ of a male sea urchin.

  • The Aussie Cricket geek
    The Aussie Cricket geek

    What masterclass is next

  • Kels

    Shoutout to Jeff for being in all the masters-classes

  • Alejandro Jaime
    Alejandro Jaime

    I be prepping Beef Wellingtons all day . We do Filet Mignon, sauté Spanish and mushroom duxelle . 👌

  • Joseph Kent
    Joseph Kent

    My Instagram is @joseph_kent_ an my IRbin channel is RobexKingFitness

  • Jacob Kim
    Jacob Kim

    James: “Teaspoon creme fraiche” Also James: puts in a glob of creme fraiche

  • Nivvy ___
    Nivvy ___

    Make a video were you make 2hype a meal

  • Barhett Hazard
    Barhett Hazard

    i almost cried when he yelled “FUCK” when he burnt his hand with the pan😭

  • LeviTheKitty

    Get Gordon to react to this lol

  • Dizzy Clapz
    Dizzy Clapz

    Gordon rn you DONUT

  • XD Celo
    XD Celo

    This is how many people touched there arm when he snapped the wing 👇

  • Austin

    Jeff is too nice he can't be mean 😂😂😂

  • Sergio G
    Sergio G

    Dude I literally suggested this when he completed Currys masterclass, no cap

  • Kort Inskeep
    Kort Inskeep

    A technique you could use during chopping is where you place your hand it really can increase your cuts accuracy, speed and make it so you don’t have to put so much power into every cut

  • famous Beats
    famous Beats

    Who wants MasterClass Jidel to be a weekly thing Like So he can see this

  • BriiBabyyxoxo

    21 minutes in touches raw chicken than touches face.

  • Jonathan Parks
    Jonathan Parks

    This is about how many times I fuck up daily

  • Bryan Rodriguez
    Bryan Rodriguez

    Okay I don’t know these trends but males gotta stop painting their nails. Wtf is this shit. I’d slap the shit out of my kid and I saw his nails painted

    • Levi Beam
      Levi Beam

      @Bryan Rodriguez Politics has nothing to do with this. It’s just being a decent, understanding human being. Understanding people like to do what they enjoy. Why is painting your nails as a guy so bad to you? I guess it’s like you said, how you were raised. I’m just saying, just because a straight guy has his nails painted, that doesn’t mean something’s wrong. It’s actually probably the opposite. He’s completely comfortable in his own skin and doesn’t care what other people think about him. Either way, i’m just gonna drop this now. I kinda forgot i even wrote this until you replied lmao. I definitely came off as attacking you, but that wasn’t my intention, and I apologize. Have a great night man.

    • Bryan Rodriguez
      Bryan Rodriguez


    • Bryan Rodriguez
      Bryan Rodriguez

      @Levi Beam I bet you are a democrat aren’t ya? Everybody is raised different. If I ever saw a straight guy with his nails painted I would straight up go ask him what’s wrong. Cause you shouldn’t be doing that shit if you are a giy

    • Levi Beam
      Levi Beam

      Toxic masculinity much? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with painting your nails whether you’re a guy or a girl. The only thing wrong is that society’s perception of things makes it weird. If it was the other way around, you’d think girls painting their nails would be weird. It’s not a trend. People, guys more specifically in this case, are just learning to express theirselves more. If you were a real man you wouldn’t care what other people thought, you just do what you want to do, because you want to do it. Nothing more. Nothing less. Stop this masculinity bull shit. If someone wants to do something, let them, it doesn’t affect your life at all. And it’s great to know someone would “slap the shit out of my kid” for expressing their self. But who am i kidding, i’m already wasting my time writing all of this lmao

  • 5thkidd

    Thought this dude Jeff was gluten free

  • Liv Vega
    Liv Vega

    this made me so hungry😂

  • MaikuLaKilla

    Lol why is he so hard on his self?

  • Pete Balderas Jr.
    Pete Balderas Jr.

    More of these ong

  • Dylan Suboticki
    Dylan Suboticki

    Jiedel do be grinding them master classes tho 😳😳😳😳

  • LadySniperSwagg

    You're not supposed to cut meat on a wood cutting board.

  • Daniel Pemberton
    Daniel Pemberton

    James i think you bought filo pastry instead of puff pastry 😂

  • Nolan Roshan
    Nolan Roshan

    Those are the most uneven zucchini’s of all time

  • Pedro Hernandez
    Pedro Hernandez

    He’s such a wuss lol

  • Jonny Menzel
    Jonny Menzel

    When he was doing the chicken it was Dak Prescott all over again

  • Connor TSIH
    Connor TSIH

    Dude I’m loving these masterclass videos

  • MK2K everyday
    MK2K everyday

    Do poker next ♦️ ♠️ ♥️

  • x3Hay Cox
    x3Hay Cox

    When he dropped the steak 😂😂

  • Tommy Pickles
    Tommy Pickles

    As someone who has been through culinary school and has almost 2 years of experience in a restaurant - this was hilarious to watch, especially the chicken breakdown. One of your best so far, my guy!

  • Max Aguirre
    Max Aguirre

    Please make this a series where you complete majority of the master classes !

  • Nicholas Oh
    Nicholas Oh

    The supreme dipstick philosophically flow because utensil chiefly hammer afore a onerous roast. womanly, automatic pisces

  • Milo T
    Milo T

    James should do a BQ

  • SniperHunter

    We need james to do a “prepping a three course meal for all of 2 hype”copied just trying to spread it

  • Crxssairs

    I can barely hear Gordon calling James a donut multiple times

  • KDP

    Jiedel cooking channel

  • Brendan B.
    Brendan B.

    James please make more videos like this that are long asf

  • K’Logs Channel
    K’Logs Channel

    I can cook but not clean

  • benny asnake
    benny asnake

    James: eating something Also James: this is the best I have ever ate in my life

  • Itaschirama The God
    Itaschirama The God

    Garth looks like the last corner in James and Amy’s love triangle

  • MRnuker30

    A watched pot never boils james

  • Ilijah Thai
    Ilijah Thai

    James is for sho going to be in CHOPPED %100

  • Viral Vids
    Viral Vids

    Had me dead asf when he snapped the chicken leg😂😂

  • 300 Pound Cash Nasty
    300 Pound Cash Nasty

    Dude wearing nail polish 🤣🤦🏻‍♂️🙅🏽‍♂️

  • Psycho Fxprv
    Psycho Fxprv

    His cooking is good but is shot isn’t

  • manmadness vlogs
    manmadness vlogs


  • Jeff Sinclair
    Jeff Sinclair

    You should do a beat making class video!!!

  • Kalecooker

    You need to try your new skills in chopped

  • Sunder

    When i heard Beef Wellington i was like oh shit

  • KDGamer

    James should take Gordon’s second master class

  • Prabsharan Kaknia
    Prabsharan Kaknia

    Imagine Gordon Ramsay actually commented on this video

  • 7amoodi Hasan
    7amoodi Hasan

    No one: James: I am really disappointed in myself, lets try it

  • dripo_ ic
    dripo_ ic

    amy got the fatty on her tho james is a lucky man

  • Tochi Ibe
    Tochi Ibe

    Love the video drop more.

  • Brian Perales
    Brian Perales

    James gonna be a good dad he can cook and play bball


    Kid: mom i want Gordon Ramsey mom Mom: we have Gordon Ramsey at home The Gordon ramsey at home ⬆⬆

  • Tony Chandler
    Tony Chandler

    And for the pan sauce since the Demi glacé was a paste you could have added a little bit of water and a wooden spoon is usually best to get the fond off the bottom of the pan but other than that loved the vid chef james

  • Tony Chandler
    Tony Chandler

    James secretly wants to be a chef

  • Alex Armstrong
    Alex Armstrong

    I love this type of stuff jiedel you should do more cooking stuff. I can tell you really enjoy it and I think I could say most of your fans do too.

  • ghostdtx

    Get an oven glove. Aka The OveGlove

  • Adam Divinity
    Adam Divinity

    Garth is a Poser: The definition of a poser is a person who pretends to be someone they are not, or a person who attempts to impress others. An example of a poser is someone going to a wedding they weren't invited to in order to get free food and booze. (POSER ALERT ) Take off the Thrasher

  • ghostdtx

    Don't use the tip of the knife to cut. Use the base near the handle.

  • ghostdtx

    "A watched pot never boils"

  • Unknown Bubbless
    Unknown Bubbless

    Take a hair cut masterclass

  • Mohammad Ahmad
    Mohammad Ahmad

    bro jeidel literally cracked a chicken's wing in half with his bear hands. He's actually a chicken predator LMAO

    • Mohammad Ahmad
      Mohammad Ahmad

      @ghostdtx thanx lmao

    • ghostdtx


  • Daniel Alon
    Daniel Alon

    Do another cooking masterclass

  • Alex D
    Alex D


  • Paul Cooks
    Paul Cooks

    pls stop blashpheming