I Cooked Every Minecraft Food In 24 Hours!
Today I embark on a journey to create every single food from Minecraft in Real Life!
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  • Alchemist

    This dudes thumbnails kill me holiiii what a guy

  • JP McKinney
    JP McKinney

    Rotten flesh??

  • RunTheBag_Zah YT
    RunTheBag_Zah YT

    Raw beef

  • Kos24

    You should cook every food in Zelda breath of the wild in 2 or 3 days cuz there’s a lot

  • Sam Wiebelhaus
    Sam Wiebelhaus

    They forgot about rabbit

  • danny26

    Its just an orange with food dye😂

  • sK JMoneyy
    sK JMoneyy

    Rotten flesh ain’t that useless in Minecraft I think it heals your wolves and you can trade it to a villager for stuff

  • G Greg
    G Greg

    He knows he puts like only I pinch full of yeast

  • Fortnite pro On mobile
    Fortnite pro On mobile

    Beetroot is so good

  • Yhuancey Jireh Bolos
    Yhuancey Jireh Bolos

    James iwas waiting for weet lmfaoo

  • Prem

    that bread 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞


    Let me get an Alright count

  • barrschatt 17
    barrschatt 17

    Jeff knows everything about everything

  • Servant of GOD
    Servant of GOD

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  • Maura Roddy-Ping
    Maura Roddy-Ping

    Why was he using the Yakkos world sound😂😂😂

  • Gavyn Kim
    Gavyn Kim

    u should have done carmel apple for the golden apple

  • blitzer 790
    blitzer 790

    What about mutton?

  • Joshua Stricker
    Joshua Stricker

    I don’t think James knows dogs can eat eggs raw and that it is actually good for their coat

  • BostonSports Fan2004
    BostonSports Fan2004

    Shamu from the black fish? Jeff I think u meant Willy from free Willy

  • Collin Barber
    Collin Barber

    James is way better than Gordon Ramsey and he’s actually the donut 🍩

  • Cameron Hunt
    Cameron Hunt

    Gordon Ramsay"what the hell is this it's not even cooked enough" James"Hold on I can fix this" *Microwave noises* *James pulls out food* Gordon ramsay"this Is bloody glorious!" *Both of them enjoying the minecraft cake*


    "Jambez" 😂😂😂

  • Slugz

    The thumbnail scares me

  • OnlyLucid

    Next no Rayman Legends

  • OnlyLucid

    Finely its more noticed

  • Trent H
    Trent H

    This video deserves so much more views

  • Bryson Smith
    Bryson Smith

    Spam 0:00 He a weirdo

  • Sam Chisham
    Sam Chisham


  • Team Extreme trick shots
    Team Extreme trick shots

    i have made that pumpkin pie before and let me tell you that's not how its supposed to looook. AHHaaa

  • evilking.finesse

    15:30 rymestyle reference

  • Brandon Pullman
    Brandon Pullman

    Falling on the kabone

  • Enagic Cambodia Vityea
    Enagic Cambodia Vityea

    hey Jame hope to see more food video

  • CoolDrewSavage

    U should’ve js made a candy apple but put the sugar coating on all the items

  • Mr. TripleDouble
    Mr. TripleDouble

    this is why james is the 🐐

  • Dap_me_up

    Steak is so raw

  • A and J
    A and J

    "do not break a teeth' Jeff 2020

  • Exo Spray
    Exo Spray

    Were is the fish

  • American Eli00
    American Eli00

    You forgot the enchanted golden apple

  • Braden Fitchko
    Braden Fitchko

    Can we just appreciate the effort and time to this video

  • Luke Bridges
    Luke Bridges

    Bro don’t use a metal utensil on non stick pans

  • Jaygaming 713
    Jaygaming 713

    Evreytime I see a video he is wearing that shirt

  • Glo父

    james ramsey

  • Zach DeSmith
    Zach DeSmith

    Me triggerd he’s didn’t make rabbit

  • iso Nooka
    iso Nooka

    Dude i just noticed we all just watched a Minecraft Mukbang

  • Frankie Neymour
    Frankie Neymour

    9:43 jeff really wanted to try the stew lmao

  • naruto Uzumaki jr
    naruto Uzumaki jr

    ok never mind

  • naruto Uzumaki jr
    naruto Uzumaki jr

    but its ok

  • naruto Uzumaki jr
    naruto Uzumaki jr

    not seasoned

  • Gavyn Kim
    Gavyn Kim

    i know i’m late but make this a series

  • Lil Turk
    Lil Turk

    Why dose it look like Kenny is faking his reactions

  • Aiden Henderson
    Aiden Henderson

    How come I want watch this video 4 times

  • Beau Pinckney
    Beau Pinckney

    Jiedel: six out of ten Also Jiedel: holds up five fingers

  • Matthew Caldwell
    Matthew Caldwell

    I appreciate the effort Jiedel

  • Obama

    Bruh irl took food from Minecraft they need to sue them

  • John Creveling
    John Creveling

    James you’ve changed man, no one likes this new shit, get back to the team building and the basketball stuff bc that’s what we want‼️

  • Brian Warncke
    Brian Warncke

    Whole milk gang 🍾

  • robinOF loxley8
    robinOF loxley8

    Kinda pisses me off that you use a metal spatula on a nonstick pan. You’re scratching it!!!!!!!! Use a rubber spatula my guy!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Garrett Peterson
    Garrett Peterson

    Groshrey market I bad speller btw so sorry

  • Danny kim
    Danny kim

    Did you know that you can eat real gold.

  • Tobias Sielsted
    Tobias Sielsted

    Teacher: NO EATING IN CLASS!!! The kids in the back:

  • Fenix Rider
    Fenix Rider

    Where’s jiedels bottom teeth in the thumbnail

  • Evan Gouldey
    Evan Gouldey

    James: "the most usless item in all of minecraft rotten flesh" Me an intelectual: trading my rotten flesh for stacks upon stacks of emeralds.

  • Eli Beeman
    Eli Beeman

    5/10 isn’t average 7/10 is average

  • Ben Wilson
    Ben Wilson

    This video deserves more love

  • S E
    S E

    Very good job, but disappointing they didn't get real, edible gold. And they forgot rabbit/rabbit stew

  • gbeemi shogbanmu
    gbeemi shogbanmu

    He didn’t eat the stuff u get from sheep’s

  • daniel sung
    daniel sung

    Fun fact: Jiedel is an extreme Trump hater😏

  • Jet Young Teoh Jet
    Jet Young Teoh Jet

    How likes pumpkin? It’s gross!

  • Orion Schmitt
    Orion Schmitt

    You fked up the cake it's not square also not pixelated enough

  • K09E

    3:50 that’s going into the 2hype sus moments

  • dragon slayers
    dragon slayers

    U don't grilled steak

  • Kamil grand pierre
    Kamil grand pierre

    The dog can eat egg

  • Ben

    Bro never eat raw meat because there could be tape worms and other nasty shit


    are you the cooker for 2 hype?

  • Stop Global Warming
    Stop Global Warming

    It’s 2020 people still do this

  • SabbaTooth Gaming
    SabbaTooth Gaming

    Cooking basic food that looks the same in both real life and minecraft

  • npg plums
    npg plums

    7:23 The way he pulled out the knife

  • Jason James
    Jason James

    James is really underrated hes a good content creator his videos are entertaining like i actually watch the through

    • Alchemist


  • Evan Carruthers
    Evan Carruthers

    You would think that James would learn to not buy organic stuff it never works

  • Gamerkid 302
    Gamerkid 302

    Am I the only one that heard anamanics music in the background

  • Lg Ferda
    Lg Ferda

    My moms uses a crockpot to cook everything

  • Ghodirah

    When he forgot the mutton


    U can’t eat a glistening Mellon

  • bluu6

    best food of the World bro😊🍲

  • Elise M
    Elise M

    I hate Gordon and the show horrible

  • Trapin Smith
    Trapin Smith


  • GoCrazyIG

    Love these videos

  • 1 Subscriber before 2022
    1 Subscriber before 2022

    Wow buddy

  • Pryor

    i like he said holy cow when he was eating pork

  • NickUchiha

    Thanks James I never knew you could eat raw beef

  • Dillon Dean
    Dillon Dean

    @Jiedel I know there is a Fallout Cookbook. You should do that as well!!!!

  • Joosho XD
    Joosho XD

    They should add apple pie by using 1 wheat 1 sugar and 1 Apple

  • Elijah Lingo
    Elijah Lingo

    Love the vids James keep up the great work

  • Dominick

    James you do should do a guys the frie win a prize with 2hype you get fries from 10 days food places blind fold 2hype and whoever gets 1 2 3 get a prize

  • Mg5__

    I’m a fan

  • Mg5__


  • Kinghulk21


  • Ryan Somma
    Ryan Somma

    Time put in is insane

  • Ethan Javier
    Ethan Javier

    I wish I could eat food with James it look so goooooooood😩😩

  • Zach Titus
    Zach Titus

    Honestly thought it was gonna be a pressure cooker sponsored video after James ate the chicken