I Bought EVERYTHING on My Instagram Feed!
Today I will be buying and testing everything I see advertised to me on Instagram! *Except* Stock advice, plane tickets, $1,600 laptops, and women's rompers. Had to throw a disclaimer in there.
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  • Glory

    That thumbnail is scary

  • stackandGD

    Only thing you didn’t buy for the thumbnail was a set of bottom teeth

  • Will Kelley
    Will Kelley

    do a part 2

  • cameron duncan
    cameron duncan

    Im pretty sure the lamp was supposed to face the wall

  • J Rudd
    J Rudd

    Boring as fuck.

  • Sebastien Rodriguez
    Sebastien Rodriguez

    To Jiedel : you are supposed to face the light towards the corner of a room (as shown in the ad picture)and it will look way better. Plz do it because you did not serve it justice. Sincerely Sebastien, lol

  • The Mamba
    The Mamba

    Great video👌🏽

  • Isaiah

    can you say ZOO WEE MAMA!!!

  • RI2FLY 1102
    RI2FLY 1102


  • Ivan Torres
    Ivan Torres


  • Jaxson Bennett
    Jaxson Bennett

    Things I would’ve bought on my Instagram feed If I did this. New balance shoes. Pop tarts. VR set. LeBron shoes. A bike. And a PlayStation.

  • Drake Schramm
    Drake Schramm

    Damn jiedel over 1 million subs and can’t break 100k views ..... go off 😈

  • Ethan Potts
    Ethan Potts

    video title very accurate "EVERYTHING" 4 products and like 4 exceptions

  • Johnnie

    You’re supposed to buy face wash and put it on it

  • brandonz explict
    brandonz explict

    boi cheap as helll

  • ulrich101

    James had a chance to buy his girl some skims and bought it for himself lmaooo

  • Braeden Wamser
    Braeden Wamser

    Petition for James to get rid of the brown carpet.

  • tsm-bot_ 123
    tsm-bot_ 123

    Bro cookie woke up today and chose violence

  • XxDannyKillerxX

    I don’t think the word everything should be in caps more like “I bought some things on my Instagram feed”

  • vlone

    Broke times

  • Trevor Shoopman
    Trevor Shoopman

    What was that blurred out part?? 😳


    cmon jiedel u actly gotta buy shit this was totally clickbait. Still love ya tho

  • Zaeden Stewart
    Zaeden Stewart

    Me unsubscribing bc he told cookie to get out

  • Kieran Sheth
    Kieran Sheth

    I can’t wait until he brings back the second channel Minecraft and then says “ok so I’ve been doing some things off camera”

  • Brawl Brothers
    Brawl Brothers



    I have the same remote at my pool house to control the pool lights



  • Tracy McSwain
    Tracy McSwain

    That is a good video to do in life that day right know okay.

  • Jojo Pitt
    Jojo Pitt

    Jesus and God love you

  • Jojo Pitt
    Jojo Pitt

    Jesus and God love you

  • Jojo Pitt
    Jojo Pitt

    Jesus and avid love you

  • Jojo Pitt
    Jojo Pitt

    Jesus and God is alive

  • Jamo Pooles
    Jamo Pooles

    Dunk journey 2 where it as

  • Zandyr Barilari
    Zandyr Barilari

    Where is ep 2 of road to dunking

  • OneTakeIsaac

    I wonder what he blurred out 🤔🤔🤔

  • Anthony Scornaienchi
    Anthony Scornaienchi

    shit vid

  • Dream was Found
    Dream was Found

    nobody: James: I am a size 34 in womens

  • I’m The Man 321
    I’m The Man 321

    The same face he does in his thumbnails makes me want to smack him 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Brendan Thompson
    Brendan Thompson

    James I miss your nba rebuilds please go back to them

  • TheRealBokChoi

    Is Jiedel going to be like Jesser where he doesn’t post about his dunk journey

  • Lil Jazzy
    Lil Jazzy

    Jiedel’s hair is just not it🤣

  • BTdaYungeen

    No face wash or anything?

  • Sammy L
    Sammy L


  • Cardo Dalisay
    Cardo Dalisay

    This guys smile in the thumbnail is lowkey creepy

  • Sukham

    This man declined everything he saw

  • Lxk Locks
    Lxk Locks

    Road to dunking were you at. ??????

  • greg bob
    greg bob


  • Dawson VanMatre
    Dawson VanMatre

    why couldn’t he have just got the womans wear for Amy?

  • jaiiko

    what a walking L

  • ThomasFan01

    Lame vid idea ngl

  • Zander Hayes
    Zander Hayes

    Banger 🔥🔥🔥

  • JWH Basketball
    JWH Basketball

    Bro you need to start posting the minecraft hardcore again. I love it, and i’m sure a bunch of other people do to!

  • Raphael

    Damn James’ leg muscles

  • Ike Murphy
    Ike Murphy

    if you gotta cut the net out you a lil kid

  • Aidan Evon
    Aidan Evon

    Low key new jiedel videos are actually good

  • Bradley Salinas
    Bradley Salinas

    Man cookies got more drip than me bruh

  • Unlast Highlights
    Unlast Highlights


  • matloc apparel
    matloc apparel

    make more shoooeeeeesssss! im a huge sneaker head!

  • Big Mac
    Big Mac

    shoutout to danocracy for the video idea. James all u needed to say was that

  • Joshua Stowell
    Joshua Stowell

    Jiedel you need to shower before recording you 🤖

  • Tom Courtney
    Tom Courtney

    James, like the vid but your other hair cut in the beginning is much better than the future part of the video

  • Dennis Griffin
    Dennis Griffin

    I’m like half way through the vid and he hasn’t bought anything yet lmao

  • Jay J
    Jay J

    Bros dumb he’s supposed to put soap on da scrubber🤦‍♂️

  • b00gey_m4n

    I'm not sure the name of the vidoe was " If James likes it he'll get it " but it sure seemed like that 🤔

  • Miles Williams
    Miles Williams

    Them shorts lil short James lol

  • Jairethekid _
    Jairethekid _


  • Michael Vitale
    Michael Vitale


  • Deqz

    "buying everything off my insta feed!!" no not that not that either im not buying that

    • The Ben Robins
      The Ben Robins

      @jonathan kopelman true

    • jonathan kopelman
      jonathan kopelman


  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    James is falling off he used to average 400k views now he’s barely hitting 200k smh

    • Jesus Christ
      Jesus Christ

      @Chicago Sports Zone and make excuses

    • Chicago Sports Zone
      Chicago Sports Zone

      that’s what happens when you don’t apologize 💀

  • Savage

    I bet Jesse is the wolf on wall street 🤣

  • Diego Hope
    Diego Hope

    Hardcore Minecraft?

  • Ian Faulkner
    Ian Faulkner

    You always have the most creative ideas

  • xAndy34x

    You need a face scrub not just water

  • Help Buff Yoda Get 5 Subscribers
    Help Buff Yoda Get 5 Subscribers

    Jiedels bottom teeth in the thumbnail 😬

  • Henry

    Bruh u gotta buy everything u see, or else it ruins the video😐

  • MikeAlmighty

    BRO... post a minecraft video, enough of this shit

  • jayyy232 gaming
    jayyy232 gaming

    Yo Jidel thunder calfs have returned 11:10

  • Ashwinder Bindra
    Ashwinder Bindra

    Fits on my countertop is best review

  • Parker Pactanac
    Parker Pactanac

    Where is hardcore Minecraft

  • Austin Smith
    Austin Smith

    the adds on ig go by what you recently searched up on safari

  • Elijah Carbin
    Elijah Carbin

    Thanks for liking my ig pic

  • Kauble

    Killing it bro, keep grinding 🔥

  • Yonah Abraham
    Yonah Abraham

    Jiedel is the most stereotyping millennial

  • Carlos Jimenez
    Carlos Jimenez

    James with the bangers!

  • Zlushyy S
    Zlushyy S

    The air forces going through it at 6:22 😂

  • YUNG_Cam _
    YUNG_Cam _

    Do another one with fake jerseys on wish please

  • Aaron Aguirre
    Aaron Aguirre

    “Buy everything Instagram has an ad for” Makes excuses for literally everything he sees.

    • Aaron Aguirre
      Aaron Aguirre

      @Pablo Castillo stocks are interesting. Lol. It’s not about what is interesting. It’s about titling the video buying everything Instagram has an ad for. Change name to buying what I want off Instagram ads

    • Pablo Castillo
      Pablo Castillo

      @Aaron Aguirre i mean if he isn’t a girl why is he going to buy something like that and why would he buy stocks that not interesting for the video

    • Aaron Aguirre
      Aaron Aguirre

      @Pablo Castillo you’re confusing hate with my accurate observation statement.

    • Pablo Castillo
      Pablo Castillo

      Why you gotta hate for everything bro get a life

  • Shiv Plays
    Shiv Plays

    This is how yk Jiedel is starting to lose video ideas lmao! Respect the Grind!!!

    • WallywanGaming

      Yo wassup shivesh

  • Andres Elizondo
    Andres Elizondo

    James shoulda bought skins for his girl😂

  • Avichai Thomas
    Avichai Thomas

    y didnt you like flights pic

  • Cartier Topic
    Cartier Topic

    Do a wish shoes video again buy yeezys

  • God Usop
    God Usop

    The face washing thing you are supposed to put on it lotion or soap or whatever and it’s supposed to spread it evenly and better

  • Hewad Ahmadzai
    Hewad Ahmadzai

    Jiedel still uploading my guy and one of my favorite IRbinr amazing video fam!

  • Nate Lopez
    Nate Lopez

    I love how he was like no I am not getting any women’s cloths when bro has a gf

    • Jesus Christ
      Jesus Christ

      @Servant of GOD my name is jesus

    • Jesus Christ
      Jesus Christ

      @Servant of GOD how am I disrespecting him just cuz its my name?

    • Jesus Christ
      Jesus Christ

      @Dat Nguyen idc i didnt make the title. And obviously he didnt buy everything in his feed

    • Servant of GOD
      Servant of GOD

      @Jesus Christ Idk if your promoting CHRIST or just using HIM as a joke, but please don't be disrespectful to HIM, JESUS loves you sm that HE died for you, HE lived a perfect life, that we couldn't live, and the died the death we all deserved so we could be justified and made clean of our sins, so we can go to HEAVEN, JESUS is our savior and HIS death and resurrection saved us from hell, please accept JESUS as your LORD and SAVIOR and put your TRUST and FAITH in HIM, JESUS has already defeated sin and death on that cross, all we have to do to accept this free gift of salvation is to believe and trust in JESUS, GOD loved us first and all HE asks of us is to love HIM back, GOD BLESS

    • Emerson Hendricks
      Emerson Hendricks

      He not no simp

  • Elijah Hendricks
    Elijah Hendricks

    The whole 2hype been dropping bangers all 2021 who agrees 🤷🏾‍♂️💯

  • Almu2z

    Will you return them after the video?

  • C REEK
    C REEK

    This dude literally skipped like 10 adds bec he said he didn’t need it like that’s the whole point of the video is you buy what it gives you

    • One pumped
      One pumped

      Would you buy a $1500 laptop

    • One pumped
      One pumped

      Stop hating

  • Bryan Espinosa
    Bryan Espinosa

    Jiedel in the cut

  • Master Gizmo III
    Master Gizmo III

    🤖 🤖 🤖

  • Anas_kicks

    We need 2hype back