I Became the 2HYPE Bartender for a day!
Today boys I am opening up a bar inside of Jesses house and everything is on the house!
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  • Bryson Reed
    Bryson Reed

    Jesus Christ loves you so much!❤️

  • Thomas Sharpe
    Thomas Sharpe

    “It’s five o’clock somewhere” - Moochie 😂


    Love it

  • Timmy Barry
    Timmy Barry

    Need another shit funny asf

  • Garrett Humbert
    Garrett Humbert

    You have to do this at the 100 thieves compound house

  • Angel Meredith
    Angel Meredith

    ✨Raspberries✨ - young money mooch 😎🤘🏽

  • Chase

    ok I love Garth now lmao

  • James Durant
    James Durant

    Why u make trav drink he already looks high and drunk, u trying to kill him

  • jack sunny
    jack sunny

    i get where jiedel is coming from and how he wants to make more bar videos, but i guarantee most of his fan base can’t even legally drink

  • Mitch Young
    Mitch Young

    I work at sonic that is my life

  • Teybird14 !
    Teybird14 !

    2hype goes to Disneyland banger video

  • Noah Riley
    Noah Riley

    Mooch saying it’s 5 o’clock somewhere killed me😂😂😂

    • Noah Riley
      Noah Riley

      And the Raspberry!

  • Bryce Henry
    Bryce Henry

    9:47 Jesse spills drink in lap

  • playboii kash
    playboii kash

    you could tell they were all very tipsy through the last 10 minutes

  • RK Presents
    RK Presents

    Where is the road to dinking

  • Jonathan Camargo
    Jonathan Camargo

    hire me as your bartender will accept the minimum wage of $9

  • Julian's Gaming
    Julian's Gaming

    Garth is annoying asf


    Any food or drink video is dooe



  • Goated27

    Bro people in the East don't wear polos lmao

  • Galen Hatcher
    Galen Hatcher

    You should totally do this at the 100T Content House!!

  • TruManiac —
    TruManiac —

    Am I the only one that thought dude was holding a Blunt 25:12

  • Mercadohouse Presents
    Mercadohouse Presents

    30:57 Boys this is where I get really hammered, when everyone comes at once. Pause

  • gabriel ortiz
    gabriel ortiz

    Good video entertaining from the beginning to the end love it

  • Ben Kollasch
    Ben Kollasch

    14:30 Jeff never got to tell us what was funny😢

  • redwingsandjazzfan

    Like the LA Rams cups!!

  • Monkey D Luffy
    Monkey D Luffy

    Your channel just keeps getting better and better

  • danny hannaford
    danny hannaford

    Jesse high as fuck 🤣🤣🤣

  • ensalada jones
    ensalada jones

    100% do it at the 100 THIEVES Content house, courage and nadeshot would be hilarious

  • James McLaughlin
    James McLaughlin

    Did that dude say he puked off 5 long island iced teas

  • iamnicodispenza

    where did rick go😭

  • Flying Squirrel
    Flying Squirrel

    I don't approve of those rams cups

  • g clutch
    g clutch

    Do it at the 100 thieves complex

  • Ryan M. Bush
    Ryan M. Bush

    Can you do an amazing race with all of 2hype

  • StrayZ

    This video was hella entertaining. You should definitely do it again.

  • Jasu

    This was the greatest day of my life.

  • lilgmackjr 13
    lilgmackjr 13

    One of your best vids

  • Hotboydixon 8
    Hotboydixon 8



    fell off

  • Neason Patrick
    Neason Patrick

    love this video please do it again!!!!

  • Tony Salvatelli
    Tony Salvatelli

    John 3:16-21!!

  • Andrew Hughson
    Andrew Hughson


  • Eliseo Chavez
    Eliseo Chavez

    Come to Portland bars!

  • Sincere Grant
    Sincere Grant

    Finally they putting the bar to use lol love the vid brodie💯💯💯💪🏼🔥

  • Sincere Grant
    Sincere Grant

    Broooo🤣🤣🤣💯love the video bro nooooooo cappppp💯💯

  • Caden Moe
    Caden Moe

    28:25 Ayooooooooo


    🔥🔥🔥 content

  • Larkin Weaver
    Larkin Weaver

    Would love to see this at the 100t content house haha

  • Henry Sevcik
    Henry Sevcik

    Bar reviews would be fire

  • arjund_13

    This vid was to funny 😂. We needa pt. 2

  • It's Ev Productions
    It's Ev Productions

    Please do this again

  • Tiarra

    I hereby start a petition for this channel to transition to the drunkest of channels #jiedeldrinks

  • Daniel Baldo
    Daniel Baldo

    Do it at the 100 thieves

  • Joseph Godinez
    Joseph Godinez

    You know they drunk when there talkin bout old memories

  • Comix

    plz do this with the 100 thevies house, yes!

  • Oskars Kilks
    Oskars Kilks

    There's gotta be another one with zack and Kris

  • shrey desai
    shrey desai

    Moral of the video NEVER TO GO DRINK WITH GARTH

  • pranav sultan
    pranav sultan

    Broo you have to do it at the 100 thieves content house, that would really be awesome!!

  • D'marcus Adams
    D'marcus Adams

    Jason was begging for a lemon drop and you guys did not let him talk

  • Cannon Gates
    Cannon Gates

    It’s a coaster not a slider James gosh

  • Coleslaw Harris
    Coleslaw Harris

    This is a top tier video. Just watching everybody drink 😂😂😂😂

  • Derek Hinojosa
    Derek Hinojosa

    Didn’t see 1 single ID checked

  • Riley Lauper
    Riley Lauper

    Was Jeff a bartender

  • Andrew Siegfried
    Andrew Siegfried

    Love this vid

  • Andy’s Cool
    Andy’s Cool

    Do road to dunking

  • mr. jHart
    mr. jHart

    Ts was a banger jiedel

  • Jacob Hernandez
    Jacob Hernandez

    We need an hour long one at the 100 Theves place it was hella funny

  • jay way
    jay way

    best vid

  • Godly Nathan-
    Godly Nathan-

    This was a fire vid

  • Rory Hume
    Rory Hume

    honestly yah do it at the 100 thieves compound

  • Cesar Colon
    Cesar Colon

    I like how Jiedel drank more than everyone and he’s the most sober out of everyone 😭

    • Rafa Delapaz
      Rafa Delapaz

      He was a frat pres... what do you expect?

  • Rory Hume
    Rory Hume

    you should do some videos with Amy like girlfriend vs brother trivia

  • Daksh Thakur
    Daksh Thakur

    Ayyyeeoooo!!! This was a total W James! Keep it up bruh.. Love ur content 🤗

  • Tracy McSwain
    Tracy McSwain

    That is a great challenge to do with friends in this video right know today okay.

  • Dannny

    These guys annoyin, just a bunch of trolls

  • Myles Harrington
    Myles Harrington

    Jiedel please do more vids like these loves this so much 👌🏽👌🏽

  • bea

    PLEASE DO THIS AT THE COMPOUND. like over night bar version


    James totally missed a baw exam joke when saying he went to bar tending school should of said he took the bar exam at Harvard

  • Bryanue ß
    Bryanue ß

    Do it in 100 T House!!!

  • thomas quadrino
    thomas quadrino

    Gotta throw the bag of ice on the floor first

  • BlakeDoesStuff

    I really like this video how you just sit down and talk about stories

  • Alex Henderson
    Alex Henderson

    Movie called Passengers has a bartender and that bartender is yours truly, James😂

  • Sebastian Garcia
    Sebastian Garcia

    W.OPI still lives

  • George Moran
    George Moran

    if the last few minutes weren’t any indication, these dudes really be middle schoolers at heart

  • Steam Dog
    Steam Dog

    One of the best videos I’ve seen

    • Steam Dog
      Steam Dog

      Loved it lol

  • Brendan G
    Brendan G

    lol good idea jiedel i havent watched this but i know u out drinkem all

  • Andrew Scanlon
    Andrew Scanlon


  • cquick 3
    cquick 3

    Jesus Saves Love God✝️

  • TyD P
    TyD P

    Too bad zach wasn't here, he's so old he invented the mojito 🦕

  • TyD P
    TyD P

    This is such a fire vid and should have way more views by now

  • Its drakø
    Its drakø

    Poor james 😞

  • Catrell Grinnell
    Catrell Grinnell

    You should be a restaurant for a day

  • Thomas Verderosa
    Thomas Verderosa

    Says 2hype and it’s only Jesse

  • Jonathan Ritch
    Jonathan Ritch

    Why are there so many steaks on the walls😂😂

  • Carlos Jimenez
    Carlos Jimenez

    “I want chicken nuggets”-Jesse

  • DameIndalab

    Mitchel and jesser is the funniest duo alive frfr

  • DameIndalab

    This video funny 😂

  • Joshua Smith
    Joshua Smith

    Any 2hype drinking video goes crazy

  • Rez

    Do this at the 100T Content House

  • MondoBassTV

    I joined in... please. Moreeee

  • MondoBassTV

    Loveeed this do more