Guess The Stat, Get The NBA Throwback Jersey!
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The boys compete in a stat and trivia guessing game to win rare NBA Throwback Jerseys!
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  • trey taylor
    trey taylor

    Keep doin deez vids nd Zack's gonna have moe jerseys den his age😂

  • Shy Stuff
    Shy Stuff

    I won a jersey the Kevin garnet

  • Madden Bradlee
    Madden Bradlee

    This was a unfair advantage Zack witnessed this the other guys didn’t

  • Eathen Heaverin
    Eathen Heaverin

    On the first question Zack put 4 and James said Zack got it exact it is 2. He must've meant to say 4. Because Zack was right but james said the wrong right answer.

  • Josiah Rosenbloom
    Josiah Rosenbloom

    2:25 💀

  • Dynasty Bell
    Dynasty Bell

    This video was so injoyable we need more videos like this one

  • Your left pinky
    Your left pinky


  • Sebastian Miranda
    Sebastian Miranda


  • Epic Potato
    Epic Potato

    So Zach, how was watching jerry west’s entire career?

  • Bbbb Gggg
    Bbbb Gggg

    Damn I forgot kuda existed

  • Cameron Newville
    Cameron Newville

    Honestly James leave IRbin please no one has liked you since you joined 2hype you take the most friendliest game serious

  • Giants1995

    Who the hell is the hype beast on the far right

  • j a
    j a

    man no one likes you😂

  • CyCon720


  • Will Huston
    Will Huston

    Imagine Zack saying I'm not old but practiclet gets all throwback questions right hmmm old man?

  • C.J.L

    Haven’t seen cookie in a while

  • Top10Trending

    Lol that mutumbo jersey ain’t a throwback for zack, he was only 1 millions years old back then

  • Gage Morgan
    Gage Morgan

    I like those video

  • Dbz Hitman Reborn
    Dbz Hitman Reborn

    I wish there was I way I could dislike the video without clicking on it

    • Dbz Hitman Reborn
      Dbz Hitman Reborn

      @bryan t 00 still does not change I wish there was a way I could dislike the video without being on the video

    • bryan t 00
      bryan t 00

      no one asked

  • Tim Fitz
    Tim Fitz


  • stupid fall guys gamer
    stupid fall guys gamer

    Moochie?! 5.9?! Disrespectful

  • Y'all it's joseph
    Y'all it's joseph

    I put this on my toes that Dikembe is my uncle and have pictures to prove it no cap

  • Emerson Hendricks
    Emerson Hendricks

    I wish I had mutombo number of blocks

  • Gavin Hemraj
    Gavin Hemraj

    Great video JIDEL CURRY

  • Dillon Slowiak
    Dillon Slowiak

    Surprised they didn’t get Kidd

  • beastgamer


  • Billy SMYTHE
    Billy SMYTHE

    Why does this guy delete hundreds of comments lmao

  • Paul Clark
    Paul Clark

    Stockton played for the Lakers late in his career

  • Jacob Esquenazi
    Jacob Esquenazi

    POV: Zach watching these players there whole life

  • Martin Aguilar González
    Martin Aguilar González

    Part 2 with the dream jersey

  • Justus Lane
    Justus Lane

    you should do custom keyboard.

  • Jakobe Gilbert
    Jakobe Gilbert

    Grandpa zack back at it

  • zion okanlawon
    zion okanlawon

    Sup James

  • Alden Tomas Bordallo
    Alden Tomas Bordallo

    I thought man was gonna say BasketballArena

  • Sincere Grant
    Sincere Grant

    James sounds so professional everytime he talks like its weird buy chilling at the same time let me leave I'm on some weird stuff🤣🤣🤣✌✌💯💯

  • Sincere Grant
    Sincere Grant


  • Sincere Grant
    Sincere Grant

    Bruhhh these edits get me everytime bro nooooooo cappppp💯💯💯🔥💪🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Yonathan Aksoy
    Yonathan Aksoy

    I like tjis videos kan you dou More

  • Sincere Grant
    Sincere Grant

    Bro my boy zack getting roasted too much about his age bro🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💯

  • Sincere Grant
    Sincere Grant

    Yerrr love the video bro nooooooo cappppp man bangers after bangers💯💯💯💪💪🐐🐐



  • Dax 2k
    Dax 2k

    Dr squatch aka drug sope James it smells good

  • Andrew Misirly
    Andrew Misirly

    These are the best videos James!!!

  • Zeri P
    Zeri P


  • PlatinumState

    Every 2 hype video has to be sponsored smh

  • Hector Solis
    Hector Solis

    Jokes on yall I get tha soaps fo free cuz I work at 1 of tha warehouses 🤣😎

  • XxWolf MoonxX
    XxWolf MoonxX


  • Byu Mali
    Byu Mali

    Robot guy

  • Ethan Freeman
    Ethan Freeman

    Deep sea diving goat

  • Chase

    haven't seen Kudda in years lmao

  • Victor Espino
    Victor Espino

    Zack saw bill russell play his entire career mans has been around since the creation the NBA

  • Tracy McSwain
    Tracy McSwain

    That is a great video to do in life right know today


    I think jesser needs the dr squatch more than james

  • Freddy Landman
    Freddy Landman

    That's not fair Zach played with Mutombo

  • Dean Leatigaga
    Dean Leatigaga

    Gota love zack hahaha

  • Jojo Pitt
    Jojo Pitt

    Jesus and God is alive

  • That Boy Brian
    That Boy Brian

    Love seeing Kuda in the vid!!

  • Brady Waller [Student]
    Brady Waller [Student]

    I’m not tryna hate but this is a very low energy video for the nice ass jerseys they are play it for all love I’m really not tryna hate


    My dad met dikembe mutombo and my brothers friend is friends with him

  • Jojo Pitt
    Jojo Pitt

    Jesus and God is alive and love you repent

  • Autotune

    I already have Dr. Squatch and can confirm it is fire

  • TheJayBalvin Meal
    TheJayBalvin Meal

    That one strand of hair out of place at the sponsor was annoying me out of my mind

  • Noah Smith GOLD
    Noah Smith GOLD

    jesser is such a casual

  • Adrian Martinez
    Adrian Martinez

    That Stockton jersey is CLEAN!!!!

  • Peyton Harrington
    Peyton Harrington

    Finally back

  • Jojo Pitt
    Jojo Pitt

    Jesus and God loves you

  • Jojo Pitt
    Jojo Pitt

    Jesus and God is alive

  • Jojo Pitt
    Jojo Pitt

    Jesus and God is alive

  • Mr Lonely
    Mr Lonely

    Damn. Who knew KG and Zack were the same age?

  • suxq yt Yt
    suxq yt Yt



    2:28 we know you didn’t see them play their whole career. You saw them play their whole life. 😂

  • MTP

    I won that Stockton jersey 9 points

  • Jonathan Brown
    Jonathan Brown

    James just gelled his hair

  • Tom Peart
    Tom Peart

    Mutombo is my favourite player of all time so I knew all answers lmao

  • Aaron Newman
    Aaron Newman

    These are some of my favorite videos

  • MTP

    Zack is so sold that’s why he knows everything

    • MTP


  • MikeAlmighty

    Post minecraft


    This vid was sooo fast

  • Brandon Branham
    Brandon Branham

    Dr sqautch is great I would recommend it for sure honestly smells great

  • iWinyouLose jit
    iWinyouLose jit

    Bro what happened to kuda doesn’t make videos nor does he play for the 2k league Knicks to now being zacks camera man

  • Shuylar Webb
    Shuylar Webb

    I would want to play this even not for the jerseys.

  • Jesse Siegrist
    Jesse Siegrist

    Love the vids

  • Jared Provencio
    Jared Provencio

    Dude zack is cheating, he watched every game

  • Zeke Stansbery
    Zeke Stansbery

    Yo Zach be just salty that he was actually born during the 16th century and basketball was never invented and needed baskets and chucked chickens into them

  • Mason Tronsor
    Mason Tronsor

    Knew Zack won the Mutombo one off rip because he’s been wearing it in videos posted before this

  • Wind 64
    Wind 64

    The disrespect to Dikembe is just out of hand.

  • DMG

    Jessie is actually such a casual

  • Double A
    Double A

    “If your with in 1 I’ll give you a point if your right I’ll give you 2 point “ - James

  • undefined Najaf
    undefined Najaf

    no offense james but who gives a damn about soap just get a regular one

  • Double A
    Double A

    I like the game show like intro

  • Jakob Scales
    Jakob Scales

    It must be trippy for Zack, Cash, Jesser, and Kris to see Kuda working for Zack because they were all rapidly growing creators at the same time.

  • Renato Delagarza
    Renato Delagarza

    7:15 Zach was mad when he said that

  • Wired Up
    Wired Up

    Zach watched all of these players whole career and only got one🤔

  • Lukusa

    Zack watch Kareem play

  • BiasedClipsFan

    KiddKuda sighting 👀

  • Bilal Abdulhalim
    Bilal Abdulhalim

    0:32 this man James even showers awkwardly😂 No homo tho😳

  • James Barry
    James Barry

    I was missing these please keep doing them every other week

  • David Ola
    David Ola

    I would have guessed most of it right for Kevin Garnett

  • David Ola
    David Ola

    I woulda guessed that Jason Kidd one abt Stockton hands down

  • Jarod Tanner
    Jarod Tanner

    The Thumbnail is dumb asf