Guess The Car 2HYPE Jeopardy!
Today the boys try to guess different cars!
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  • Shondaric Judge jr
    Shondaric Judge jr

    I got legit scared on second intro

  • W K
    W K

    Mk5 supraaaaaa i waa litrrally yelling

  • Kristopher Kranick
    Kristopher Kranick

    Most Everyone knows what a t model Ford zack. Everyone else just dumb 😂

  • Julian Mesa
    Julian Mesa

    Bruh everyone’s a casual except Zach is hurts so bad , cash said a mf lambo avengers 😭😭

  • Hovhannes Voskanyan
    Hovhannes Voskanyan

    I lost brain cells when they didn’t know the Supra 😭😭🤯🤯

  • Chris Crawford44
    Chris Crawford44

    I had everyone right I would’ve had all the points

  • Dexz Clan
    Dexz Clan

    I’m a car guy this makes me laugh so much

  • Mohamed Ben
    Mohamed Ben

    3:35 what is that filter name

  • Patrick Hall
    Patrick Hall

    As a car enthusiast I was hurt that they got so many wrong

  • MonkeyGaming


  • Sebastian Saar
    Sebastian Saar

    Everybody rosting zack but he just nows history

  • KIT LUMIRU Lumiru
    KIT LUMIRU Lumiru

    Bro the disrespect on the Supra

  • Kevin Medina
    Kevin Medina

    This video made me so mad they didn’t know a single car😂

  • Linus Berglund
    Linus Berglund

    Its called the Audi e-tron s

  • Karsten Delk
    Karsten Delk

    As a car guy I’m cringing right now

  • Juan Carlos R. Adia
    Juan Carlos R. Adia

    im a car god

  • Matthew Rye del rio
    Matthew Rye del rio

    me the car guy dying inside😭

  • Renato Delagarza
    Renato Delagarza

    2:02 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dariel Garcia
    Dariel Garcia

    Car people be watching this and be like these mf don’t know they damm cars and they got the money to probably buy some of these cars 😂

  • Jaden2002Always Vlogs
    Jaden2002Always Vlogs

    Not the car guys watching cringing because they called the Supra a Mitsubishi😂💀🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Vizonz Fear
    Vizonz Fear

    Cash said lambo avenger

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin

    Zack has probably had that in his early 20th-century garage

  • Limbo Himbo
    Limbo Himbo

    Love ur vids man

  • Ethan Pendergast
    Ethan Pendergast

    I’m 13 and I knew that was the model T it was the most famous sedan in the last like ever

  • Skurt

    This hurt to watch

  • Soham Patel
    Soham Patel

    As a car guy this hurt to watch

  • Karin Hagermann
    Karin Hagermann

    The envious slope luckily flow because grade immunophenotypically deceive during a slow mitten. homeless, few fierce columnist

  • ConCon.

    I knew that was the model t and I’m 12

  • JAY

    3:00 it’s a tumbler come on

  • Not Here
    Not Here

    Nobody: Zack: 🦖

  • David Donjuangames
    David Donjuangames

    he was friends with ford man

  • Juju Boy
    Juju Boy

    Good video

  • Juju Boy
    Juju Boy

    Chi papi minyenyo

  • Kaiser PvP
    Kaiser PvP

    my heart broke when they called the supra a gtr LOL

  • Johnathan Holbrook
    Johnathan Holbrook

    It’s funny that zack got the model T question 😂 but I’m 18, and I knew 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Mapes

    I’m 17 and knew the Ford model t

  • J W
    J W

    Nissan GT-R OMG

  • Alpha Gaming
    Alpha Gaming

    im a huge car enthusiast, so it would be really unfair if i was in it, but even though they didnt know a lot of them, you cant always really hate on non-car people. and with zack being a former engineer, it shouldnt really be a surprise that he knows what the first car ever made was, with all the old man jokes aside

  • ggg ggg
    ggg ggg

    Jesser knows only few of em' but he can afford all 🤣

  • Alpha Gaming
    Alpha Gaming

    damn my headset volume was too high so my ears were destroyed from the rubber duckie squeak

  • Jona Crap
    Jona Crap

    I knew most of these cars 😭

  • Ryce Wheeler
    Ryce Wheeler

    Zach is smarter then all of them they are salty

  • CeeKay

    Bruh 2:03 had me dead 💀 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Red Eye
    Red Eye

    Props to Zach for being a car guy

  • Dyllan Yuson
    Dyllan Yuson

    damn you lost 200k viewers

  • kimi yee
    kimi yee

    Every car guy must be screaming the answers watching this

  • Ethan Henry
    Ethan Henry

    That what zack be pulling up to school in

  • ItsCoreyD

    i love you guys but you dont know cars and this was hard to watch still love you guys though cant wait til next vid

  • Jamerson Riva
    Jamerson Riva

    Ngl this vid was dead

  • Lee Wood
    Lee Wood

    the fact u said the supra was a gtr 😐

  • Christian Cavanagh
    Christian Cavanagh

    I’m pretty sure that the flint stones was made based on zacks life back then

  • Jackson Showalter
    Jackson Showalter

    As a car guy watching this hurts

  • Chase Romeo
    Chase Romeo

    No wonder the boxes are all sold out bc they have them all displayed


    I knew everyone was bout to laugh when Zack got the old Ford correct

  • FishingThe919

    i’m a car guy they are killing me 😂

  • Sam Moon
    Sam Moon

    What’s up bro, I have a question, why do your face looks like someone pooooooop on your face

  • Anthony Kirk
    Anthony Kirk

    It’s actually The Tumbler. Not the bat mobile

  • Steven Jelly
    Steven Jelly

    Guess the nba players car

  • tweeezy ro
    tweeezy ro

    😂😂😂Zack was whipping the car🤣🤣🤣

  • Jackson Irons
    Jackson Irons

    Zach knows that car cause he used to drive it to work everyday in 1910

  • trump 2024
    trump 2024

    if there was a jdm class i’d win😂

  • Maximus Marks
    Maximus Marks

    Jidel starving for content 😂

  • Jahdiel Martell
    Jahdiel Martell

    As a car guy im getting triggered how they are not getting the supra

  • Lyla Gray
    Lyla Gray

    I thought you were gonna make jesse some food remember we gave you those 50k likes

  • Eli Scales
    Eli Scales

    Zack knows his cars

  • Hugh Cyhowski
    Hugh Cyhowski

    Where is Minecraft 😢

  • Alexus ed6
    Alexus ed6

    Imagine not knowing all the cars smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Memes4Life

    Zack only knew the Ford model T because it was his first car

  • xxkoalakillerxx

    jiedel always looks high

  • Edgar M
    Edgar M

    There’s nothing wrong with Zack knowing the Ford Model T. Dude just knows his classics is all

  • Kaleb Wachal
    Kaleb Wachal

    I got everyone right lol

  • Blaze Muj
    Blaze Muj

    i wouldve dominated this game i love cars

  • taco

    This is offensive to the car community

  • Canaan R
    Canaan R

    Legend has it that zack was the first to drive the Ford model T


    u should be zacks personal chief for 24 hours

  • John Salazar
    John Salazar

    BRING BACK NBA charades

  • Mason Tronsor
    Mason Tronsor

    Real car enthusiasts watching this video are cringing hard

  • Itz _Aldonia
    Itz _Aldonia

    I was happy that James didn’t earrape me till kris and Jesse said for him to

  • darrion brooks
    darrion brooks

    I know I’m late but I got literally every one lol.

  • ArmyMan G
    ArmyMan G

    Nobody: Zack: I come from the 1700's 🤣🤣

  • Rowen Johnson
    Rowen Johnson


  • Keith Long
    Keith Long

    Views dropped hard if Cash not there would be lucky to get 10k views

  • Kilero- 996
    Kilero- 996

    This boy views dropped hardddd😂😂😂

  • grace merryman
    grace merryman

    But no hate

  • grace merryman
    grace merryman

    You can’t roast Zack for knowing the Ford car I’m in fifth grade and I know it it’s the first car

  • Sam The Savage
    Sam The Savage

    Yo that was Zach’s first car

  • Colby's Card Pulls
    Colby's Card Pulls

    Everyone knows what a Ford model t is so Zach shouldn’t get roasted

  • Edvin Lidin
    Edvin Lidin

    You need to be jessers chef the video hit 50k likes

  • Anderson Dial
    Anderson Dial

    I bet the Ford Model T was Zacks First Car

  • ZKoots

    This is so easy

  • Coop B
    Coop B

    Car nerds are about to be pissed

  • Morris Koly
    Morris Koly

    dude is surpising how i know more cars than some of the 2 hype members

  • Léo Larrivée
    Léo Larrivée

    I forgot some people dont know cars

  • Brandon McBRIDE
    Brandon McBRIDE

    At this point just handicap the fuck out of zack

  • Finn_plaz

    i am 12 i know that was the modle t i diid a report on it in 4 th grade

  • Anwar Hijjawi
    Anwar Hijjawi

    Bro this was funny af ngl😭😭

  • That Boy Brian
    That Boy Brian

    Love these videos

  • Spencer Allen
    Spencer Allen

    Zach was there when he was made 😂 😂😂

    • Spencer Allen
      Spencer Allen


  • MTN

    Since when does Jesse wear jeans 😂

  • A K
    A K

    This video is genuinely triggering me