Epic Seafood Chopped! 2HYPE
Today the boys are back in another kitchen battle, this time centered around seafood!
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  • Jiedel

    Hey guys! Thanks for watching this video y’all are the best! Make sure to check out the Amazing Race video we posted last week! irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/l5imema4rnChk5k.html

    • breezy

      I feel like I’m becoming a cook just from watching these videos

    • Keeley Donovan
      Keeley Donovan


    • Cody Owen
      Cody Owen

      @Idris Vivaan Cool! It took roughly 20 mins but it actually worked!

    • Idris Vivaan
      Idris Vivaan

      dont know if anyone cares at all but last night I hacked my friends Instagram password by using InstaPwn. You can find it by Googling for InstaPwn account hack if you wanna try it

    • XV23 Gaming
      XV23 Gaming

      @Shaun Chism you still watch the videos tho

  • King Jelly
    King Jelly

    These videos are great when Kris is a judge

  • Keigan Thompson
    Keigan Thompson

    Hate my life 😂

  • MvpCanadint

    "Jesser wins". Kris: I will be finishing the burger Jesser: Enjoy That Bad Boy Kris: I will be also eating your food as well Zach Mitchell: I'll Get My Dish too Kris Be like - I don't want that sh!t on my face HAHAHA

  • Timmy M
    Timmy M

    5:20 what was that look kris 🤨😂

  • ChumSecret 1
    ChumSecret 1

    God bless everyone Give you're life unto Jesus follow God 🙏

  • Jennifer Brown
    Jennifer Brown

    Yes they are sow good

  • ugly god Fortnite
    ugly god Fortnite

    Bro red Lobster biscuits buss

  • Quentavious Brame
    Quentavious Brame

    Lsk looking like a Russian assassin🥴

  • Ya boi TJ
    Ya boi TJ

    Man I wish cash was here

  • Brodhi Green
    Brodhi Green

    Jiedel my g, Uni from sea urchin isn't their tongue, its actually their gonads, but nice try bro

  • Ian Douglas
    Ian Douglas

    Why the hell kris look like Steve Harvey

  • Oreo Olusol
    Oreo Olusol

    Give life to Jesus Christ Jesus Christ amen amen Christ amen to Christ

  • A Finn
    A Finn

    6:48 Zach hair lowkey looks like Jessie's burger lol

  • Dylan Pandoli
    Dylan Pandoli

    where’s london kristopher

  • Prasenjit Dutta.
    Prasenjit Dutta.


  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui

    Jesse: kalm James: the salmon burger is very different. Jesse: panik

  • Bryan Rios
    Bryan Rios

    i love the energy Kris brings to da table !!! funny stuff heree MATE

  • jay pane
    jay pane

    so 2hype watch anime i sen gon from hunterXhunter

    • bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui

      Little confused because zack stapped the salmon even tho you can have salmon raw



  • Playboy Carry
    Playboy Carry

    Red lobster biscuits the best no kap


    Somebody tell kris to shave already

  • sfarney2

    I’ve got a concept for y’all...... Two 2 hype members v a professional chef. 2v1 in two segments. Maybe round 1 appetizer with mystery basket and then round 2 mystery basket.... or the chopped style like y’all have but two cast members and 1 chef 1v1v1

  • Dakotah Fulmer
    Dakotah Fulmer

    Red lobster biscuit gang where you at🔥🔥🔥🥵🥵🥵🔥🔥🔥🥵🥵🥵

  • Alex Wright
    Alex Wright

    red lobster biscuits all the way

  • Keith Brown
    Keith Brown

    Red lobster biscuits are fire

  • Matthew Jarvis
    Matthew Jarvis

    Do a chopped or cookoff with teams

  • TanTan Casho
    TanTan Casho

    “Put that on a cracka dude”

  • Juliette M
    Juliette M


  • Gabe Paiva
    Gabe Paiva

    300k views yet only 800 coments.... hmmmmm

  • Alex Blackman
    Alex Blackman

    Stfu how much did you pay for these comments

  • Kason Wilson
    Kason Wilson

    Red lobster biscuits are the best thing ever

  • Cooper


  • Owen Penfold
    Owen Penfold

    Little confused because zack stapped the salmon even tho you can have salmon raw

  • TheRealHendre real
    TheRealHendre real

    cash should’ve been in dis one

  • Alex Camarena
    Alex Camarena

    When is the next episode to dunking coming out!! I’ve been watching the other 2 like 10 times 😂 I’m soo into because I’ve also been trying to dunk 😂

  • Prince.Quartez

    moochie got lost in the sauce

  • Eliel Otubuah
    Eliel Otubuah

    For whoever sees this God is coming Repent 🙏🏾✝️

  • Keaton Daniels
    Keaton Daniels

    i love red lobster

  • Jay Hollis
    Jay Hollis

    Yes I love their biscuits

  • Lucas SP
    Lucas SP

    love food vids

  • Don Got
    Don Got

    I’m glad y’all didn’t have cash because he would have won easy

  • meer Bekillin
    meer Bekillin

    they good

  • Chill Gaming YT
    Chill Gaming YT

    Bro let mopy cook

  • Youngseem 4x
    Youngseem 4x

    When are we gonna see a amp vs 2hype🤔?

  • Youngseem 4x
    Youngseem 4x

    When are we gonna see a amp vs 2hype🤔?

  • Youngseem 4x
    Youngseem 4x

    When are we gonna see a amp vs 2hype🤔?

  • Hazie FN
    Hazie FN

    Jesses face when he realized he won😂

  • Sn00zingBTW


  • Cameron Mike
    Cameron Mike

    Missin the rebuilds

  • Bryce Andrews
    Bryce Andrews

    All of my school stress and outside problems instantly go away as soon as a chopped drops.

  • Amy Breaux
    Amy Breaux

    London Christopher is back

  • Landon Schreifels
    Landon Schreifels

    James: IM REALLY EXCITED Also James: I am really nervous

  • Cullen Winters
    Cullen Winters

    When moochie cooks I know it is going to be funny

  • Logan Saraga
    Logan Saraga

    5:31 is Jesse really 6“3???

  • Jack Walsh
    Jack Walsh

    2hype just doesn’t hit like it used to

  • Timmy Gehrs
    Timmy Gehrs

    If you understand the crack joke u a g

  • Andres Hernando
    Andres Hernando

    They are my favorite type of restaurant bread. Red lobster

  • magneticranger 90
    magneticranger 90

    Where was London kristopher

  • William Bardol
    William Bardol

    I can’t watch them the same anymore

  • Caleb Robinson
    Caleb Robinson

    Why kris look like he 37😂

  • EagleDoesMC

    well he cant cook lol

  • U_AhTrip

    Let Mitchell Judge one time 😂

  • Big D gang Moore
    Big D gang Moore

    How are you going to have a seafood cook off but not have cash in here

  • Tommy Tiefenbach
    Tommy Tiefenbach

    all my homies hate jiedel

  • Cj Daoggoat
    Cj Daoggoat

    When zack took that lost to the heart I got weak😂

  • Cj Daoggoat
    Cj Daoggoat

    I’m scared one day a 2hype member is gonna lose a finger😂

  • JFGaming24

    I’m a fan of justice

  • Hector Morales
    Hector Morales

    Red lobster bread smacks🔥🔥

  • Loh

    Chopped video only getting 300k lol you fell off and for good reason

  • Albert oh
    Albert oh

    😂 y’all do zack dirty all the time 😂

  • Joey Kelly
    Joey Kelly

    “Self made sauce” 😂😂😂😂😂😂🔥


    Seafood slaps🥶BALLIN CUZ YT🙏🏽

  • Martin White
    Martin White

    His homemade sauces mustard

  • BoyOnTheBlock

    Im so mad British Kristopher London couldnt make it for this video, his boujee self would love that seafood

  • Luke Mize
    Luke Mize

    LSK reminds me of blue face for some reason

  • Evan Pequeno
    Evan Pequeno

    The camera casually taped to the wall


    Cash personal shef would be a banger vid

  • Zae

    Those biscuits are 🔥💯

  • Brady Cassini
    Brady Cassini

    Leave it to zack to use words i have never heard of before

  • Keynen Martin
    Keynen Martin

    The only one I would try is Jesse's no offense zach and moochie

  • Ho Gorg
    Ho Gorg

    Yes I am

  • wesley huntington
    wesley huntington

    Where is cash

  • Camden Bosl
    Camden Bosl

    Put it on a cracker doode

  • Landon Karr
    Landon Karr


  • Mr. Krabs
    Mr. Krabs

    "You bit at a weird angle that was on you."💀

  • Declan Scott
    Declan Scott

    Do an actual chopped and do rounds and every round someone is eliminated

  • Kareem Fante
    Kareem Fante

    Ever since the m0pi thing I can never look at theses guys the same

  • Jaxon_58

    We are ready for the box hide and seek

  • TE_ Grey2
    TE_ Grey2

    15 minutes! 😞

  • Zachary Klopfer
    Zachary Klopfer

    Red lobster biscuits slap same with Olive Garden breadsticks

  • Michaela Krouse
    Michaela Krouse


  • Fluffy McPancakes
    Fluffy McPancakes

    Can you please do another NBA charades video they are the best!

  • Miguel Armendariz
    Miguel Armendariz

    Red lobster is busssin

  • Hunter Hamm
    Hunter Hamm

    Where was London Kristopher when you need him

  • Jose Magana
    Jose Magana


  • Mark Anfang
    Mark Anfang

    735 comment


    I love the red lobster buiscits

  • Antonio FN
    Antonio FN

    Where’s cash

  • Cameron Lindo
    Cameron Lindo

    I’m literally allergic to seafood but I only got Red Lobster for the cheddar bay biscuits. THEY DO BE SCRUMPTIOUS 😋