Epic 2Hype Scrambled Eggs Cookoff!
Today the boys and I compete to see who can make the best dish featuring scrambled Eggs!
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  • Emmanuel Dahn
    Emmanuel Dahn


  • Oreo Olusol
    Oreo Olusol

    Give life to Jesus Christ

  • AtrociousApex

    Scrambled eggs challenge and yet the guy that made the best eggs lost😂

  • Anthony Trigueros
    Anthony Trigueros

    how much time did Lsk put on the bacon

  • cquick 3
    cquick 3

    Jesus Saves Love God✝️

  • Jake Poore
    Jake Poore

    Moochie is the best

  • Micah Tyler
    Micah Tyler

    It’s criminal that jidel has only 1 mil subs he should be over 2 mil


    Yo I luv Scramble eggs quick and easy 💯

  • Toxic Bsterlax12
    Toxic Bsterlax12

    Putting toast in the toaster

  • cquick 3
    cquick 3

    Jesus Saves Love God✝️

  • Farid Alamgir
    Farid Alamgir

    I got a name for Kris: Microwave mafia boss

  • Jojo Pitt
    Jojo Pitt

    Jesus and God is alive and love you repent he is king

  • Jojo Pitt
    Jojo Pitt

    Jesus and God is alive and love you repent he is king

  • Jojo Pitt
    Jojo Pitt

    Jesus and God is alive and love you repent he is king

  • Carston Simmons
    Carston Simmons

    Before kris made microwave bacon I actually eat that before I saw him make it for the first time ever and I love it

  • random stuff
    random stuff

    I'm legally lesser I make hot pockets often

  • cquick 3
    cquick 3

    Jesus Saves Love God

  • Jordin Pittman
    Jordin Pittman

    Jesus and God Loves u

  • Jordin Pittman
    Jordin Pittman

    Jesus and God Loves You

  • Jordin Pittman
    Jordin Pittman

    Jesus and God Loves You and is alive

  • Jordin Pittman
    Jordin Pittman

    Jesus and God Loves you

  • Jordin Pittman
    Jordin Pittman

    Jesus and God Loves you and is alive and died and rose on the 3 day

  • Erin Ganaway
    Erin Ganaway

    Idk why 6:55 made me laugh so much

  • Jonathan villalobos
    Jonathan villalobos

    Moochie the master of jugeing eggs

  • QuanYT

    Jesse needs to be called hot pocket because he got sponsored by them

  • max Jerome
    max Jerome

    I’ve noticed these guys suck at cooking

  • VoxzyFN


  • Jash Desai
    Jash Desai

    Jiedel would now win this dominantly

  • Aaryan Merchant
    Aaryan Merchant

    I know Kris didn’t win because there isn’t a MICROWAVE GANG STAND UP in the comments

  • Slapppy Yt
    Slapppy Yt

    Mitchell is the best vibe ever no cap mane!!!!!!!

  • Jacob Teague
    Jacob Teague

    Michel is so nice for a juge

  • The Official Syd
    The Official Syd

    Everyone see’s that James thinks he’s bout to win but then Jesse wins

  • Demon Wxvy
    Demon Wxvy

    Moochie killed me with the hand movement after the little bit of hotsause

  • Jon Yeung
    Jon Yeung

    The sad part is i can make eggs way better then them

  • Ian’sVlogz

    When Jesse was telling his dish that was me presenting a project in front of class😂:

  • Russel Naguit
    Russel Naguit

    Jesser keeps his egg streak alive

  • Hans Price
    Hans Price

    how long did you microwave the bacon

  • A S
    A S

    This man child really microwaved eggs... smdh

  • Diego Thaking
    Diego Thaking


  • SAVAGE 01R
    SAVAGE 01R

    “James is putting his toast in the toaster” you mean bread 😂😂

  • Nasir Amaire
    Nasir Amaire

    I know im not the only one peeping jesse's slippers those new gucci

  • Dominic Thao
    Dominic Thao

    Arent you supposed to cut the bacon before you cook it.. (jesser)

  • Tom O'Leary
    Tom O'Leary

    Can we get a grilled cheese cook off

  • L33yum

    level 31 egglord LOL

  • Michael Malloy
    Michael Malloy

    Where is the chese

    • Michael Malloy
      Michael Malloy

      Where is the cheese

  • Geee

    Bro I never seen someone cook bacon in a microwave 😐 and the first time I’ve seen someone microwave an egg was Kris again before

  • Viral 2k
    Viral 2k

    2:27 😂

  • vsolo percz
    vsolo percz

    Bruh why does kris cook everything with the microwave 😭😂

  • Gucci Sauce
    Gucci Sauce

    I’d destroy these cooking competitions

  • Jerm Daws
    Jerm Daws

    moochie is such a fake tjass it hurts me

  • Brendan Loya
    Brendan Loya

    You should do butter noodles are steak

  • Abu Draws!
    Abu Draws!

    Nobody: Jesser: That bread is imported from............... PORTUGAL

  • aebt junas
    aebt junas

    i feel like if i eat eggs that kris cooked im going to be sick

  • Chauncey Hogg
    Chauncey Hogg

    Kris seasons like a white boi

  • Sam Sidorenko
    Sam Sidorenko

    Mitchell knows about the ketchup trick. My boy

  • Edward Kim aka ballislifekim ____E1
    Edward Kim aka ballislifekim ____E1

    Jesse said I cook hot pockets not really all you do to hot pockets just re heat in the Microwave

  • AndyFN30

    Just me or no sound?

  • Rjcourey

    So white ppl don’t know how to season but kris puts a sprinkle of pepper and salt and says he’s the shit

  • ghostdtx

    That bacon sound like an old twig snapping

  • ghostdtx

    Did he really microwave eggs?

  • ghostdtx

    As a cook your kitchen safety is horrendous. Easy vocal commands such as "sharp" "hot" and "behind" go a long way in any kitchen.

    • ghostdtx

      Sharp! Sharp! Behind. Hot. Behind. Hot.

  • Enma

    Imagine being a level 37 egglord

  • Jamison Hawkins
    Jamison Hawkins

    Microwaved bacon slaps


    U see james and jesse at the stove and kris is in the background at the microwave

  • S1L3NT 13
    S1L3NT 13

    Seeing LSK cook breakfast is scary

  • Angel

    I would of won that challenge

  • Sanford Tan
    Sanford Tan


  • yusef qualls
    yusef qualls

    never mind

  • yusef qualls
    yusef qualls

    were is the milk

  • Axle

    zack peeking is hilarious

  • Declan

    Americans trynna make scrambled egg🤦‍♂️all they do is make it look like pieces of an omlet

  • Daylen Fox
    Daylen Fox

    intro just scared the shit outta me lol

  • Christian Williams
    Christian Williams

    Moochies ears are so different😂😂😂💀💀💀👂👂👂

  • Reverse Dilemma
    Reverse Dilemma

    Bro zack from the corner😂

  • M41i

    Who tf doesn’t know about hard boiled eggs

  • ethan__899

    Dude did some thing jidel says activates you siri

  • Thatboytjjj

    Who else puts ketchup on there eggs 💪🏼

  • Carter Wright
    Carter Wright

    The egg getting sucked into the vacuum got me deaddddx

  • Jeremiah Whiteshirt
    Jeremiah Whiteshirt

    We need moochie more as judge

  • Clynk Yt
    Clynk Yt

    Me as 10 years old makes a lot of eggs 🥚

  • Yahirisloco FN
    Yahirisloco FN

    Moochie sucks at cooking anything

  • phrog

    “Level 37 egglord”

  • Rhyan At3months
    Rhyan At3months

    Bro trust me on this make a egg sandwich with bacon and smack some soy sauce in there it’s pretty good

  • Lathan Truesdale
    Lathan Truesdale

    I know Kris didn’t just put eggs in the microwave 😂😂...

  • Joachim Fulgentes
    Joachim Fulgentes

    Mitchell is the best chopped judge

  • Matthew Eisenberg
    Matthew Eisenberg

    i screamed out loud “no kris” when he put the eggs in the microwave

  • Derrick Gray
    Derrick Gray

    Lowkey kris almost caught a felony 🤣🤣🤣🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Giovanne Vega gaming
    Giovanne Vega gaming

    Bro did u know scrambled eggs with ketchup goooood

  • Mani. Shine
    Mani. Shine

    IRbinR EDITION WHO ARE YOU 1.Duke 2.CashNasty 3.BoneCollecter 4.Tjass 5.Mopi 6.Kris 7.ImDavisss 8.Jesser 9.Kenny AND FOR THE BEST OF THE BEST GREATEST OF ALL TIME 10.FLIGHT Let me know who you got!!Good luck and god bless you

  • BearYT

    I love how the title suggests that it’s a scrambled egg cook off not a breakfast cook off 😂😂😂

  • owen111 1
    owen111 1

    ur so bad even jessers 2nd channel got a mil before u

  • owen111 1
    owen111 1

    with all these cook offs, no wonder ur so fat

  • Luke McArthur
    Luke McArthur

    Mitchell really called the kitchen a cooking section 💀💀💀

  • Connor Gannett
    Connor Gannett

    Got sauce and eggs do be hittin tho

  • Tranquelity


  • priyank vekariya
    priyank vekariya

    2 hype should make cook off merch

  • JVG

    Mitchell is a vibe tho

  • Isaac Paul Ulibarri
    Isaac Paul Ulibarri

    Jesser sorry but you not doctor egg man I am I make the best eggs

  • sliticqlbruh

    Other Judges: THE FU*K IS THIS? YOU SUCK! Moochie: It's yummy.

  • Trey Pryss
    Trey Pryss

    Does anybody else but ketchup or hot sauce on their eggs