Epic 2HYPE NBA Trivia Party!
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Today the boys compete in an EPIC match of my NBA Trivia Party Board Game!
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  • Tyler Tutt
    Tyler Tutt

    Jesse: "caveraliers"

  • Benjamin Ross
    Benjamin Ross

    For the sponsor, James kept looking for away so are they're cards

  • maximus prime
    maximus prime

    bro wtf is on that rug... lookin like throw up

  • George Yellow
    George Yellow

    This video was amazing

  • Colton Buckley
    Colton Buckley

    “The big fight” 😂

  • Sebastian Saar
    Sebastian Saar

    James: what teams did shaq play for Jesse:cavalaraliers

  • DW Nation
    DW Nation

    Make more vids like these 😂😂🔥

  • John Flanagan
    John Flanagan

    did anyone realise Mitchells shoes

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt

    Moochie is a vibe man gets called out for not wearing socks so he throws on a pair of loafers with em certified pimp shit

  • Bubs Miller
    Bubs Miller


  • Some Guitar Gently Comes
    Some Guitar Gently Comes

    Moochie: “If I can’t get points off knowledge, I can gain it off physical attributes” Sounds like Prostitution with extra steps.

  • Twitch L2spx
    Twitch L2spx

    Who’s here when Rutgers lost to Houston

  • Steven Chase
    Steven Chase

    Clyde is walts nickname

  • Scott S
    Scott S

    Jesus loves you!

  • Adrian Chua
    Adrian Chua

    This trivia game was rigged

  • Ok

    It went from jesse at the top and bulling everyone to immediately backfiring lol

  • Jarrett Thornburg
    Jarrett Thornburg

    How many people think Michelle’s shoes look comfortable

  • Elijah

    Am I the only one that heard kris’s really creepy laugh 11:51

  • Jackson Veech
    Jackson Veech

    Rutgers suck Go Illini baby

  • Number1

    10:17 what was that khris? 😂

  • Luc Hallberg
    Luc Hallberg

    Clyde is his nickname not middle name 🤦‍♂️

  • Aidzy

    I’m rocking with that coconut mall music

  • Jesse Arredondo
    Jesse Arredondo

    Why Jesse say cavaliers like that 😂

  • Benjamin Fronczak
    Benjamin Fronczak

    Mitchel saying he knows basketball at the end was so funny 🤣

  • Rowan Nickell
    Rowan Nickell

    I am unsubing

  • Venmin

    Love the HunterxHunter soundtrack additions!!!

  • Gina Gracia
    Gina Gracia

    I am back James haven’t watched you in a while because of my family

    • Gina Gracia
      Gina Gracia

      Been watching since July 2019 keep up the content love the trivia

    • Gina Gracia
      Gina Gracia

      But my username is not the same

    • Gina Gracia
      Gina Gracia

      I have another device and I am subscribed

  • Pete S K
    Pete S K

    James was fing cheating

  • Tom Courtney
    Tom Courtney

    Of course Zach knew the old man Walt Frazier and James didn’t.

  • FoundApollo5387 ツ
    FoundApollo5387 ツ

    Can we just talk about how Jesse said cavaliers 😂

  • Panlake

    Clyde is his nickname

  • Jagvir Gill
    Jagvir Gill


  • Philly Killa
    Philly Killa

    Jesse was getting a lil aggressive in this one 😭😭

  • Sophia Pringle
    Sophia Pringle

    this was such a fun video to watch

  • Trace White
    Trace White

    Y’all don’t deserve Jeff😂

  • Albert Rinaldi
    Albert Rinaldi

    I love Rutgers and live so close their arena. So much respect for you

  • Gangsta Mickey
    Gangsta Mickey

    Jiedel:name the shooting guard that was from heat and bulls Mitchell: confused Me:its literally dwayne wade and Jimmy butler

  • AngryLobster24

    Wade’s jersey is not retired by the Bulls wtf???

  • Ryan Carne
    Ryan Carne

    Awesome video, had me dying the whole time😂😂

  • cquick 3
    cquick 3


  • cquick 3
    cquick 3

    Jesus Saves Love God

  • ensalada jones
    ensalada jones

    I gotta give to you James, this was a nice video... keep the series going!

  • AngryLobster24

    clyde is walt’s nickname you casuals

  • George Moran
    George Moran

    yo james doubt you’ll see this but do another mystery box thing with trading and expensive items those are always the best

  • Justin C
    Justin C

    Jesser kicks kris they let kris have the card but Jesse kicks Mitchell’s they make him go back 😂

  • Hotboydixon 8
    Hotboydixon 8


  • Jaybob

    I hear that coconut 🥥 mall music in the back you ain’t slick

    • Jaybob

      And koopa 🐢 kape

  • Franco Michelin
    Franco Michelin

    Moochie must be Lucky to win this. For sure.

  • Chick

    Where’s minecraft

  • Garlentz Jean
    Garlentz Jean

    I like the challenge videos when Moochie win #Moochiesimps

  • Dj Owen
    Dj Owen

    Jesus loves u and he wants u to live with him in heaven he wants u to love him and walk with him amen

  • Jack Kelly
    Jack Kelly

    James views went down bad

  • sergio

    This video clearly shows how Mitchell is the nba trivia god and knows more than the rest of the 2hype guys 😴🥱

  • Mohammad Mansour
    Mohammad Mansour


  • Johnnie

    Wait did kris ever use his card that gave him 100 points from another player

  • Tyler Meyer
    Tyler Meyer

    Jesse was getting robbed no wonder he was trying to cheat 😂

  • Elijah Triolo
    Elijah Triolo

    Jesse rages are the best

  • Micah Harris
    Micah Harris

    I can’t believe that moochie didn’t know Dwayne wade played for both heat and bulls

    • AngryLobster24

      i can’t believe James said Wade has his jersey retired by the Bulls.

  • Travis Brooks
    Travis Brooks

    Bro this like the most funniest trivia I've seen

  • Javier

    “I know my basketball” 🐐

  • joshua hernandez
    joshua hernandez

    Mitchell really said “other one” while looking at the goat Wade.... he stupid

  • Gerard Pinto
    Gerard Pinto

    Moochie winning a trivia video, let's gooo

  • TK Moore
    TK Moore

    My boys back at Clemson bout to dog y’all

  • SealsReborn

    Idc how rigged moochie won

  • Jevon Robinson
    Jevon Robinson

    Everytime Jesse plays he tried to cheat 😂

  • Justin Crews
    Justin Crews

    Best series

  • Justin Temke
    Justin Temke

    Zack knows walt fraiser because he saw him play

  • Liam Benine
    Liam Benine

    Like you literally get down on your knees and gargle Kris and Zach 😂

  • Liam Benine
    Liam Benine

    James bro you gargle zack and kris balls

  • Jojo Pitt
    Jojo Pitt

    Jesus and God loves you sm and is alive repent

  • Jojo Pitt
    Jojo Pitt

    Jesus and God loves you sm and is alive repent

  • Shantee Newsome
    Shantee Newsome

    He sound like jesse

  • Jojo Pitt
    Jojo Pitt

    Jesus and God loves you sm and is alive repent

  • Jojo Pitt
    Jojo Pitt

    Jesus and God loves you and is alive repent

  • Jojo Pitt
    Jojo Pitt

    Jesus and God loves you sm

  • Jonathan Hardy
    Jonathan Hardy


  • Wintersoldier 13d
    Wintersoldier 13d

    Thanks for 100 thumbs up idk y but thx

  • Youaretrash _ok
    Youaretrash _ok

    They all got sponsored by DraftKings

  • J. Bowles24
    J. Bowles24

    Eye care

  • Lil E Gaming
    Lil E Gaming

    🧐- Me when James said it wasn’t Walt Frazier

  • Armanny Taveras
    Armanny Taveras

    Jesse woke up and chose violence

  • Jonathan Diaz
    Jonathan Diaz

    These are the best

  • Tracy McSwain
    Tracy McSwain

    That is a great challenge to do in life right know today okay.

  • Triniti J
    Triniti J

    Congrats for Mitchell winning lowkey was getting tired of zack winning lol

  • Triniti J
    Triniti J

    Kris evil laugh at 11:54 lmaooo had me dying

  • Triniti J
    Triniti J

    When are yall coming out with more truecreator cards

  • Triniti J
    Triniti J

    lmaooo why didn't you just rewrite the Trivia word lmaooo

  • Anthony Williams
    Anthony Williams

    Cam I now u see this u suck

  • Michael Robbins Jr
    Michael Robbins Jr

    Love these videos

  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick

    Why out of all the foods in the world kris had to pick a hotdog 🧐

  • Trent Bailey
    Trent Bailey

    Dude Zach and Moochie are a duo that we didn’t know that we needed

  • Rydro 99
    Rydro 99

    One of the funniest videos I’ve watched of James lmao they all funny as hell together

  • Jayden LopezMerrill
    Jayden LopezMerrill

    jeff should join 2hype NGL

  • Dominik Tello
    Dominik Tello

    Props to James and the crew. Cause this was a really well made video.

    • EZ Breezy
      EZ Breezy

      Not really lol

  • Morris Dwek
    Morris Dwek

    Ayy Rutger nation

  • Steady Crowkx
    Steady Crowkx

    13:27 what is that inside of zacks pants😨

  • Ryan Lock
    Ryan Lock

    I’m sorry James but Walt and Clyde are the same person

  • Marc Zulaica
    Marc Zulaica

    2017-2019: Seat Geek 2021: Draft Kings

  • Spencer Hall
    Spencer Hall

    Jesses knowledge is evolving

  • BladeeGames

    Who else is glad Mitchell won?