Epic 2HYPE Mini Golf Tournament!
The boys and I are finally back! Today we are playing some mini golf!
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  • Abhi Naka
    Abhi Naka

    He might use bumpers

  • Elijah Mikhael Raymundo
    Elijah Mikhael Raymundo

    K - Keep O - On B - Balling E - Everyone Those Words will Never be forgotten R.i.p Kobe Bryant

  • stfu bruh
    stfu bruh

    cash won for not knowing how to play😂

  • Butt Booty
    Butt Booty

    Can someone please tell cash to calm the fuck down. It’s a putter

  • abc12398456

    Cash would be kicked out my crib so fast

  • Matthew Pourciau
    Matthew Pourciau

    The only thing we learn is that the house has a lot of random stuff all over the house

  • unknownmerci

    Cash is just a cheater

  • Jake Kunz
    Jake Kunz

    James..... wtf is that stance

  • Jose Paz Jr.
    Jose Paz Jr.

    It’s so entertaining to see cash play

  • Triszy

    Cash finesses the 2hype house and secures the W with 26 points

  • Gabriel Juarez
    Gabriel Juarez

    my girl: im on my period me: 10:59

  • Julius Quinn
    Julius Quinn

    Why is cash turning into hulk when he hits the ball?

  • Disco Potato
    Disco Potato

    You guys need to stick to basketball... Watching Cash destroy that house was painful

  • Alexander Peralta Rivera
    Alexander Peralta Rivera

    Mini hoop golf way better

  • Hayes Crowell
    Hayes Crowell

    Uhum cash

  • Hayes Crowell
    Hayes Crowell

    Jesse stressing a wall doesn’t have a dent😬😰😰😰😶😬😬

  • Cracker Boi
    Cracker Boi

    james might just be the unfunniest person ever!

  • Thiccc Spongebob
    Thiccc Spongebob

    Wait, ZACK!

  • el chivo
    el chivo

    Lame ass video

  • huc680ram ;qih'quc
    huc680ram ;qih'quc

    The enormous attempt expectantly blot because representative especially thaw with a real bath. disturbed, tan degree

  • Alcraig Rivera
    Alcraig Rivera

    Love that unravel song in tokyo ghoul

  • C Smith
    C Smith

    When cash got mad a jeser for loving humphrey

  • IG: braaddeen
    IG: braaddeen

    Kinda surprised cash still hangs wit fake ass people

  • Jeffrey Ernest Kua
    Jeffrey Ernest Kua

    If moochie was playing i think hecwould have just trolled everyone by hitting it so far

  • merge the cool kid
    merge the cool kid

    everyone plays mini golf the right way cash just baseball swinging every time 🤣🤣

  • Reid Waxman
    Reid Waxman

    Cash hitting the ball likes he’s young boy

  • Micheal McLean
    Micheal McLean


  • Nathan Smith
    Nathan Smith

    Jiedel but the J is an L

  • Chrisx2

    Bro can you make good content

  • TheGameBroken

    I hate jiedel

  • lxe jayjay
    lxe jayjay

    4:20 how did zach's ball move

  • Steven Diaz
    Steven Diaz

    Mo pe

  • jonh cena family
    jonh cena family


  • JJToasT

    Cash need to stop touchin Humphrey’s toys

  • DiamondAdventureGaming // DhruvDAG
    DiamondAdventureGaming // DhruvDAG

    U got clout cuz ur brother just want u to know that



  • Jackson Ruelke
    Jackson Ruelke

    L video

  • Kenny Thao
    Kenny Thao

    Cash lmao

  • Alex Duong
    Alex Duong

    My guy cash and Mitchell cool tho

  • Trini-_- Jacen
    Trini-_- Jacen

    Cash looked so sad today

  • Heather Dobbins
    Heather Dobbins

    Ever since Jesse joiner 100 thieves he has not posted and I am worried

  • Wind 64
    Wind 64

    They shoulda used the foam balls😬

  • Playboi Hex
    Playboi Hex

    Is it me or doesn’t feel weird watchin them after the drama

  • Nathaniel Afilalo
    Nathaniel Afilalo

    Where moochie at tho???

  • TD Gian
    TD Gian

    Where’d Cash’s finesse go when playin a finesse game like golf😂

  • 1WRLDBrxzy

    ik im late but that tokyo ghoul intro music😂

  • karissa mcknight
    karissa mcknight


  • foxsplitz

    bring back gm jiedel

  • Jeremy Bradley
    Jeremy Bradley

    Can you do a Hide n seek video

  • Jen Ranly
    Jen Ranly


  • Hunter Bragg
    Hunter Bragg

    Kinda upset me when cash was being very disrespectful and not playing normal but otherwise I loved the vid!

  • Cammackazi

    on hole two who else was chanting drink motha f##ka drink

  • Weston Glass
    Weston Glass

    Where is moochie mooch

  • Scenic Route
    Scenic Route


  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith

    Kris has a rat on his face

  • Serge Bou nassar
    Serge Bou nassar

    Shit hype

  • 392_scatty Tee
    392_scatty Tee

    CAsh do not be fw these videos

  • Caldre Williams
    Caldre Williams

    Jesser why u stop making video

  • KjHar1

    Cash actually really annoyed me this video

  • I am Spoongebo0b
    I am Spoongebo0b

    When is Jesse gonna post again?

  • Yağız CK
    Yağız CK

    15:18 And Jesse said he listens Lady Gaga, Shawn and One Direction lol I don't know who's softer Jesse or Kris lmao

  • William Wimshurst
    William Wimshurst

    Do it again

  • Andrew Vettese
    Andrew Vettese

    i know jesse is cringing watching cash drill the ball into the walls of his house

  • squad


  • Brady Cross
    Brady Cross

    Cash stay crushin that ball 😂

  • NXSA

    Is Jesser scared to tell cash to chill df out 😂

  • NXSA

    Wtf is cash doing, that someone’s house df you swinging so hard for 😂

  • Sam Babarinde
    Sam Babarinde

    where is moochie is he out of 2hype too

  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick

    I only go on jidels videos to dislike then leave

  • Suwoopin2k

    Ayooo yall see cash swinging hard asf with dat form yall😂😂😂😂 my guy lost asf

  • Ralph Chan
    Ralph Chan

    Shite vid

  • Jaren Jackson
    Jaren Jackson

    Cash is happy Gilmoreing the ball

  • Daniel Castellanos
    Daniel Castellanos

    I was a fan.....still kinda am.....just is different now.....if you know you know

  • Edwin Speegle
    Edwin Speegle

    Glad the drama’s over and we can live our normal lives again

  • minievinnie 32
    minievinnie 32

    Nobody: Literally nobody: (Cash puts hole in wall)

  • Soy Saucing
    Soy Saucing

    Did i hear robinhood 💀

  • Shutey

    2hype ain’t the same lol

  • Duke Epic
    Duke Epic


  • Lardo

    Cash hates it there.

  • Hunter Carlson
    Hunter Carlson

    I’ve never seen someone look this unathletic in mini golf

  • LSK Bros
    LSK Bros

    that feeling when jesser doesn’t upload on his channel so u have to watch jiedel😂😂

  • The Best
    The Best

    Jesser why u stop posting

  • slerzFN

    It’s pain being a golfer and and looking at their stances and how hard cash hits it.

  • Christian Gamer
    Christian Gamer

    be a disciple of JESUS today if you're not one right now read your bible every day talk to god every day try not to sin jesus did die on the cross for us and GOD gave us this life JESUS might come back soon love JESUS and GOD more than anything try to learn everything that you can about being a disciple.....:JESUS and GOD loves you....

  • Josh


  • Joseph Munoz
    Joseph Munoz

    Love your vids I’m seven

  • Andrew Gluck
    Andrew Gluck

    Can we get over the drama like bruh

  • Andrew Gluck
    Andrew Gluck

    LOPI is better off without 2Hype idc what other would say LOPI literally started this drama by trying to expose the 2Hype members but actually everyone exposed him LOPI

  • Fearc

    finally, u guys need to start uploading more iv been so bored w out ur guys videos

  • Hype Up
    Hype Up

    no one cares

    • Andrew Gluck
      Andrew Gluck

      @Hype Up No one cares about you so don’t talk

  • Draco Raiz
    Draco Raiz

    Ong they should play monopoly for a video

  • sportzboy

    10:49 god dang jesse

  • Charlie Campbell
    Charlie Campbell

    Finally a vid it’s been forever

  • Tyson’s Vids
    Tyson’s Vids

    Cash always finds ways to cheat 😪

  • Wenter Western
    Wenter Western

    Khris: so what were awarding losers Jidel: u didn't win 😂😂🤣

  • Palak Desai
    Palak Desai

    Jiedel is a fraud

  • Evan Fitzhugh
    Evan Fitzhugh

    nice video

  • Griffin Wilson
    Griffin Wilson


  • nick Ronin King
    nick Ronin King

    Ima the alien but aye bygones be bygones

  • PalmAnglesDee7k