Eating Only ONE Color Food for a WEEK Challenge!
We are going to be eating only one color of food everyday for an entire week! And there is NO CHEATING! The food most be the color of the day, NOT the packaging!
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  • CryptoAlien402

    You should of had coffee everyday. Video says “eating color foods” nothing about drinking anything

  • LookAtCurryMan 30
    LookAtCurryMan 30

    19:13 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Gwby

    "Almost white with a purple hue" so... pink

  • Jack White
    Jack White

    I miss the old 2hype

  • Kylin Thompson
    Kylin Thompson

    Jesus is our savior God is our creator heaven is where we all will live internally

  • stichsavage

    Bucks all the way

  • Kaison Wyatt
    Kaison Wyatt

    Man said green milk from star wars😂😂😂

  • Greyson Walton
    Greyson Walton

    When he said not a purple dog I thought omg he was thinking of eating the damn dog

  • Chase Gray
    Chase Gray

    Would you consider making a fifa video

  • Jofficial

    My toe hurts right now😶

  • Raging Raptor
    Raging Raptor

    There is blue takis

  • Kurt Sanchez
    Kurt Sanchez

    Good video

  • landon osborne
    landon osborne

    Jeff bars

  • Ethan Pizza
    Ethan Pizza

    U also use Renpho to track ur wait lol

  • Joshoo Cel
    Joshoo Cel

    You could of had pineapples for yellow day

  • Wizdumb

    Can we get more cooking for 2hype members for 24 hours cideos

  • Ming Xiao
    Ming Xiao


  • Chip_ 831
    Chip_ 831

    Tell me why when he said brown I thought of shit😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Aaric Luce
    Aaric Luce

    Why didn’t Cookie participate?

  • Eddie Higgins
    Eddie Higgins

    This dude leidel looks like a Timmy trying to lift

  • Cayden Webb
    Cayden Webb

    Jiedel could’ve had blue Gatorade on blue day

  • Joseph Nalley
    Joseph Nalley

    You should have had macaroni and corn

  • Stratton chadwick
    Stratton chadwick

    Wait u can't drink water

  • Ronnit Chawla
    Ronnit Chawla

    Since when does Jiedel play FIFA? 9:15

  • Benjamin Briggs
    Benjamin Briggs

    4:27 No... Just no

  • Benjamin Briggs
    Benjamin Briggs

    4:27 No... Just no

  • Benjamin Briggs
    Benjamin Briggs

    4:27 No... Just no

  • Keem

    2:28 wtf james.

  • Devin Santos
    Devin Santos

    Sooo u didn’t drink water for a week

  • Suhny TC
    Suhny TC

    Beta squad copy?

  • Fragz !
    Fragz !

    You should have eaten cereal because there is cereal for every color

  • Nick Lewis
    Nick Lewis

    homie ate one cup of yogurt and one banana for lunch and then says that the lunch didnt fill him up enough................. YOU DONT FCKING SAY

  • James Schneider
    James Schneider

    Wait why was Jeff gettin lit w that freestyle

  • nesquik

    Green is my favorite color

  • nesquik


  • Tristin Moerer
    Tristin Moerer

    Why does your purple shake say naked

  • Og _ ltf
    Og _ ltf

    Yellow shirt jeidel all the way

  • Samin Ahmed 12
    Samin Ahmed 12

    10:08 green milk from starwars ?????

  • Lisa Brown
    Lisa Brown


  • Carl Thomason
    Carl Thomason

    Why did Jeff look so chubby on ft

  • Gabriel Johnson
    Gabriel Johnson

    “Bout to get a work out in and enjoy that brown” AYO that was hella SUS

  • Dray’s Podcast
    Dray’s Podcast

    Stop mixing protein powder with water mix it with milk

  • Alexander Hoovestol
    Alexander Hoovestol

    “ I think BLUEberries are purple so I’m not gonna cheat” you good? 🤣

  • Brownie FlimZ
    Brownie FlimZ

    Do a day of food for every country for a week

  • Torrence Robertson Jr
    Torrence Robertson Jr

    Rhyme with Orange don’t be in orange because it doesn’t pay his mortgage

  • Evan White
    Evan White

    The rap part is what made me click off the video

  • William Hugo
    William Hugo

    How about on green day just have all healthy food don't include color just healthy

  • Moussaa Mbenguee
    Moussaa Mbenguee

    He should have got grapes for purple

  • Hunter McCoy
    Hunter McCoy

    That shirt was not brown

  • Ken KD Cannon
    Ken KD Cannon

    jiediel is my second favorite youtuber hes funny and nice

  • Karlyn

    Jeff the rapper

  • adam hackett
    adam hackett

    crunchiest vud

  • Katina Frangos
    Katina Frangos

    Bro the freestyle though 🔥 🔥

  • walter ruiz
    walter ruiz

    When you’re color blind and can’t tell the difference between the blue s and purples

    • walter ruiz
      walter ruiz

      @IzLitty567 me everyday of my life 😂

    • IzLitty567

      Me rn

  • Juan Lopez
    Juan Lopez

    You just a vibe 😀 keep it up

  • basketballis life
    basketballis life

    My dog sounds the exact 100% the same when shes drinking water

  • Jauris Reacts
    Jauris Reacts

    There is blue pasta

  • DeBhris

    6:30 🤣

  • G Shortboii
    G Shortboii

    Pause on 11:09

  • NeverBeLackinJJ

    I can’t 2:21 😂😂😂

  • Joseph Oliver
    Joseph Oliver

    Who remembers when James got his ankles snatched by a specific someone

  • you see me 122
    you see me 122

    America boy make a new version with 2hype

  • iiBAGii

    there are such things as blue tortia chips

  • Gexotic YT
    Gexotic YT

    I see James bottom teeth. Who ever said they did not is capping

  • Paul Antony
    Paul Antony

    This robot still gets views wtf

  • Officer Black
    Officer Black


  • Pot World
    Pot World

    Sup Iiedel. Hows it feel to know you gotta put on a persona for your videos and cant be your genuine self because you Iame af

  • Achilles TFG
    Achilles TFG

    6:32 sus?

  • Toronto Bangers
    Toronto Bangers

    This guy doesn’t clean his fruit before eating wtf

    • Patricia Lucero
      Patricia Lucero

      Most of us do but does it rlly matter

  • Archie B ball
    Archie B ball

    Great video James this is one of your best

  • Lil Khanz
    Lil Khanz

    We do not care


    should’ve had mac and cheese for yellow day

  • Ryan Farris
    Ryan Farris

    Only real ones know why he asked how many calories are in a banana

  • Liam O’Roark
    Liam O’Roark

    Ik school lunch is usually bad but the orange crunch chicken at my elementary school freaking smacked

  • Liam O’Roark
    Liam O’Roark

    I freaking love orange chicken

  • William Rue
    William Rue

    Why’d Jeff kill that freestyle tho🔥🔥🔥

  • IbrahimIsHere

    U open a bannana from the bottom

  • ghostdtx

    Salmon the color is based upon the skins of some salmon more than the meat

  • Damian Manuel
    Damian Manuel

    You bs’d it towards the end bro 🙄

  • Big oof
    Big oof

    u still didn’t properly belly flop after the 2hype war zone vid

  • Miles Tropea
    Miles Tropea

    Jiedel is getting no views

  • Zavier Shaw
    Zavier Shaw

    I clicked on this video to unsub

  • chopsy

    I got so triggered when I saw the strawberry remains smh

  • Dxminick

    Eminem can rhyme with 🍊

  • MrBrendon96

    Shoulda done white instead of blue or purple

  • Aedan Rowhani
    Aedan Rowhani

    When you were shacking the protein shack 😂😂😂

  • Metro X JuJu
    Metro X JuJu

    Yo Jiedel u gotta chill!!!!! U cant just get naked on camera!!!!!!

  • Artie Lucke
    Artie Lucke

    I disagree

  • Jamie Zentgraf
    Jamie Zentgraf

    Rip-off sidemen vid

  • Artie Lucke
    Artie Lucke

    Jiedel sucks

  • shotz_i_swxt

    You guys should do the same thing with everybody in the group and switch colors every day

  • Steven Rendo
    Steven Rendo

    You should did this challenge with the boys for a 2hype video

  • john smith
    john smith

    Only here to dislike the video now im gone

  • Marc Steven BALAORO
    Marc Steven BALAORO

    There are so much stuff that he shoulda gotten like Gatorade is literally a cheat for most of them. Soft drinks also comes to mind since it has a billion flavors.

  • Noah Ross
    Noah Ross

    Orange is one of the 4 words that doesn’t have a rhyme. The other 3 are month, silver, and purple

  • Dre

    Holy shit just seeing his face is making me mad

  • omer Hanoch
    omer Hanoch

    You are trash.

  • Peloteros


  • De de
    De de

    where is his bottom teeth in the thumbnail

  • the last time I took a shower was
    the last time I took a shower was

    just came here to dislike :)