Being Jesser's Personal Chef for 24 Hours!
Today I am going to be Jesser's Personal Chef and make him gourmet meals and snacks throughout the day!
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  • Donald Moore
    Donald Moore

    This was an amazing video

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    Ansh Patel


  • Andrew Mahler
    Andrew Mahler

    Jesser: omg thats so good Ramsay: YOUR POACHED EGG IS COMPLETELY RUINEDDDD!!!🤬

  • Jeet Singh
    Jeet Singh

    Salmon would taste amazing right now😋 Jesser doesn’t look like a guy to drink I’m 26 and I don’t drink however I do smoke

  • Biggiebambam 13
    Biggiebambam 13

    It hit 50k

  • _Z1a_ CuZ_
    _Z1a_ CuZ_

    Can we get a chef jiedel vs chef o nasty ???

  • Flight Reacts
    Flight Reacts

    i deadass wanna try james’ cooking now

  • Duane Tugas
    Duane Tugas


  • Duane Tugas
    Duane Tugas


  • IEndCareers

    bro it has over 60k likes, start cookin for the man, or at least more of the 2hype group!!

  • Nevishan Warnesuriye
    Nevishan Warnesuriye

    Aye this video got 50k likes, James own up to your part of the agreement.

  • Not Obama
    Not Obama

    It hit 50 k likes so where is being Jessie’s personal assistant for 2 months

  • Lebron fan Forever
    Lebron fan Forever

    64k likes and jesser hasnt had his personal chef once a week for teo months yet

  • Mimon tutorial and vlogs
    Mimon tutorial and vlogs

    Jiedel im a filipino plss notice me please cook a calamares a squid

  • StreakOnTop

    This man decided not to move the 🍌

  • Ode11Capalot

    It has 50k likes

  • Jax Srioudom
    Jax Srioudom

    When you were shopping it sounded like my alarm

  • 60hz Mal
    60hz Mal

    You know it’s good when James starts nodding after eating it

  • Mason Biernacki
    Mason Biernacki


  • Sunder

    Jesser must be enjoying life rn

  • Chase Lee
    Chase Lee

    63k likes. where is it for two months

  • wydL2

    50k likes btw

  • That Person
    That Person

    Jesser: I’ll like my creme brulee man style. Everyone: your not a man.

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    He got the 50k likes

  • Alexander Mucha
    Alexander Mucha

    10:38 look at the clock lol 420

  • Hugh Cyhowski
    Hugh Cyhowski

    62 k likes later...

  • Charmane Concon
    Charmane Concon

    I think the next video is cooking for homeless people for 24 hours

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    Klayton Robles

    It has 50k

  • Aye2x

    Yhu jus walked into the store and found filley mignon wagyu???

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    Yo it got to 50k

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    Pegimaset Lourm

    Welp it hit 50k likes

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    Rudy Cisneros

    You have to be jesses chef for two months

  • OTF Zani
    OTF Zani

    James is easily 1st or 2nd best cook in 2hype

  • Kaz Kaan
    Kaz Kaan

    James really thinks he has drips 😂

  • X Dez
    X Dez

    When did James become a chef

  • Rashaud Skinner
    Rashaud Skinner

    James Is Jesses Cook 1 time a week now

  • Prem Patel
    Prem Patel

    It's 61k likes looks like james will be enslaved

  • Paul Robinson
    Paul Robinson

    8:23 15 minutes after you eat taco bell

  • Tommy Blowdown
    Tommy Blowdown

    Are his lips really as thin as the thumbnail lol

  • shrey desai
    shrey desai

    It’s 60k likes it’s time to enslave jidel

  • Sam Ayach
    Sam Ayach

    Yo If ure reading this is got 50k do feeding Jesse for a week

  • Ty Sigmon
    Ty Sigmon

    Jessers face when he said there is no chocolate cake

  • Aaron Soleimani
    Aaron Soleimani

    I got the 1000th comment

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson

    Jesser order upnsome bule claw crabs cakes. Maryland In the house !

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    Antayveon Little


  • Deon The Best Gaming
    Deon The Best Gaming

    james on thanksgiving though

  • Melon Squad
    Melon Squad

    Hey I think I see 50k likes and it’s only been a month and no time limit was said hmmmmm James

  • Matt Coniglio
    Matt Coniglio

    "this looks assolutely insane"

  • Reeses King
    Reeses King

    James how is it to make 300 dollar Food everyday for jessie

  • Bionic Reverse
    Bionic Reverse

    Bro James is such a nice brother bro I wish I had a brother who could cook like him

  • ShadowLuvsU

    Me being whos back if he got 50k jiedel i hope you you are jessers slave for one day now.

  • Meraki-_-

    he has 59k likes good luck jiedel

  • Tre Villagomez
    Tre Villagomez

    Jessie needa be more grateful lol

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    CLARK.JAKARI 88915025


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    Darian Yan

    We've reached 50k likes...

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    Terro Gaming


  • DLO

    I’ve worked with vanilla beans, I made vanilla extract myself to

  • B-rody

    Says he loves hot sauce then proceeded to say he loved tobasco very disappointed

  • Sam Wiebelhaus
    Sam Wiebelhaus

    Do this for jason

  • Alejandro Montoto
    Alejandro Montoto

    What was Gordon Ramsay’s class like

  • leo love
    leo love

    A 1000% would u be able to cook at my wedding

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    Emma Turner

    It has 58k likes Jessie is lucky

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    scarnation YT

    58 k likes wtf

  • James Sommer
    James Sommer

    Jesse - squid Mitchell - ... ward Jesses - squid Mitchell - .... ward

  • Christian Scorza
    Christian Scorza

    Jiedel has to be jessers personal chef for a month. The likes are over 50,000

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    Dan Waigand

    Make food for Jesse

  • Dan Waigand
    Dan Waigand

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    Ypce Jordan

    This video hit 50k likes

  • That Person
    That Person

    It’s funny how Jesse want his dessert man style. Then why isn’t Zack doing it for you because your not a man JESSE.

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    George Moran

    bro this actually got 50k likes 💀

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    Jr Figueroa

    The mountain of sides killed me 😂 Jesser: Is what I ate pretty healthy? 💀

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    Miguel Green

    Soo did he cook for you again 0_0

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    Ahmad Chavis

    9:52 zack in the back😂

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    Jake Collado

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    Dion Calcei

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    Nathan Ariganello

    7:47 pause

  • Nathan Ariganello
    Nathan Ariganello

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    Jaxon Baker

    Looks like James is a chief now

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    Lick Dawg

    James is such a nice brother

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    Basketball 360

    8:04 jiedel droppin bars

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    Jave Jr

    Wwe did it?

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    Johnathan Price

    Daily Reminder God Bless 2HYPE Members For The Hard Work Amen🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Johnathan Price
    Johnathan Price

    Look At Jesser Man So Inspirational

  • Johnathan Price
    Johnathan Price

    Gordon Ramsay Will Be Pissed If James Makes Terrible Food😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Marques wit a Q

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    Blake Thomason

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