2HYPE Tailgate Chopped!
Football season is over, but delicious food never ends. Time for a new Chopped!
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  • Kelly Jensen
    Kelly Jensen

    i like a rare burger. but that cow was still mooing

  • No Lxve
    No Lxve

    Bro I’m different I got dem potato’s and hot dogs in the pan at dem bills games it’s fire when everyone is staring at us cooking it

  • Cole Simpson
    Cole Simpson

    Poor Jesse doesn’t understand to turn down your heat and cook the burger all the way through. 😭😭😭

  • Lucas Herring
    Lucas Herring

    Jesser should have use Doritos for his seasoning on his burger

  • Positepro02

    4:21 Pause lol

  • Milo Wand
    Milo Wand

    Use chips as the nachos

  • Mr Fugazy
    Mr Fugazy

    Only reason I watch him is for the chopped since they don’t post it on the 2hype channel

  • Schwartz Lutzchen
    Schwartz Lutzchen

    I heard he was very racist

  • David Usatinsky
    David Usatinsky

    If I ever go to a sports game I always tailgate

  • Walker2 Madden mobile
    Walker2 Madden mobile

    They didn’t let mitchel now when it was at 4

  • marion taylor
    marion taylor

    When making a big burger you sear the outside and then put it in the oven at 350 to cook the insides through. Heat coming from a pan isn't going to penetrate a thick piece of meat all the way through enough to cook the middle

  • Drip Duck
    Drip Duck


  • Isaiah Seepersaud
    Isaiah Seepersaud

    Who else’s least favorite 2hype member is Jiedel no hate tho

  • chosen_one 23
    chosen_one 23

    4:21 😐😂

  • chosen_one 23
    chosen_one 23

    Zack: explaining deep into the chip situation Me: grabs any bag in the cabinet 😂

  • Carson Schwarzkopf
    Carson Schwarzkopf

    Anyone notice around the middle of the video where coconut mall music was playing

  • sabooow sabooow
    sabooow sabooow

    In every challenge i always root for krus

    • sabooow sabooow
      sabooow sabooow


  • Lando River
    Lando River

    4:21 😐📸

  • Savage21 Rexz
    Savage21 Rexz

    He got robbed

  • Quincy Wyatt
    Quincy Wyatt

    The edits on Zach are killing me


    That Mario Cart song brought back some memories and gave me goosebumps

  • Jojoking 55
    Jojoking 55


  • Mickey_islit 4life
    Mickey_islit 4life

    Mitchell should have won

  • Mickey_islit 4life
    Mickey_islit 4life

    The worst judges ever

  • Goated Soto
    Goated Soto

    gordan ramsey has been real quiet since this came out

  • Malachi Live
    Malachi Live

    “gARlic bread “

  • Malachi Live
    Malachi Live

    When they start talking bad abt his garlic bread then Mitch says “alright, 👏🏼 so...”😂I died

  • Oreo Olusol
    Oreo Olusol

    Give life to Jesus Christ Jesus Christ

  • Nathan Oakes
    Nathan Oakes

    Moochie; “ I tried my best you know, a gaAUrLic bread” 😂

  • J O S H
    J O S H

    I’m fukin with kris attitude this video. Greattt vibessss

  • TioFiji


  • Jesse 1
    Jesse 1

    Microwave gang🔥

  • Luke Shulsen
    Luke Shulsen



    Sssssslap-BALLIN CUZYT 🙏🏽

  • George Galatsatos
    George Galatsatos

    Yo jesser how much oil do u need for those Doritos

  • Noah Albino
    Noah Albino

    I hate jeidel uses the 2hype chopped platform for his views

  • Tyrone Williams
    Tyrone Williams

    More chopped vids

  • Owen Dwyer
    Owen Dwyer

    Everyone comment what you would make 👇

    • Owen Dwyer
      Owen Dwyer

      Gourmet grilled cheese with candied bacon

  • itss sonix
    itss sonix

    zach - "i want creativity" also zach " simple won the game today "

  • Ray Garcia
    Ray Garcia

    It's lowkey sad to see nobody can cook manee

  • Brandon Dye
    Brandon Dye

    I wouldn’t let the nachos go to waste bruh

  • Darkdannboss 190
    Darkdannboss 190

    Bro I’m dead when I saw jesses burger I thought he was trying to kill someone 😂

  • Wrld.Of. Elite
    Wrld.Of. Elite

    Tell kris to shave the moustache

  • ohhbobby

    what’s a tailgate

  • Harmony

    WHY DO YOU GUYS THINK PINK MEAT IS BAD ITS NOT it does nothing to you, that’s how I know you guys aren’t actually good cooks and that you know nothing about it

  • TP I TallToby0
    TP I TallToby0

    Zachs face though after James said he hit the old mans drink

  • JacobPotato 9
    JacobPotato 9

    The reason Jesses meal sucked was because his pan was to hat which meant that outside cooked faster than the inside

  • Joline Douglas
    Joline Douglas

    my three least favorite 2hype members on the video cover

  • FaZe Cain
    FaZe Cain

    someone gotta teach jesser how to cook meat lol

  • Renzo Krohn
    Renzo Krohn

    these are my favorite videos

  • angiogen1

    1:24 / 1:34 Moochie burger patty chopping skills😂

  • Quinn’s Raptors Recap
    Quinn’s Raptors Recap

    I miss chefmop bro

  • Zachary Smith
    Zachary Smith

    What kind of sheltered life has Kris had to have never cooked a hotdog on a grill?!?!?!?!.......WEIRD AF!!!!! Just like that lip shit on his face!!!!

  • Seir Bandz
    Seir Bandz

    Jessie contemplating death

  • Zapdite

    This man kris lived like 27 years of his life and had never cooked a hotdog? Wth?

  • ITZZflex

    POtAtO SaLadD

  • Craig Gill
    Craig Gill

    Wtf is Jesse burgers

  • Forever Heated squad
    Forever Heated squad

    Put me on there I can cook lol I know I will never have a chance you guys don’t read comments often but it would be a nice experience

  • Impulse

    Always enjoy these videos

  • Chaf

    I watch this because it’s grown men who have no idea how to cook😂

  • Fusion amoney
    Fusion amoney

    How come the other ones were like an hour

  • Chris R
    Chris R

    Zack makes the most disgusting lip smacking sounds I have ever heard👎🏻👎🏻

  • L3TH4L-_-CLAN

    Chomped ain’t the same without the dwarf😔

  • Ryan Maddox
    Ryan Maddox

    1:00 Jesse??

  • Hank Brodeur
    Hank Brodeur

    900th comment

  • Sam Lester
    Sam Lester

    Kris was making beats outside on the grill😂

  • unknown sparekj
    unknown sparekj

    Kris inspired me to microwave bacon

  • Jai Cotton
    Jai Cotton

    Jesser be crippin bro

  • Tymon S
    Tymon S

    Should of added cash to this one

  • Aamir Dagoat
    Aamir Dagoat

    Someone should’ve made a fried hot Cheeto patty wit sum cheese n wonder bread

  • Zora Plays
    Zora Plays

    They gave it to Chris because he was a butthurt baby you can tell the whole video

  • Jonsey skin
    Jonsey skin

    IM still standing

  • jayce morel
    jayce morel

    I feel bad for jesser

  • Fait Legend36
    Fait Legend36

    What is that squirrel on kris face

  • Luke Figlia
    Luke Figlia

    The dirty quiver resultantly enter because yard functionally start than a vigorous menu. short, devilish lumber


    Moochie got robbed like Aaron Gordon



  • Clay Major
    Clay Major

    Tell Jesse to turn the burner down

  • Sincere Grant
    Sincere Grant

    Yessssiiiirrrrr this was amazing and tooo goofy 🤣🤣🤣🤣💯💯

  • Sincere Grant
    Sincere Grant

    Dont care of I'm late this firrrrrreeeee nooooooo cappppp man yessssiiiirrr man bangers after bangers 💯💯💯💯🐐

  • llCxmpll

    @ the beginning I thought he was rapping 😂

  • Anthony santoscoy
    Anthony santoscoy


  • Han Lu
    Han Lu

    The inconclusive winter conspicuously pedal because museum revealingly slow amidst a equal drawbridge. young, pricey hemp

  • C A M E R O N
    C A M E R O N

    videos just don’t hit the same after the whole beef, not siding with anyone they just don’t hit

  • Lucas Pereira
    Lucas Pereira

    Anyone hear what Mitchell said at the start

  • Erik Bettencourt
    Erik Bettencourt


  • mDizzle The 2nd
    mDizzle The 2nd


  • Brax Relax
    Brax Relax

    Jesse that's nasty lmao 1:01

  • Louis Ilustre
    Louis Ilustre

    Damn u guys fell hard

  • JJbuckets

    Am I the only one who never liked jiedel but now doesn’t respect him either😭

  • Jevon Robinson
    Jevon Robinson

    Don’t ever let jesser make a burger ever again 😂

  • Brice Corbin
    Brice Corbin

    Kris wins the end clip Zack still eating moochies nachos

  • imabadboii

    yoooo its the bot

  • Irish Boi
    Irish Boi

    Never post again

  • Marcus Cyster
    Marcus Cyster

    Microwave in the kitchen Literally No one:... Kris:You know the vibes.Since day one

  • Chicken Nuggets
    Chicken Nuggets

    Mitchell just a whole troll

  • Mattboy

    Im glad they bounced back they make my day every video

  • Nidal Ali
    Nidal Ali

    Mitchell 1:26 ima beat up this meat

  • Chancelor Coleman
    Chancelor Coleman

    Chris honestly jus needs to be all time judge for these

  • Golf Dreams
    Golf Dreams

    It’s burnt because the patty is too thick