2HYPE Quesadilla Cookoff!
Today the guys compete to see who can make the most delicious Quesadilla!
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  • Frank Rizzo
    Frank Rizzo

    These are favorite videos these cooking one

  • Osvaldo Q.
    Osvaldo Q.

    Does anyone know the name of that goofy song that James plays?

  • Matthew Bray
    Matthew Bray

    Hey, @jiedel I would love to be in a quesadilla cookoff against you and 2Hype. I love making quesadilla's and I know how to make it with close to anything. I only need 15-20 minutes as well.

  • Juliette M
    Juliette M


  • Trey- YT
    Trey- YT

    cash should’ve been in here...

  • Oreo Olusol
    Oreo Olusol

    Give life to Jesus Christ Jesus

  • Kristin Mosby
    Kristin Mosby

    Best chefs are James, Zack, and Cash best cooks in 2hype

  • cquick 3
    cquick 3

    Jesus Saves Love God ✝️

  • Yo boi Matthew
    Yo boi Matthew

    “ What’s good cooks” ohhhh Barbecue

  • Naseam Isaac
    Naseam Isaac

    jessser is the worst cook jesser has 0 model

  • Naseam Isaac
    Naseam Isaac

    mitchell you a WERiD

  • Max

    Jesse: says he’s gonna do something Zack: Jesse took that Also Zack: Steals jesses avocado and Mitchell double decker idea 😂

  • Lyx YT
    Lyx YT

    I have watched 3 of these cook offs and Jesse has gotten last every time lol

  • Servant of GOD
    Servant of GOD

    We are all born with sin, and the punishment of sin is death, but because of how much GOD loved us, HE sent HIS SON JESUS CHRIST to live the perfect sinless life so HE could become the sacrifice for our sins to die for US, and to take all of out sins and to finally cleanse us of that burden setting us free from hell, eternal suffering. All you have to do to accept this free gift is to accept JESUS CHRIST as your LORD AND SAVIOR, and to repent (turn away from your sins) and to turn to GOD. GOD loves you, and someday I pray you realize that GOD BLESS

  • cquick 3
    cquick 3

    Jesus Saves Love God✝️

  • Max

    Jesse and Zack do the same thing Zack: Jesse took that Also Zack: steals jesses avocado and the multi decker quesadilla from Mitchell

  • NewYorkSports TV
    NewYorkSports TV

    Sub to my channel plz

  • Zeke Gaming
    Zeke Gaming


  • Nico Rice
    Nico Rice

    Nacho cook off ?

  • Henry Sperano
    Henry Sperano

    Mitchels should be called a crunchadilla

  • Sensei Drip!
    Sensei Drip!

    wow months later after then problem and im just sad😖

    • Jynx_Sports



    if anything Kris was born inside a microwave

  • TheHamSandwich 7
    TheHamSandwich 7

    I saw this vid and got inspired to make a quesadilla, now I cook for my family. I’ve won but at what cost

  • Giles Roache
    Giles Roache

    Do a sandwich cook off

  • Justin Halsey
    Justin Halsey

    Late night jiedel at 2:00am

  • Bug kar
    Bug kar

    Zacks face after he stole the avocado lol

  • Jordin Pittman
    Jordin Pittman

    Jesus and God Love u

  • Jordin Pittman
    Jordin Pittman

    Jesus and God Love i

  • Jordin Pittman
    Jordin Pittman

    Jesus and God Love u

  • Jordin Pittman
    Jordin Pittman

    Jesus and God Loves u

  • Jordin Pittman
    Jordin Pittman

    Jesus and God Loves u

  • Sid Raj
    Sid Raj

    You should do who makes the best Pizza in 2hype. 100000% Kris going to just put DiGiorno in the oven and mwah la kris wins. lol

  • jt mccoy
    jt mccoy

    10:52 100% agree on this idea

  • Zeke Cowart
    Zeke Cowart

    How about a stake meal with 1 hour to make it

  • Ghosty 8
    Ghosty 8

    James seems cool asf I’m on jessers side

    • ChanceR6

      You can’t make an opinion from a video that’s staged all together it’s all fake in these vidoes

  • Lu Rivera
    Lu Rivera

    Lidel Lames

  • JoDeMa


  • Aayden Duffeea
    Aayden Duffeea

    Why not a wheel of money to decide how much the person an spend at the store to cooj

  • Bubs Miller
    Bubs Miller

    We need James to be in one of the cook episodes because he would literally be called the chef and actually cook something good😂😂

  • Marcos JaLeel
    Marcos JaLeel

    10:42 it all makes sense now

  • [Psycho]FaZeKidNGL

    14:36 Zack is staring at the camera

    • Ahmad Mustafa
      Ahmad Mustafa

      Umm ok?

  • Bug kar
    Bug kar

    Do mops idea it’s fire

    • Mpouz

      @Slater Bayliss no shit😂 Why you replying to him😂😂

    • Slater Bayliss
      Slater Bayliss

      he left

  • Exotic Clips
    Exotic Clips

    they should do the vid idea like so they can see

  • Chadski100 -
    Chadski100 -

    Do peppers go in quesadillas he says..

  • Tristian Arreola
    Tristian Arreola

    London kristopher

  • caliking2oh9

    Zack is either acting or is that bad at cooking lol

  • Naseam Isaac
    Naseam Isaac

    jeeser 0 meatl

  • John Fischvogt
    John Fischvogt

    no one: Jesser: I get it I can't get hard

  • Jordan Phaxay
    Jordan Phaxay

    Put the camera man in a cook off

  • Brock hildebrandt
    Brock hildebrandt

    he said a quesarido from taco bell and i got a taco bell ad as soon as he said that it scared the actuall poop out

  • Sonja Elstad
    Sonja Elstad

    I miss Tyler

  • Bo Bentley
    Bo Bentley

    Why y’all got turkey for quesadillas tho??🤔

  • Kezlin Collins
    Kezlin Collins

    Y'all Should A Homemade Chicken Enchiladas Cookoff

  • -saro

    What's the song at 7:00 ?


    Best spaghetti or Pizza from the boyz!

  • Sauce Jay
    Sauce Jay

    $25 budget at a store to make the best meal possible

  • Gus Markley
    Gus Markley

    Mopi be like "woowwwwww" when he hears about the barbeque turkey.

  • Justice Ramsey
    Justice Ramsey

    I was really getting tired of seeing those thumbnails that said "Hide and Seek with 2hype"..........and Mitchell

  • Justice Ramsey
    Justice Ramsey

    Aye who's watching this when Mitchell is already in 2hype

  • I want this To happen
    I want this To happen


  • Angelo Geremia
    Angelo Geremia

    Ba ba booey

  • Hakeem E.
    Hakeem E.

    You should hide ingredients around the house and whoever finds it gets to use it

  • eduar rodriguez
    eduar rodriguez


  • cincybearcats1

    Bro Jesser is the epitome of a privileged white kid. He's mad when he doesn't win, and takes every chance he can get to cheat.

  • Osvaldo Valdovinos
    Osvaldo Valdovinos

    Best Mac n cheese

  • M. Morgan William
    M. Morgan William

    My wife just told me nobody wants my burger breath in their face because I breathed in her face. Posting this to prove her wrong. Bet I could get at least 1 person. Who wants it!? -J Fred

  • Datboi SUS
    Datboi SUS

    Do Mopis idea

  • Steven Maldonado
    Steven Maldonado

    i make these casadias every day 5:59

    • Mamba24ever

      Did u really just spell quesadilla that fucking wrong...😂😂😂😂 who thought u “casadias” jhit?

  • Chef Matthew 21
    Chef Matthew 21

    Do a budget cook off that would be fire

  • Smlvilla _21
    Smlvilla _21

    Damn Mitchell needs to brush his hair lmao 😂

  • Slothy Gaming
    Slothy Gaming

    I might be commenting late on this since I’m binge watching these but they all suck at cooking like damn I’m way younger than all of them and I can cook better 🤣🤣🤣

  • Derek Helton
    Derek Helton

    Who else was watching this and was eating Frosted Flakes ?

  • Andreas Kildekær
    Andreas Kildekær

    Who's watching this while eating a quesadilla?

  • Ovige Davis
    Ovige Davis

    I have some much hate for mopi he thinks dumb is funny

  • CkHun

    Stop saying slap white people always getting shit wrong

  • Thomas Warfield
    Thomas Warfield

    The background music doh

  • Jacob Pettiford
    Jacob Pettiford

    Coconut mall background music?


    Pro Mitchell knows what he’s doing with the spices

  • Jaxon Miehle
    Jaxon Miehle

    what happened to todd

  • Sho Hosoi
    Sho Hosoi

    Zach just copying moochies idea try hard shit

  • Kobie

    I will never let James judge my cooking 🤣🤣

  • Soupburbs


  • Grant Draper
    Grant Draper

    Jiedel: thinks he’s Gordon Ramsey food critique. Meanwhile: eats a great value Slim Jim and cheese out of a container.

  • omar mohamed
    omar mohamed

    Mariokart music yes sir

  • Lilpro Island
    Lilpro Island

    mopi acts camera shy

  • Dominick Naegele
    Dominick Naegele

    That budget idea is good

  • Wormhead YT
    Wormhead YT

    Turkey bacon ranch quesadilla would’ve been a good idea I’m this vid

  • Tyler Phillips
    Tyler Phillips

    Y'all got to find a way to get Gordon Ramsey on one of these videos

  • SW_A_ A
    SW_A_ A

    I thought cash was one of the best

  • Geebs

    Jiedel cringe

  • Tyrell Johnson
    Tyrell Johnson

    The jesser edits are hilarious

  • Lex Luger
    Lex Luger


  • Jacob Wise
    Jacob Wise

    Why did they get turkey instead of chicken.

  • Tyler Santiago
    Tyler Santiago

    Ya should definitely do what Mopi suggested that’ll be a fire idea

  • Lil Tram
    Lil Tram

    These guys are a off brand team alboe 😂


    i like Mopi’s idea about the best food challenge

  • Jaiden Lacap
    Jaiden Lacap

    am i the only one who got a little mad when they said that the food would slap? no? just me alright

  • XoZays

    Kick James out of 2hype please he’s so annoying

    • Levi Beam
      Levi Beam

      Don’t click on his video then man

  • Nathan Gant
    Nathan Gant

    The taki tortilla is a god tier idea.

  • Arizia Medina
    Arizia Medina

    Yes hxh music