2HYPE GeoGuessr Jeopardy!
Today the guys try to flex their georgraphic knowledge in a game of Geoguessr Jeopardy!
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  • The_ Slayer
    The_ Slayer

    Just a heads up the place In Amsterdam is actually where Anne Frank hid during World War II

  • Chase Schmidt
    Chase Schmidt

    I wish Niagara falls was in Michigan lol

  • Highlight Community
    Highlight Community

    zack u dead ong talking about memphis my 901 cuh

  • BearYT

    “Y’all sure that wasn’t the Grand Canyon” has me dead 🤣🤣🤣

  • Will Stewart
    Will Stewart

    Bruh Niagara Falls is in Canada

  • Optimus Megatron
    Optimus Megatron

    My 11 year old nephew got all of them. These guys are so stupid

  • mariospalai

    kinda sad thre aint no greece

  • Rainxclaw Yt
    Rainxclaw Yt

    Ok ok Zach knows he gonna get roasted when he names every old one like cmon

  • Donovan Vaz
    Donovan Vaz

    bet they don’t know niagara falls is also in Canada

  • Micah Harris
    Micah Harris

    Jidel , where did you think lions and other animals are from that’s not Africa ????

  • Roy Portilla
    Roy Portilla

    "Mexico got that?" Smh 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • liam Wright
    liam Wright

    The Niagara falls one was wrong the horseshoe is in Canada and the flat is nyc

  • LiveJacko 15
    LiveJacko 15

    9:59 when 2K does the dumbest thing ever that costs you a game in mycareer

  • ryan bonhard
    ryan bonhard

    zack knows all of the world wonders because he saw them being created

  • Billy Stacy
    Billy Stacy

    3:21 that’s Memphis

  • Mustang_FN

    Glad to see Zack accepting the fact that he is ancient

  • VS Blake
    VS Blake

    The Zion national park one was easy for me bc I’ve been there but I didn’t see that I don’t think

  • Playboi CeeJay
    Playboi CeeJay

    Me being from Mississippi ik the bass pro shop

  • cquick 3
    cquick 3

    Jesus Saves Love God ✝️

  • PC

    This is why you go to college

  • Gabe Lynch
    Gabe Lynch

    “Vermontland” is not too far off of Montpelier

  • Trevor Geary
    Trevor Geary

    The capital of Vermont is Montpellier



  • Owen Dwyer
    Owen Dwyer

    As someone I’m Michigan, we would be ducking lucky to have Niagara Falls

  • Ruman Thapa
    Ruman Thapa

    Jesser said Nepal and I am from Nepal 😁

  • Roblox Player
    Roblox Player

    It is Montpelier

  • Braeden Hart
    Braeden Hart

    2:58 that picture was in transformers 2

  • Luke MacKinnon
    Luke MacKinnon

    Natural wonders 200= Banff

  • Chris Robbins
    Chris Robbins

    Montpelier iirc

  • Richie 45
    Richie 45


  • Lov3R

    Cant believe Mitchell knows about Lithuania:D

  • XtrappaX 123
    XtrappaX 123

    Kris, the capital of Vermont is Montpeiler

  • Bros Perfect
    Bros Perfect


  • Abdirisaaq Farah
    Abdirisaaq Farah

    Bruh I guessed Sri Lanka and when he said It was “M” i said Maynmar because the name was changed to that. I wish I was in there but I’m here screaming at the screen lol.

  • Vojta Novotný
    Vojta Novotný

    How does mitchell where is Czech Republic. It is a small country in Europe.

  • GrOoVeRdUcKiE

    I live in Michigan and I honestly felt happy for someone thinking that Michigan isn’t boring

  • Axtro305

    Zion park that is my name Zion! Cool

  • DsC Eclipse
    DsC Eclipse

    Montepelier is Vermont’s capital

  • Boston Nation
    Boston Nation


  • Rita A
    Rita A

    Bruh im European and still knew the firt picture

  • Eric G
    Eric G


  • Cj

    I live in Amsterdam New York

  • Finlay Connolly
    Finlay Connolly

    This is why Americans don’t know anything outside of their country... half of u guys don’t even have a geography class😂😂

  • Grace Wingfield-Boise
    Grace Wingfield-Boise

    Montpiler because I'm living here in Vermont

  • Kristi Willey
    Kristi Willey

    Vermont’s capitol is Montpelier

  • Gage Jernigan
    Gage Jernigan

    “Just to get stared at by a mountain,” famous Jesser quote.

  • Oscar Becerra
    Oscar Becerra

    Love this type of content need a p2

  • Daniel Adams
    Daniel Adams

    Vermont: Montpelier

  • Nexxt Nexxt
    Nexxt Nexxt

    I have world geography

  • Connor Benatovich
    Connor Benatovich

    How have they not heard of Montpelier

  • Belted Art
    Belted Art


  • Nikhil Ravulaparthy
    Nikhil Ravulaparthy

    Am I the only one who got everything? 🙃

  • Dwight K. Shrute
    Dwight K. Shrute

    Zack knew all these cause he built them

  • Everest Colnic
    Everest Colnic

    Montpelier, Vermont. Didn't even have to look it up!

  • Zane Conner
    Zane Conner

    Kris what is the capital of Thailand

  • Peebs on Leaves
    Peebs on Leaves

    OMG yea

  • Ochoians 88
    Ochoians 88

    Zerkaa would smoke all of them

  • killflyer12

    You look cracked out in the thumbnail

  • Joseph Ayoub
    Joseph Ayoub

    “It’s in Europe” Zack: “Russia” 🤦‍♂️😂

  • Tobias Sielsted
    Tobias Sielsted

    How tf did they not remember Toronto🤦‍♂️... im from Europe, & i instantly knew it🤷😂

  • Peyton Callais
    Peyton Callais

    I had world geography last year I was a freshman

  • Exotic Legend
    Exotic Legend


  • Cristofer Nunez
    Cristofer Nunez

    2:53 lmao Mitchell play too much Bru 😆 Also Madagascar’s real???

  • Owen Simon
    Owen Simon

    Zach is old and wise

  • 14 Preston
    14 Preston

    Capital of Vermont-Montpelier

  • Angel Meredith
    Angel Meredith

    Bro why kris lookin like he 400 lbs 😭

  • Jake Compher
    Jake Compher

    Zack said Wheeling West Virginia. I live 30 from wheeling, all they have their is a strip club and crackheads😂

  • Savage

    Me seeing the title: what’s geo guesser Me hearing James saying geography: wait a sec Me looking at the tile again: oh Me 3 sec after looking at title again: Fuck I’m dumb

  • Léo

    So, what they say about Americans not knowing Geography is actually true

  • Léo

    Thats Iguazu Falls, in Brasil!

  • Styopsis

    Plitvice National Park, Croatia. fire place, glad to see it was included!!

  • Yozeah Diaz
    Yozeah Diaz

    I hate you

  • APthe GOAT
    APthe GOAT

    Zack probably has battled some gladiators in the Roman Colosseum

  • Robert Crawford Jr.
    Robert Crawford Jr.

    I'm so big brain 🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠 the capital of vermont is montpelier

  • Robert Crawford Jr.
    Robert Crawford Jr.

    Zack had experience god creating the world

  • Gavin McCraw
    Gavin McCraw

    WEST VIRGINIA!!!!!!!!!

  • Cameron Hendryx
    Cameron Hendryx

    Montpelier Vermont

  • Evan Ministro
    Evan Ministro

    The capital of Vermont is Montpelier

  • Sky Line
    Sky Line

    bro, being from Canada and seeing that first question....made me reconsider watching this video.

  • patuurr

    you should put indonesia bro!!!

  • Shourya Gupta
    Shourya Gupta

    Montpelier is the capital of Vermont

  • MountainDew


  • henry is better than power
    henry is better than power

    I mean I don’t see zach in my geography textbook but I see him all the time in my science textbook!🤣🤣

  • Ryan Upshaw
    Ryan Upshaw

    Canada been done dirty here. How they not even recognize the biggest city in Canada when shown the CN Tower, and for those that don’t know the picture they showed for the Niagara Falls is actually in Ontario Canada and it’s specific name is Horseshoe Falls but they tryna play it off like it’s in America cuz the American falls are dead

  • jasean riley
    jasean riley

    Montpeliar, Vermont

  • Bryce Andersen
    Bryce Andersen

    Zack: Jordan Mitchell: that’s Michael?

  • Olga Dodić
    Olga Dodić

    i am ashamed of how much they don't know...

    • FreeBobby Smurda
      FreeBobby Smurda

      These guys are so bad. kinda annoying

  • asmargolis

    I found zack in the 1870s hahahah

  • alex engrav
    alex engrav

    Montpelier - Vermont

  • goated_iquan

    yes i did

  • Baseballjet14


  • Rcook 14
    Rcook 14

    i had a geography class and i’m 16

  • Jacobi The Great
    Jacobi The Great

    The capital of Vermont is montpellier I only know that my cousins live in Vermont

  • Vibes

    Ok this needs to stop y’all aren’t slick

  • David Ola
    David Ola

    Niagra falls is in Ontario wtf search it up not new york

  • Ethan Cunanan
    Ethan Cunanan

    Zack knows all of them cause he was there when it was being made

  • Brodie Latham
    Brodie Latham

    Unfortunately geography is still around in Australia

  • AJ


  • Southern California Business Report
    Southern California Business Report

    i was acctually in geography class i am a profeshional photographer and take pictres for restraunts

  • That Boy Brian
    That Boy Brian

    I like these videos