$100K vs. $200K Sports Cars!
Today we are doing something super different! I've rented 3 amazing performance vehicles and am seeing the pros and cons of each one for a daily drive!
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  • Bubs Miller
    Bubs Miller

    18:01 CAPPPPP

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    This is how many people want Jiedel to leave 2hype ⬇️

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    AD Swish

    Get this cock puppet under 1 mil subs

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    Needs the new software update. He needs his brother to help him with that as usual

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  • Slug Round 245
    Slug Round 245

    He’s been t 1.03 for like 3 days

  • Slug Round 245
    Slug Round 245

    No way jiedel hasn’t moved at all in subs

    • Wl

      Ik the fan base is full of kids that doesn’t know what’s going on and is sticking with jesseR and Liediel

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  • NickyVals

    Fake peolle

  • NickyVals

    Fake people

  • NickyVals

    I've lost respect for yall

  • NickyVals

    U did him wrong

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    Lil Scarn

    U add no value to IRbin and ur so ungrateful to ur platform

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    Turn ur comments back wat u scared

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    Andrew crate

    Can’t wait to slap tf out of you

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    Christopher Giordano

    Yea turn off the comments. You’re toxic

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    The person whom you left behind at 100k is now ahead of you and you know whom I am talking about🖕

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    Tyler Skahill

    Comments are identical to dislikes

  • Kc Snow
    Kc Snow

    Who would’ve thought the two Tesla drivers would choose the Tesla. Real shocker.

  • Cole McCall
    Cole McCall

    So u can put a smile on for ur videos but not for mopis?

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  • Joshua Ballesteros
    Joshua Ballesteros

    All this energy where was this for mopi’s vids

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      C V

      Liedels mustache is disgusting 😂

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    Giovanni Revels

    Dude really turned comments off

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    C Stanton

    Ur a terrible content creator ur a wannabe ur like Jared Dudley except ur rude

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    Jiedel i hope one day we meet so that i can knock u tf out for bullying the most generous guy in 2hype.

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      windycity assasin

      Damn bruh 😂

  • Frost_ God
    Frost_ God

    jidel: “this car would beat any care on a staight away” bro have you seen a drag supra mans clearly dont know anything bout cars

  • Jean Menendez
    Jean Menendez

    James u r trashhhhhh

  • Sam Spears
    Sam Spears

    I'm so disappointed jidel.

  • Walker Duke
    Walker Duke

    Y’all should do a SUV video!

  • timmy jacobs
    timmy jacobs

    Ya you got a come up by fucking other people aka friends over. If that's what I takes to get 1 of these cars an have money in my pocket. KEEP IT

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  • AMELO 100
    AMELO 100

    James you’re not supposed to accelerate in a turn... accelerate out of the turn

  • Jimmy Alass
    Jimmy Alass

    78mph wow were going fast 🤣

  • TwoPac

    Porsche: Me: Porsh James: Porshuh

  • Jace Whitis
    Jace Whitis

    james the tesla would get smoked against a supra in a straight line

  • Adam Gaming
    Adam Gaming

    wassup james you drive my fever car no cap love it

  • R Canaday
    R Canaday

    Always coming up with different and exciting content well done James

    • Mildred Gabson
      Mildred Gabson

      Well he's a fake friend so that doesnt matter anymore

  • Harry Sutton
    Harry Sutton

    Who has a Tesla

  • Harry Sutton
    Harry Sutton

    O.O it’s wet

  • Matt Altwasser
    Matt Altwasser

    2.7 seconds acceleration is a 3?

  • Matt Altwasser
    Matt Altwasser

    Not even the GT3 RS?

  • Rylan Shultz
    Rylan Shultz

    Why is he calling it the Porscheaa

  • Diemond Dallas
    Diemond Dallas


  • Gavin Galbraith
    Gavin Galbraith

    And it’s cheaper

  • Gavin Galbraith
    Gavin Galbraith

    Should have got at demon more hp and a better 0-60

  • Idyn Nooby
    Idyn Nooby

    James: “I’m a safe driver” Also James: 23:19

  • alex m
    alex m

    You should do a mustang hell cat and Bugatti

  • XENNYBOI Gaming
    XENNYBOI Gaming

    I am not hating but a Tesla does have a fast takeoff but if he Tesla was going up against like a hell cat SRT in a straight line it will lose because when it reaches a max speed the hella cat will pass it and plus when the torque kick in it will get dusted

  • Samuel Obed Roman
    Samuel Obed Roman

    The 2hype house is by the desert

  • Lee Wood
    Lee Wood

    james ur smoking crack is u think the Tesla is the fastest car lets be honest a bugatti chiron would destroy it probably even a pagani or anything like that maybe even a insane scat pack charger if it’s owned by a person that knows what they are doing

  • Rep Kinqq
    Rep Kinqq

    Isn’t he a basketball IRbinr why is he reviewing cars that he knows nothing about

  • Mason Black
    Mason Black

    money hungry

  • Minty

    Congratulations on 1 mill btw

  • D3F1NIS 21
    D3F1NIS 21

    What about a Ford gt

  • Mohammed Siddiqui
    Mohammed Siddiqui

    I think James knows nothing about cars. Just because it has a slower 0-60 doesn’t mean it’s slower. They just bias because they love teslas.

  • Luis Y Cubano
    Luis Y Cubano


  • Tom kearins
    Tom kearins

    is no one gonna talk about how he floored it while it was cold *cringe*

  • Obinna Dimel
    Obinna Dimel

    Nobody: Jiedel: PORSHA

  • Madden Slayer615
    Madden Slayer615

    JESSER DISS TRACK irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/ZK-RcoGpzYCcl50.html

  • mason Simmons
    mason Simmons

    there is deffly a faster car than the tesla🤣

  • Angry Turtle man
    Angry Turtle man

    It’s liedel

  • Doritous

    James: am a safe driver Also James no hands on wheel Also also James a accelerated on a corner Am a safe driver

  • Doritous

    Sounds like the McLaren took a shit

  • Doritous

    Mans just speeding

  • Doritous

    Takes hands off wheel

  • Steph

    Don't care how fast a Tesla goes, if that engine doesn't snap crackle pop when you accelerate i don't want it!!!!

  • Seth

    liedel 🤡

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    Sam Alpher


  • Cooper C
    Cooper C

    nice vid jiebot 🤖🤖🤖

  • Scott Madison
    Scott Madison

    You two are so chill, nice video!!

  • Brock Terry
    Brock Terry

    Please continue this series 🙏

  • Isaiah Morse
    Isaiah Morse

    78 🤣🙏🏽❤️ I used to go like 112 in my little ranger 🤣

  • Cristian Flores
    Cristian Flores

    We need a hellcat

  • aireli 24 Tv
    aireli 24 Tv

    O my lord Jeff was scared for his life 😆😆😆😆😭😭👀😆😂

  • Blocka Johnson
    Blocka Johnson

    Jeidel- No Pull overs or Crashes under ya boys name Also Jeidel- I tried to accelerate ona turn and it spun out of control😂😂😂

  • vince92664

    Biased as fuck for Tesla. You have to find a fucking charging station just to be able to DRIVE IT. Tesla’s are lame as fuck

  • vince92664

    Tesla has no engine lmao who the hell wants to drive a car that makes no noise. It’s like a losers car

  • Westside


  • Alfie Potter
    Alfie Potter

    18:15 brawadis has bought that sheesh

  • Braelyn Schultz
    Braelyn Schultz

    someone tell him that there’s no “a” at the end of Porsche

    • Braelyn Schultz
      Braelyn Schultz

      @Will Eaton no it’s not

    • Will Eaton
      Will Eaton

      That’s how it’s pronounced

  • chase freeman
    chase freeman


  • jonathan garcia
    jonathan garcia

    I drive an old truck and I go through curves at 90

  • Noah Chapman
    Noah Chapman

    Dude saying we’re gonna all be in the comments we whip our cars like that and he’s a good driver no accidents or tickets to his name what if I drive like that and have no tickets or accidents

  • Noah Chapman
    Noah Chapman

    Dude was really comparing a gas powered cars acceleration to a electric car...

  • Andrew Fust
    Andrew Fust


  • Davin Weller
    Davin Weller

    Imagine threatening to sue one one of your best friends, u can tell they really care

  • Luca Celeste
    Luca Celeste

    It’s Porsche not porsheaaaaaaa

    • Seth

      it can be pronounced that because it’s a foreign company

  • Ryan Butler
    Ryan Butler

    Bro there are way faster cars than a Tesla bro, your bias

  • Ryan Butler
    Ryan Butler

    Tesla ain’t no luxury car bud

  • Jada Knight
    Jada Knight


  • Zander Perrigan
    Zander Perrigan

    I just want to say I appreciate you guys. You guys clearly are able to separate business from friendship and try to stay boys after the business end doesnt work out

  • Lenny O
    Lenny O

    What did we learn from this video? He has a Tesla. Oh, he has a Tesla. Did you know he had a Tesla? If you didn’t, and you watch this, you will know he has a FREAKING TESLA. No one cares!!!! Shallow trunk? Shallow video.

  • Alex Hall
    Alex Hall

    Rather have the Porsche, handles like a dream.

  • Macy Heale
    Macy Heale


  • Holden Caulfield
    Holden Caulfield