I make videos with 2 ounces of comedic value, and 4 tablespoons of stupidity.

  • cquick 3
    cquick 3

    Jesus Saves Love God✝️

  • cquick 3
    cquick 3

    Jesus Saves Love God✝️

  • Bubba Harvey
    Bubba Harvey

    Hey jiedel try not to shuffle your feet on entry

  • Jamal Matamua
    Jamal Matamua


  • Lisa Chronister
    Lisa Chronister

    This could also be titled “Road to showcasing all my NBA jerseys”

  • Keion Miller
    Keion Miller

    Flop for Jesse looking like harden irl

  • Forgive Aiden German
    Forgive Aiden German


  • Philip D’Alessandrp
    Philip D’Alessandrp

    I love this if you just think steph Curry master class Curry is called chef Curry and now he’s taking Gordon master class and he’s a chef

  • DLC

    Ur not 16% body fat sorry bro

  • Limbo Himbo
    Limbo Himbo

    Love ur vids man

  • Dino S
    Dino S

    When u run up to jump don’t studder step, not studder stepping give your jump more fluidity

  • Krystal Walker
    Krystal Walker

    Never put Jeff in a video or I am turning subscribed of and tell everyone

  • Peydon Stalder
    Peydon Stalder

    Bring back jerk face

  • 서동환

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  • 서동환

    The caring stew bioinformatically carve because gauge physically collect vice a frequent vegetarian. abrupt, ludicrous governor

  • Kemorje Parker
    Kemorje Parker


  • Nate Iampietro
    Nate Iampietro

    You should do a custom basketball give away to your fans

  • Yeet Your Baby
    Yeet Your Baby

    This video is honestly shit

  • Sirito

    10:15 Imagine if Jesser made that jelly

  • Carlos Castruita
    Carlos Castruita

    He makes it sounds like winning first place was his biggest accomplishment ever 😂😂

  • Trey Simonson
    Trey Simonson

    Jiedel it said 3 Point from half court not two feet behind 3 point kine

  • Trey Simonson
    Trey Simonson

    Jiedel is said freestyle with handles not dribble slower than a snail while looking like an autistic cow at the same time

  • God is Good Girl
    God is Good Girl

    Mitchell is hilarious when he said he said contact lens

  • James Kong
    James Kong

    The knowing charles cosmetically increase because back supply license regarding a zippy hand. righteous, prickly house

  • James Mitchell
    James Mitchell

    Not even tryna cap I could beat Jeff 1v1 easy

  • Mr. Brady
    Mr. Brady

    10 out of 10 la fit

  • Justin Crews
    Justin Crews

    Work on them legs

  • Justin Crews
    Justin Crews

    You jump like dude in white men can’t jump when he lost his check to Wesley

  • Marcestrikon 3
    Marcestrikon 3

    I feel bad for the the squad cause some didnt try the filet mignon

  • Ethan Pendergast
    Ethan Pendergast

    Wtf 3 months

  • Tommy Steelman
    Tommy Steelman

    The Embiid runner isn’t his move Post fade or SUPER EXAGGERATED pump fake

  • Nolan Galla
    Nolan Galla

    When you are jumping you seem kinda scared

  • Jett Holliman
    Jett Holliman

    They did not follow the rules


    James passed up on a galaxy opal

  • TheBoss Is Back 123
    TheBoss Is Back 123

    Where is JDL???????????

  • Shadow Nitemare
    Shadow Nitemare

    James only 5’10 and we’ve seen him to be the same height as zack, who claims he is 6’1? Something ain’t right

  • Fusion amoney
    Fusion amoney

    How come the other ones were like an hour

  • Robby Smith
    Robby Smith

    I love Jeff

  • Yhuancey Jireh Bolos
    Yhuancey Jireh Bolos

    James iwas waiting for weet lmfaoo

  • CryptoAlien402

    You should of had coffee everyday. Video says “eating color foods” nothing about drinking anything

  • LookAtCurryMan 30
    LookAtCurryMan 30

    19:13 😂😂😂😂😂

  • FaZeThrone119

    Did he miss isiah thomas

  • Thaddeus Jorje Sablayan
    Thaddeus Jorje Sablayan

    I got 4/13 I got right 1.The Alphabet Giannis Antetokounmpo 2.Zanos Zion Williamson 3.Special K Karl Anthony-Towns 4.Wonder Boy Luka Doncic

  • Berg G
    Berg G

    Y’all need to realize that wasn’t a rule to not have that strategy. Jiedal was just 1000 iq and y’all salty af

  • NBN Hoops
    NBN Hoops

    Jidel ain't even doing half of these right smh🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Wavy

    the day of harolds birth

  • ZaftyFN

    where di jesse get his water bottle from

  • Alexis Yanez
    Alexis Yanez

    Idk why ppl hate jiedel so much bro Ik he gets mad sometimes but he’s a goat 🐐

  • James Cameron
    James Cameron

    Embiid running hook shot? you mean Ben Simmons? Cmon Jimmy stop being a casual

  • Ashley Royal
    Ashley Royal

    Either James or Zack has the best edits in 2hype

  • Tyler Hayes
    Tyler Hayes

    7:31 literally bald james

  • Ethan Pendergast
    Ethan Pendergast

    I’m 13 and I knew that was the model T it was the most famous sedan in the last like ever

  • Skurt

    This hurt to watch

  • ryan audino
    ryan audino

    dude picks the worst players to go against

  • Axtro305

    Are you cooking for him?😜

  • TWDmax

    can we talk about how james can hoop fr

  • Itspeter on yt
    Itspeter on yt

    Nobody: Jidels jumpshot 🤾🏼

  • Darren Manning
    Darren Manning

    can i get a ps5

  • CS CA
    CS CA


  • Soham Patel
    Soham Patel

    As a car guy this hurt to watch

  • Marley

    James when approaching swing your arm a back fully étend not had extended

  • Kylin Thompson
    Kylin Thompson

    Be my personal chef please I have been watching for about two years

  • Landon Harbour
    Landon Harbour

    Work on your form bro

  • Lindsay Bushnell
    Lindsay Bushnell

    Mans has a jersey on every day lol

  • Kh Williams
    Kh Williams

    Jiedel you lookin good out there no homo but try to take a least one break a week Bc you muscles have to break down and rebuild then you should be there

  • Tactical_ Ace17
    Tactical_ Ace17

    You know what bothers me is that he literally put lamelo ball on this list. He's not even an All-Star. Everyone be riding him on God

  • Jcohen25

    Sorry but absolutely no one did Jordan right

  • Sports Fanatic
    Sports Fanatic

    God bless Jesus loves and has a plan for all have a blessed day

  • Nikhi W
    Nikhi W

    6:22 Rage quit

  • Abdirisaaq Farah
    Abdirisaaq Farah

    Bruh I guessed Sri Lanka and when he said It was “M” i said Maynmar because the name was changed to that. I wish I was in there but I’m here screaming at the screen lol.

  • John Bradford
    John Bradford


  • Manny Bip
    Manny Bip

    Jiedel just went bankrupt.

  • Luke Waddell
    Luke Waddell

    Just to be clear papa meags is the sole reason this video is good

  • Eian cash Sam
    Eian cash Sam

    Why did you trade lamelo ball

  • Kevin Marrufo
    Kevin Marrufo

    What's the name of The song at 5:40?

  • Michael spotted
    Michael spotted

    Them sand workouts would help with ur jump I think

  • Step Bro Nathan
    Step Bro Nathan

    L L L L LLLL

  • bigboichungus STaTikZ
    bigboichungus STaTikZ

    I think zacks team one because zack found them by them himself

  • Quavo ATL21
    Quavo ATL21

    Moechie is such a wholesome person that's crazy

  • Gwby

    "Almost white with a purple hue" so... pink